Poster and Preview Brings Beautiful Sorrow for Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang in jTBC Drama Chocolate

I normally associate chocolate with joy since it’s so darn tasty but this bon bon looks sad as heck in the first official poster and preview for jTBC drama Chocolate. Chef and baker Ha Ji Won falls in love with doctor Yoon Kye Sang against the picturesque backdrop of the countryside and plenty of food porn shots of chocolate infused cooking. I’m not overly concerned about the melodrama aspects since it’s from melo queen screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee and she’s always able to milk the angst in new ways that wring tears out of my heart. I hope the drama isn’t too too slow and plodding, there’s gotta be some tension and sweet pain to make me root for the two years to overcome what appears to be lingering sadness from loss that binds them together.

Preview for Chocolate:


Poster and Preview Brings Beautiful Sorrow for Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang in jTBC Drama Chocolate — 14 Comments

  1. I am more excited of this for keeping it lowkey than unnecessary hyping the drama, and seems like the teaser has some sense and depth to showcase. I trust JTBC for their drama content as always, partnered with veteran real actors. Can’t wait for Chocolate to flutters and touch my heart as a viewer.

  2. Looks like Chocolate is going to break hearts but I’m here for it. These two are a perfect fit for a melodrama like this since they act so well. I can’t wait for what this drama has in store. Hoping for a good storyline that will make my heart ache and be a healing as well.

  3. Gosh just looks like a real tearjerker judging from the trailer. I don’t think my heart can take it if HJW is suffering throughout this drama. Here’s hoping there is a massive fireworks display at the end of the tunnel otherwise this drama will send me into a deep depression.

  4. Thanks ms ockoala for previewing this. I want HJW’s character to experience light-hearted and happy moments too. Bask in the giddiness and bliss of falling in love. Wallowing in angst/sadness for 16-20 episodes is going to kill it for me. Having faith in the writer to intersperse heartbreak with joy and hope. I like that it is set in the seaside or small rural town landscape. When Camellia Blooms seems to be doing well in this kind of setting too. It’s refreshing to see this as a new trend of K-dramas to move away from Seoul city setting for a change.

    • Yes @kimchiajumma True true ?? However I can’t comment on Camellia as I’m not watching it but on point for Chocolate. Let’s watch and cry, laugh, smile, hope and see the 16 episodes out to the end in unison.

      • Cheers @Ginger Crunch. Isn’t it lovely to see mature/sensible fans commenting on this article/drama? No hype, no fuss, no media play, no hater shipper fans going to war with each other. Everything peaceful and low-key. Praying that the ratings will soar and the leads bagging acting awards. Seeing how much my fave HJW has suffered in her personal life, I am so stoked for her to get healing too from acting out this role. Drawing from her personal pain will sure to elevate her performance. Fighting my Queen.

  5. Finally! It seems like I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I hope there’s an actual storyline and that it’s not too depressing.

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