Netizens Satisfied J-actor Higashide Masahiro Paying the Price of Cheating on Wife Watanabe Ann

The most frustrating and high profile celeb cheating scandal in Asian entertainment was definitely last year in Hong Kong when Andy Hui cheated on wife Sammi Cheng with rising young actress Jacqueline Wong. It was annoying to see him crying, snot and ugly face and all, and then get forgiven by Sammi and taken back. I know it’s her decision but dude was only sorry because he got caught and honestly a tinny slap on the wrist feels so demoralizing to see as a woman. This week J-ent is mesmerized by J-actor Higashide Masahiro cheating with aspiring actress Karata Erika on his wife of 5 years Watanabe Ann, with the couple having three kids under the age of 5 together. Higashide isn’t getting off easy – he’s been kicked out of the house and is renting a place, his CF endorsements have terminated his contract and is demanding breach of contract payments from him, and there are new reports that he also cheated on Ann with another actress and has been pursuing costars he’s worked with on dramas and movies during the entire time he’s married. OMG please cancel this douche! But I am sad because I love Confidence Man JP and the latest movie Confidence Man JP: Princess is supposed to be released May 2020 and now it’s not as certain.


Netizens Satisfied J-actor Higashide Masahiro Paying the Price of Cheating on Wife Watanabe Ann — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t understand why guys like him bother getting married at all. Obviously they’re incapable of monogamy. At least the truth is out in the open now so his wife can hopefully move on. Better alone than with a creep.

    • Agreed! I don’t understand those people. It’s not a crime to date around when you are single. Why bother getting married when you are not ready to commit?

  2. I agree with ms koala. So frustrating to see the cheating married men like that inflicting damage on their wives and children. Better to stay single than to be married to creeps like that. But then again, were the wives able to see any red flags before they married these douche bags? Andy Hui is the biggest douche of all. For years he had an on again off again courtship with Sammi, standing by her and supporting her when she suffers from depression, yet he threw away his marriage to play around with Jacqueline. Sammi being a devout Christian is forgiving enough to take him back. I wouldn’t, I kick him to the kerb.

    • And for someone like Jacqueline. I still remember years ago when he hold sammi’s hand and his eyes were full of love. Ught… it’s hard to believe an actor. I hope, other actors can be faithful to their spouses.

      Player is always be a player. A playboy will stop playing around when… when it’s a drama. Lols. Real life? Impossible.

  3. Good for Anne
    I’ve always liked her and I’ve her Masahiro rumours since they were dating.

    I hope she find her happiness. For him, I could care less.

  4. I hope all is well with Anne and the children first and foremost. It’s bad enough handling an affair that’s been made public let alone being a celebrity as well and having to deal with the grief of a separation whilst maintaining the strength to be a mother. MH look at the suffering and hurt you have inflicted it’s very sad that 4 individuals lives (Anne + 3 kids) are affected by your stupidity and for what?

    Lets not forget the other perpetrator Erika Karata in this sordid sorry saga. She can’t be let off that easily and needs to own up on her part and take responsibility also. Making your agency issue a feeble apology is not a good start. Just resign from my beloved Arthdal Chronicles season 2 if filming is on the books please and go on hiatus to Antartica for extended leave to reflect in other words just get lost you happy home wrecker gosh just 3 years carrying on and look? Happy now? Was it worth it? You know that saying’What goes around comes around’. One day you’ll soon learn what real heart break is when you experience that betrayal in your lifetime.

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