Kim So Hyun in Post Drama Interviews on the Sweet and Romance Sageuk The Tale of Nokdu

Kim So Hyun can tuck another successful performance under her belt, having finished KBS sageuk The Tale of Nokdu. She’s not having any time off as she’s onward to filming season 2 of Netflix high school drama Love Alarm, and says in post drama interviews that she’s just turned 20 years old so she isn’t in a hurry to hang up her school uniform yet and would love to leave a beautiful student performance memory. She talked about the great camaraderie on the set and how she felt very comfortable acting opposite Jang Dong Yoon. I legit loved them onscreen but don’t care enough to ship them offscreen, she’s still so young and the ability to act well shouldn’t lead to constant pairing her up with her male leads. It was such a pleasure watching her pick a great drama and create something I loved.


Kim So Hyun in Post Drama Interviews on the Sweet and Romance Sageuk The Tale of Nokdu — 13 Comments

  1. I read a recent article where she said she finds healing by working. I ask myself, “is she real?” It’s so rare to hear people say that, she reminds me of Ariana grande who also said that she finds healing by creating music.
    These people are amazing.

    I can’t wait for the projects she will tackle next year on top of love alarm 2. Knowing her work ethics, there’s no way that love alarm 2 will be her only project next year.

  2. She also said she is on a journey of self discovery since she’s been keeping herself suppressed for so long due to her child actor status. Her words are elegant and she speaks with such nuance for a 20 year old. So happy for her feeling satisfied with herself after a long time.

    • I hope she can find the freedom to be herself, it can’t be easy considering she was drawing public attention before her teen years even began and probably felt the burden a lot. It’s not a very healthy environment for kids to grow up in mentally, I’m glad she’s expressing her wishes to grow and change as an adult.

    • I have to agree with this, Nokdu had all the classic feels and heart of when I first started watching kdramas, it’s been a long time since a drama felt like that.

  3. She is charming and her acting gets stronger every time. She should keep her short hair for longer it suits her and adds to the chicness. Long or short hair KSH is a stunner with a heart of gold.

  4. I guess the pics were taken a while ago or she wore hair extensions? She looks amazing in the black and white shots and in the minimalist b/w outfits, so chic and elegant ?

    I have to say, I’ve enjoyed many of her previous dramas but the Tale of Nokdu is the first drama she’s ever done as lead where she had both a decent script worthy of her talent AND a costar who could match her in terms of acting ability by not needing her to be the one doing all the heavy lifting. The others all lacked one or the other but when you get both, it’s magic, as we saw in Nokdu!

    (I find real-person shipping really creepy and disrespectful though, no matter how good anyone’s onscreen chemistry is together. They’re real people, not drama characters irl. Better to stick to shipping characters)

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