Taiwanese-Canadian Actor Godfrey Gao Dies at 35 Years Old From Heart Attack Filming C-variety Show

FUCK YOU 2019. Seriously. I cannot believe I am writing about two Asian celebrity deaths in the same week. One is already insane and painful, two just confirms this is one of the worst years ever in blogging about East Asian entertainment. News reports have confirmed that Taiwanese-Canadian heartthrob actor Godfrey Gao (Gao Yi Xiang) has died. He was 35 years old and judging from his fit physique seemed to be in the prime of health and life. He was filming a variety show called Catch Me for China’s Zhejiang Television which was a two team chasing show that was filmed at night. At 2 am during filming he suddenly called out “I can’t handle it anymore” and collapsed. CPR was done on him by paramedics on the scene and his heart stopped for 3 minutes. He was transported to the ER and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. It was reportedly a massive heart attack. Rest in peace, Godfrey, I don’t even know what else to say. My heart is just wrecked right now.


Taiwanese-Canadian Actor Godfrey Gao Dies at 35 Years Old From Heart Attack Filming C-variety Show — 26 Comments

  1. It’s way too sudden. I just saw this morning of a post by Cindy Yen with Godfrey Gao and Marcus Chang on her Ig and now at night time I receive news that he has passed. May Godfrey Rest In Peace. His smoldering hotness shall not be forgotten by the living on this earth.

  2. Sudden death isn’t always so sudden. No matter how young, energetic and healthy you feel, looking out for yourself should be top priority. He was so young and very talented. I watched COB twice because of him. Tragic.

  3. 2019 is really a very bad year indeed. May he pest in peace.

    C-netz are in an uproar over this issue. They were upset by the variety show and broadcast company’s actions of removing online comments, bringing down search terms relating to the actor and replacing with their variety show’s search term instead during the first few hours.

    It was reported that the production team did not administer CPR on him immediately, the camera crew continued filming after he fainted, thinking it was an act. They only reacted when the other celebrities yelled at them to do something. The doctor took 10-15 minutes to arrive on site when there should have been an ambulance on stand-by for this kind of dangerous variety show.

    The variety show also took more than 8 hours to confirm the news of his death when he was pronounced dead 3 hours after the incident.

  4. I want to write Rest In Peace but not knowing the full details it’s difficult. It seems his body was pushed over the limits which should never happen for a variety show recording. The channels only care about ratings and not the participants well-being.

  5. I’m so shocked. He’s very young and at the prime of his life. My heart goes out for his loved ones. May he rest in peace.

  6. This is insane. Godfrey Gao is legendary around the internet for his looks and he was an all around great guy. I can’t believe this is even real on top of that it’s terrifying to be faced with the deadly effects on stress even on someone his age. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones (ESPECIALLY HIS PARENTS) I still can’t believe I’m reading or writing any of this.

  7. I don’t know why but several Taiwan celebrities have been injured there while working on a project.Years ago, Selena Ren was severely injured while shooting a C drama tv series. Lin Chi Ling fell from the back of a horse and was trampled. They were at the peak of their career when the accidents happened. There must be something wrong with the production crew there. There should always be a doctor and medical team on standby. And why is that it took them 8 hours to report his passing when it was already confirmed he died 3 hours after the incident.

    • Godfrey Gao seemed like a sweet guy and had a lot of potential. This is so sad. Yes, Selina and other artists have been severely injured because of the 0 precautions these Mainland television has. I hope they will come out with a proper apology and explanation to this incident.

  8. I bet the production company is now in panic mode trying to worm their way out with little responsibilities. Other cast members may be silence too!@

  9. I’m really shocked, he was one of the earliest tw actors I knew starting from Momo Love, I was so happy when he got the Louis Vuitton modelling job years ago.

    I hope the show is investigated for their negligence, and may Godfrey rest in peace.

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