Hong Sisters Next Drama Starts Production in 2021, Fantasy Romance Set 1000 Years Ago Around Divination and Sorcery

The pandemic this year delayed the start of the Hong Sisters next drama which they had been prepping after Hotel Del Luna wrapped last year in 2021. It will now go into production in 2021 with production house Studio Dragon, with casting in the first half and then filming, with the majority of special effects to be done via CGI due to likely COVID-19 continued filming logistics. It will be a sageuk set 1000 years ago around the Gorguyeo era but not based on historical characters or recorded events, it will be purely fiction with a fantasy and divination/sorcery theme. The leads will be young diviners who through adversity and conflict grow to trust and fall for each other. The Hong Sisters admitted their last few dramas are all fantasy with Hotel Del Luna and Hwayugi (Chinese Odyssey) and explained that viewers are no longer interested in chaebol/prince charming/candy girl romances and they feel fantasy allows them greater creativity to spin the traditional tried and true epic romance.

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