Kang Ji Hwan Gets 2 1/2 Year Suspended Prison Sentence for Sexual Assault

This is a rather odd sentencing package but at least this guy’s life is ruined and sometimes that’s a way harder punishment than jail time. K-actor Kang Ji Hwan was officially sentenced today by the South Korean court, he was given a 2.5 year prison sentence which was suspended for three years, which means he doesn’t need to check in to jail until 2022. He was also sentenced to 120 hours community service, 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program, and prohibited from employment for three years. I’m not sure why the jail sentence was suspended, could be his side asked for leniency for personal reasons and the court granted it. Either way this sexual assaulter and attempted rapist is getting incarceration and a life long sentence of never being a popular actor again.


Kang Ji Hwan Gets 2 1/2 Year Suspended Prison Sentence for Sexual Assault — 23 Comments

  1. Another report I read said that the suspended sentence means that if he does not commit the same offence within the suspension period, he will not serve any prison time. If this is correct, there’s a strong chance he will escape any incarceration for his crime.

    • I live in the U.S. and no sex offenders ever get life in prison here, unless they kill the victim. But they should. Sex offenders have to report their living location and if they are a pedophile (molestation/rape of a minor) they cannot live near schools or playgrounds. Now there are special circumstances, but it’s all depending on the case.

    • I don’t think so because he didn’t succeed in actually raping either victim. And also in the U.S. they waive time in jail a lot of the time when it’s a first offense.

  2. I don’t know… Park Si-Hoo is working again, too. When his case happened I didn’t believe he’d able to work as a actor again. And whoosh, after a while he was working again as if nothing happened. So, I’m not sure that KJH will be banned for life.

      • I know. Still, just because PSH bought himself out, before he could be sentenced, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. I’m amazed how so many drama viewers are overlooking his assault and can see him as a romantic lead again. I wanna through up just thinking about him in this way. I loved to rewatch some eps of ‘Prosecutor Princess’ as a stress relief. Even if I love Kim So Yoen, I can’t watch it anymore.

        Also, this year was different in K-entertainment. To many assaults by famous people got public. I think PSH case would be handled differently this year. He got lucky.

        The only tiny comfort, I get is that alleged assault are getting more serious attention and aren’t swept under the carpet that easily anymore. I hope, it will get better for all victims and will give them strength to come forward and go against perpetrators regardless their status.

        Nevertheless, the sentences are a joke so far not only KJH case (burning sun scandal!!!).

        In contrast to many others, the only “good” thing KJH did, was admitting his fault. A victim is a second time a victim, if the perpetrator denies the assault.

      • I hope you didn’t misunderstand what I meant about PSH not being sentenced. I won’t touch the subject about his innocence, since I sincerely don’t know. But what I meant with my comment is that the difference between the two men is that one was sentenced and the other one was not, which is why PSH is able to make a comeback, but for KJH it will never be a possibility.

  3. Out of all the Korean rape news, Kang Ji Hwang’s disappointed me the most. I didn’t know the singers or care about Seungri that much, but man KJW was one of my favorite actors. It definitely made me take a step back and be vary of favoriting any actor.

    • This is why I never drink beyond a glass or two. Anything that can make you not remember what happened the night before, or make you behave out of character should be avoided.

  4. Lie to me’s banner -featuring him- is still up on your site. Just a thought.

    I don’t wish him to be ruined for life, but at least get him a proper sentence, what a joke. Those women need closure.

  5. @ockoala, in the U.S. a suspended sentence means he won’t go to jail at all unless he violates the terms of his probation. So if he doesn’t do community service or doesn’t complete rehab, then he’ll go jail. I know the U.S./Korean judicial systems overlap in some regards, not sure if this is one area

    • Correction: probation should read supervised release.

      Also, just based on U.S. law (and like you said) there could be a plethora of reasons for the sentence: the age of the allegations,lack of criminal history, ties to the community, etc. Judges everywhere, I pray anyway, take a number of factors into consideration.

  6. Don’t misunderstood my comments, it’s just my two cents on all of these, if they think (the victims) KJH has done them harm why ask the court to give him leniency on the case? Why? Is it because KJH paid them to settle it amicably or they have come to their senses that what happen are consensus within consenting adults & no actual rape had happen? In any way, with or without sentence KJH life is already ruined, just my thoughts peace

  7. I normally take the side of the person assaulted (The victim), But this whole situation sounded fishy from the start and the stories from the females didn’t completely match. To be honest it’s hard to tell who’s lying and what’s the truth.
    It’s truly hard to tell who the actual victim is here sadly. If he truly is guilty I hope he suffers, but if he isn’t I hope the truth will come out. Sadly there are true victims of assault and no one fully recovers from that, but when a person lies for whatever motivation it could be about an assault that never happened.. which does happen, the victim accused never can fully repair the damage.

    • I agree! How many times are big celebrities accused of things by stalking bimbos,groupies, whatever their trend name is. If they asked for leniency for him that sounds suspicious to me……his career is over and his reputation is ruined… there is no coming back from that. If he did it he deserves it but if not…………….

      • I like to hear the latest about him, from this year.november 2020
        I hate to see someone’s life ruined if there are questionable
        Things there that have not been proved
        Two girls stayed behind, why..all others left..from what I read, they were not paid off, why did they get that drunk..none of this makes sense
        Its now been over a year already
        Where is he now, such a mess..a good looking guy Great actor. Just doesn’t add up, none of this..

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