Lee Jun Ki Becomes Face of Westin Chosun Hotel and Sends Food Truck to Moon Geun Young for Catch the Ghost

In a bit of clumped together news update, Lee Jun Ki has had a quiet acting summer but was in the news recently for both professional and personal reasons. He recently landed the spokesperson role for Westin Chosun Hotel, part of the Marriott formerly Starwood chain and quite a luxurious property in Seoul. He’s also been his usual caring and caretaker self as he sent a food truck to the set of tvN drama Save the Ghost to support Moon Geun Young. They’ve not worked together but have been long time under the same agency Namoo Actors. Moon Geun Young posted a gushing thanks to him for surprising her so completely with the gesture and how much energy it gave her since she had been filming long hours. It’s nice to see my faves being nice to each other and doing well.


Lee Jun Ki Becomes Face of Westin Chosun Hotel and Sends Food Truck to Moon Geun Young for Catch the Ghost — 11 Comments

  1. It’s been a quiet year for him. Quite surprising since he normally does one drama per year. But I hope he take good time to pick wonderful project to work on and am here patiently waiting for his return to my computer screen.

  2. I hope the series ratings pick up for Moonie and people havent lost interest. She is trying really hard. I wish her the best.?

  3. LJK ❤️Always looking after his co stars and friends he’s so adorable. Hopefully he’ll be back in 2020 with a new project.

  4. I finally realized that he wasn’t going to put out a drama this year like he normally does. He seems content to slow down a bit and do fan meets, work out and get some CFs so good for him.

    I’m sure he’s getting scripts but whether any of them are any good is a whole other thing.

  5. There are so much dramas and new faces and i like it but i’m old and i always miss the actors who were there when i started to watch Kdramas. Lee jung ki is like Ji Sung or Jang Hyuk, he delivers always good performances. I’m happy with Moon Geun Young return , with Kim Sun Ah and Jang Na Ra being in various dramas, but sad about Yoon Eun Hye , Moon Chae Won and Chae Rim.

  6. Too many dramas too many actors makes it harder to stay on top..The best actors are no longer the most popular anymore sadly and the business always counts popularity above anything else…Some of the best are being disgarded for the younger more popular and a large amount of them are under 30 it seems…Cable dramaas are big in Korea so most have the chance to at least work somewhere.

  7. Productions companies prefers new faces as they are cheaper. Only big budget productions can afford more established actors and there are only few of those kind of productions.

    Why is he not doing movies? CF is fine to fill in the gap while he is not doing any acting projects, but I hope see in a drama or movie soon.

    By the way @cahill, what happened to Moon Chae Won? She had one drama last Dec 2018 and a movie. I think it’s ok to rest a little.

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