Yang Mi Shines Along With Usual Cadre of C-actresses at 2019 Year End Awards Show

I’m waiting for the Big Three K-drama year end awards show but over in C-ent this week the stars were out in force at the Star Awards. The usual three big name actresses Yang Mi, Zhao Li Ying, and Dilraba Dilmurat shared the stage together in a rare occurrence, and the three also went with very similar hued but different style dresses. My favorite was Yang Mi’s sequin and feather gown with hi cut front and long back train. It’s so fetch! Zhao Li Ying did two dresses, a gold v-neck for one part of the show and a lovely unique grey feather design spaghetti strap dress. And finally Dilraba continues to look always the same, pretty but I always end up forgetting what she wore. Changing it up is Victoria Song with a column black down with gold piping.


Yang Mi Shines Along With Usual Cadre of C-actresses at 2019 Year End Awards Show — 16 Comments

    • I was asking the same question but heard she was busy filming a drama.

      Also, this award show is under Tencent. Go Go Squid won awards at iQiyi award show at the beginning of the month.

      • But go go squid is still the most viewed drama this year on tencent. Some shows were given awards purely because they were produced by tencent… at least GGS won at iqiyi. And rightfully so because GGS achieved the highest heat index ever since iqiyi switched out from view count

    • I was wondering the same, 2019 was a really breakout year for her. I hope to see her at some of the other award shows. Even though she won at the iQiyi awards, she didn’t actually attend the show.

      • I think these two years have been her breakout because even for me who haven’t watched C-dramas for many years has started watching again because of Yang Zi. She has this ability to draw me in as a viewer.

      • Ashes of love was the start of her explosive popularity and GGS solidify her position in the entertainment industry. The first one had a massive cult following but it didn’t “leave the circle.” On the other hand, GGS did and a lot of passerby have seen or at least heard of the show this summer.

  1. Yang Mi outfits that she worn with the group pictures was the best. Kudos to her stylist. Simple and elegant. Dilabra dress doesn’t make her stand out especially the chest area. I wished Zhao Liying doesn’t covered her face w/her hair. Now, I want YM to pair w/Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.

  2. Dilraba was as always elegant and undoubtedly outstanding but of course, Yang Mi has that look of supremacy in her beauty! Would be fabulous if these 2 paired again in a drama alongside with Lay Zhang and Vin Zhang.

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