SBS Cancels Vagabond Airing This Weekend Due to Baseball, Final Episodes Will Air Next Weekend November 22nd

I’m not sure SBS Fri-Sat drama Vagabond was done in by the several preemptions so far during it’s entire run due to baseball games. But it certainly didn’t help and now SBS is scrapping this entire weekend of new episodes so the final two episodes will air next Fri-Sat starting November 22nd. It’s a pretty ignominious end for a drama so hyped, big budget, and with big name leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. Plot wise it’s devolved into sheer absurdity in every way and the only saving grace is the still solid directing and the completist need for viewers to see how it all ends. Maybe with another plane crashing, anything can happen.


SBS Cancels Vagabond Airing This Weekend Due to Baseball, Final Episodes Will Air Next Weekend November 22nd — 12 Comments

  1. Fact is it flopped in ratings. Its average just is over 8%( lol dividing it in 3 parts to sgow peak ratingd but when overall average is below 9% of the whole season so far, ) . Even cable drama did better than free channel show . Also fiery priest and other shows on mainstream channel did better. Due to massive budget, ratings didnt justify the budget at all . So thats why sbs can cancel it bcoz it flopped as much as some fans want to sugar coat it. If show was a hit they would have never delayed it. If it was doing great for sbs. It did the oppposite. They spend too much money on it . If they had paid this much money to some decent writers and good actors show wouldve done well. It is ratings flops. It is no mr sunshine or the fiery priest when it come to ratings. And prople can keep saying it is hit and bash everyone eho call spade a spade wont make it a hit. It is a flop show of the year considering budget n overhype. It didn’t deliver in content as well as ratings. Simple. They thought they are making it new iris. Lee seung gi is not lee byung hun level nor suzy is kim tae hee level

    • They lost their touch with Empress Ki and it’s been pretty bad ever since. Hard to understand considering their K-drama credits of 5 years ago or more.

  2. I heard some rumors that the delay actually was requested by Netflix to make KDrama lovers subscribe to them for another month. There’s a very huge number of KDrama lovers that subscribe Netflix just to watch Vagabond and Camellia. And what a funny fact, that SBS not always delay it to airing live baseball games, they also delay it to airing another drama rerun. Another rumor about this connection is that Netflix pursue SBS to realize a drama that consist of BTS members (it was on the talk, but nothing’s clear). This drama will be just bromances (implicitly gay), with minimum or no romance with girls. Netflix clearly can make it themselves, but they have to release it in one shot if they make it themselves. With SBS, they can drag it at their will and leech more huge sum of money from those ultra huge fandoms.

    • Honestly those sound like crack rumours, none of the BTS boys even act at all but there’s some plan to make a drama based on some storyline from their songs? Which, last I heard, was not going to be acted by them.

      The Vagabond rumour sounds made-up too. Camellia has two more weeks of episodes left and it’s an actual hit, the “Netflix asked for this and that” sounds like a rumour made up by fans tbh.

      • pretty V has a supporting role in Hwarang. He is actually not bad there. I wish he can act more but I know it will be difficult now with BTS promoting new songs etc etc… I agree this VB rumor is fake because as you said Camellia is a bigger hit in SK, not sure about internationally because I don’t watch it.

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