Park Bo Young Goes on Hiatus to Recover From Longstanding Injury

K-actress Park Bo Young has announced that she’s taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry and thankfully it’s not too serious it sounds like. She’s been dealing for years now with an injured wrist area and has decided to put it on cast for 6 months for it to properly heal. She’ll not be working during this time and will focus on recovery. Good for her, but bummer that she’s leaving on break leaving behind as her last project the K-drama Abyss. Turns out its name was totally fitting, the drama was a total and complete Abyss of suck, phenomenally abysmal, and I still do not understand what the point of it was. By midway I wanted to smash that glowy ball so no one could came back alive again and then everyone and even randos got resurrected. Sorry for the abyssian digression, back to Park Bo Young, wishing the pretty baby girl a full and complete recovery!


Park Bo Young Goes on Hiatus to Recover From Longstanding Injury — 5 Comments

  1. I agree, Abyss was dismal. Couldn’t get past the first four episodes and the dark ambiance of the drama didn’t help at all. Hope she recovers fully and I’m looking forward to seeing her in future, more upbeat projects.

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