Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Trade Country Life for Computers and Seoul Fashion in New Stills for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You

I thought Hyun Bin‘s dorky military bowl-ish hair cut as a North Korean military officer in Crash Landing on You would bother me but it hasn’t. Credit to his natural handsomeness and the fact that it fits with Jung Hyuk’s stoic personality and his job needs. But that doesn’t need I won’t be loving his South Korean makeover now that he’s in Seoul doing his best Bodyguard impersonation to protect his beloved Se Ri. He’s shedding the army fatigues and country threads for sleek suits and city casual, and also slicking his hair back as needed to blend in with these new locals. With the one week break it makes me even more anxious for Saturday to come with what promises to be a fun episode with both Binnie in the city and his five fellow North Koreans also experiencing major fish out of water hijinks.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Trade Country Life for Computers and Seoul Fashion in New Stills for Episode 11 of Crash Landing on You — 29 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to see this couple’s relationship blossom this has been the longest week’s break.. I had to re watch all the earlier episodes just to get through this week. I can’t wait till tomorrow netflix please put it on early on Saturday not late afternoon. Why do we have to wait???

  2. It’s very rare you watch a show and there’s so much chemistry between actors….It’s going to be very hard to see either of these two actors separate, I’m personally going to be heartbroken…;(

  3. I like/love the chemistry as a love team…they’re very good in acting (both) it makes the viewers excite…in love & happy…God bless to you Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin in your career???finghting!?

  4. OMG I wish its sunday so I can watch it with subtitle. ??? I love soo ye jin all the cast director screenwriters crews and all behind this awesome drama. Ty

    • I was not a fan of k-drama at all but got hooked during the lunar new year holidays. Started watching this paragliding mishap and can’t wait for the continuing episodes. I think they have a very creative script which was panned out well by the stars of the drama. Great teamwork applies in every field of work.

  5. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will win the best couple award this year. I love you to bits.

    I love how you look at Son Ye Jin, so caring and innocent praise your eyes reflect. I’ve got shivers.

    Thank you to the director. I admire the writers. Keep it coming and suspense. I’m glad you made the plot for them to reunite.

  6. I can’t wait for Choi Ji Woo to make her cameo. Love this drama. Writer-nim, keep it coming. This is the best drama so far in 2019/2020.

  7. I’m dying to see this couple again after a week break… no, two weeks in fact… Hoping for the best to actors and production staff. Stay safe and good health…

  8. God bless you both. Never lovedd any actor and actress this far. Thank you for making your fans happy. I am 68 years old I never thought I will spend much time watching these k dramal

  9. I couldn’t help but notice the physical distance between Seri and Jung Hyeok in their shared scenes in Seoul. I just didn’t feel the intimacy they had in North Korea. The close feeling between Jung Hae In and Son Yejin in their shared scenes in Something in the Rain is absent in CLOY during the Seoul scenes. I watched Something in the Rain to cope with the two week break of CLOY. I still love CLOY but their love in Seoul feels superficial and detached despite the loving things they say. For lovers who have overcome incredible odds to protect each other, the physical affection is underwhelming. It does not have to be kissing or hugging, even just leaning on each other while drinking would make their love feel more believable.

    • Maybe it’s due to Jung Hyeok’s upbringing as a North Korean where people don’t have that kind of touchly feely physical interactions. Instead, he shows love through meaningful words which are far more impactful I suppose. They are a mature couple who didn’t spend a long time dating one another so it’s an unfair comparison to the Something In The Rain noona-dongseng couple who have known each other for a long time.

    • Remember this: Se-Ri told him that in Seoul everybody can watch & listen them for their technology.
      This situation bring them the opportunity for their actoral skills.

    • I do agree that I am disappointed at the soju drinking scene in Seri house. i meant how come a couple drinking can sit that far from each other, this is not real. -_-

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