Face Twin Idol Turned Actors Ro Woon and Cha Eun Woo Make Impressions in 2019 K-dramas

Which one is more handsome is totally subjective, though I have my preference now, but I also have enough data points to decide who I think is the better actor. Because I don’t follow K-pop, the new idol groups these past few years are all interchangeable to me and I don’t know any member until he/she tries a hand at acting and shows up on a K-drama. So consider me impressed that this year in 2019 I learned who Cha Eun Woo of Astro and Ro Woon of SF9 is as both starred in a K-drama that I watched. Cha Eun Woo did Rookie Historian Goo Hye Ryung and Ro Woon is currently starring in MBC‘s Extraordinary You.

I started watching EY without reading on the cast so at first I thought Ro Woon was Cha Eun Woo because they look so much alike! At least to me these two are face twins in a super handsome good way. But after comparing a few episodes of each of their acting performances it’s Ro Woon that I’m preferential towards – as a drama watcher the better actor always tips the scale for me and I think Ro Woon is naturally a better actor. Plus the longer I stare at both the more I think Eun Woo looks like a perfect sculpture whereas Ro Woon is like a perfect sculpture come alive, e.g. with an added something something.


Face Twin Idol Turned Actors Ro Woon and Cha Eun Woo Make Impressions in 2019 K-dramas — 22 Comments

  1. For me, they don’t look alike at all. But the both are good for the eyes :p

    For the acting, I really like EW in Gangnam ID but in Rookie he was meh, but his role was meh, so I guess it was not completely his fault.
    I liked Rowoon in his previous roles and I’m happy with him in his first role in EY.

  2. They don’t look alike at all for me. CEW is showing signs of improvement however. I know you are only comparing the two but there’s one new idol that made a splash in acting this year: Ong Seung Woo. On top of that, his looks can be compared to these two. Maybe even better.

  3. Cha eunwoo is so hot that he made visual lile shin se kyung look average next to him lol. I m glad shin se kyung is getting good work. Cha eunwoo can become next flowerboy superstar like lee min ho did back in 2009 with bof
    But he still needs a blockbuster drama like bof

  4. Twin?
    Ro-un look like a Javanese and Eun-u have more oriental vibes. Both are handsome, but I don’t think they’re alike at all

  5. For me every Korean actors is more handsome than KPop Idols. So if there’s idols who end up acting and still Looks handsome, its mean their visual on the top.
    But talking about acting, I really hope CEW focus with his idol career, he is so meh in acting. I cant focus with the story because he’s so bad.
    Don’t know about RW, not sure with his acting yet

    • Have you actually watched the whole series? Because he gets better with every episode. I find most people who say this drop the series only after a few episodes so they based their opinion on those and don’t have accurate information to go off of. I find most people who felt the exact same way as you changed their minds as the series went on. Also if you really don’t like his acting then dont watch his drama, that is ultimately your choice.

  6. I also just found out that Rowoon is really good at singing, good enough to be soloist with no autotune help.

    IMHO, they’re not look alike though.

  7. they don’t look alike to me… OSW can act (best out of the 3 mentioned in comments) but he is not as tall… I agree with Ms Koala that CEW is the perfect sculpture, “face genius”, he is ok in Gangnam Beauty and Rookie Historian. RW’s acting is ok in EY but LJW is better and I find LJW more handsome as compared. In terms of acting talent, LJW is daebak!

  8. What? They don’t look alike at all and I’m a non-asian. Lol.

    I’ve only seen CEW as an actor, he was great as the lead in Gangnam beauty.

  9. I’m with Koala on this one, I don’t follow new kpop groups so these two were unheard of for me until they started acting. Didn’t watch Gangnam beauty because I just couldn’t digest the lead actress’s plastic look, tried rookie historian but the acting was not for me. For me Rowoon is the better actor and I agree he’s more of a sculpture come to life, whereelse CEW is just a sculpture.goodlooks are nice but good acting go along way to elevate someone’s appeal. I’m excited to see Rowoon in more projects

    • I mean his acting in Rookie Historian was spot on for his character. I find those who didn’t like it not to understand how his character was supposed to act. But his acting in general really improved over the last ten episodes of the show. It was his first time doing a role like that so of course he wasn’t going to be great out of the gate. The important thing was he improved in that role as he gained more experience. I also prefer his visuals because he’s perfection personified. I prefer classic/traditional beauty over unique beauty.

      • my sentiments exactly ,i don’t find rowoon attractive because there is something so fake about his nose which gets me whenever i see a pic of him. i have never seen a pic of him b4 his surgery so it’s not even a comparison issue.tbh he looks like lots of kpop males who have the generic bleached hair, made up and plastic looking face,and this is where eunwoo stands miles apart from the average kpop male he looks so naturally beautiful with a fantastic facial bone structure and sculpted nose,his facial features look perfect on him and he has a tall nice body to boot.

  10. Yes, I read that Ro Woon did nose plastic surgery. There are a few articles & also you can compare his old pictures with new.

    I saw 12 episodes of Extraordinary you (will continue watching it) & have watched all dramas of Cha Eunwoo (gangnam beauty, Rookie, hit the top) & i liked Cha Eunwoo better. All his roles had different flavours & his acting has improved a lot. Also, i didn’t immediately fell in love with Ro Woo after watching show like k did with CEW

    Looks wise too, I prefer Cha Eunwoo. He has eye smile & i can’t believe after seeing that smile anyone can call him a sculpture. He has lively eyes & smile

    Anyway, i don’t get the point of comparing or dissing one person just to praise your favourite. What was the Idea behind this article? A simple i have become a fan of RW coz of EY would have sufficed.

    • Agree with everything. CEW is working hard and he managed to give off a different vibe in every drama he has participated. I see why people would say he’s green, but I believe he has talent, and certain charisma…he’s good for comedy too.
      And I don’t even think we have enough material to judge Rowoon’s acting since his role in EY so far is limited to looking lost, disoriented and smitten with Dan Oh. But he’s also super-handsome and charismatic.
      Anyway, I don’t see the need for comparing them either.

      • same sentiments.i also fell in love with eunwoo’s character in miigb as the series progressed and i came to like his real life persona .i haven’t seen ey yet so can’t compare their acting but the camera loves eunwoo’s face .

  11. same sentiments.i also fell in love with eunwoo’s character in miigb as the series progressed and i came to like his real life persona .i haven’t seen ey yet so can’t compare their acting but the camera loves eunwoo’s face .

  12. Cha Eun Woo is more good looking but I will go to the talented Rowoon. Both can act, sing and dance but Rowoon is definitely much better. His personality is a standard too.

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