After Hotel Del Luna Hong Sisters Prepping for 2020 tvN Drama with What’s Up with Secretary Kim PD

The Hong Sisters are back thanks to the success of summer 2019 supernatural K-drama Hotel Del Luna. I think they are about 50/50 on hits and misses and based on their track record the next drama is likely a miss. I hope they break free of that bad luck as their next drama is already in the works. It’s scheduled for 2020 airing on tvN with the PD of What’s Up with Secretary Kim, tentatively titled Can This Person Be Translated?. No clues yet what the drama is about but it’s sure to be different and creative, the Hong Sisters remain willing to take risks and try something trendy.


After Hotel Del Luna Hong Sisters Prepping for 2020 tvN Drama with What’s Up with Secretary Kim PD — 7 Comments

  1. I can’t even guess what this drama would be about but KSH needs to reunite with this PD. He is a huge fan of hers since LFG era and they gel together.

  2. The Hong sisters’ last 3 dramas have all been in the same genre. I’d love to see them do something different like a simple rom-com like back in the day.

  3. Hong Sisters excel in ghosts stories. Their ghost stories/supernatural dramas like ‘My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”, “Master Sun”, and “Hotel del Luna” were all big hits. In some cases where their supernatural drama was somewhat of a miss i.e. “Korean Odyssey” – could be blamed on other factors like a 90 minuite episode, for instance. The Hong Sisters are inconsistent with ordinary romcoms like ‘Warm & Cozy’ and ‘Big’. Imho, they should stick to what they are good at, and maybe vary it a little to keep it fresh and interesting. I’d rather watch another well written ghost story than a lackluster traditional romcom.

    • Their biggest hit is MY GIRL not GUMIHO and HOTEL DEL LUNA. It isn’t about which genre they do better but their consistency is poor. HWAYUGI was supernatural but it was bad.

  4. Their biggest hit is Delightful Girl Chunyang and You’re Beautiful is a cult classic. I prefer their supernatural dramas but they’ve had hits in regular romances too.

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