Former Child Actress Ahn Seo Hyun Joins Kim Yo Han in KBS Drama School 2020

KBS is moving forward with the next iteration of its popular School series, hopefully it gets back to being entertaining and compelling like School 2013 and School 2015 rather than the meh School 2017. The casting this time will bring together brand new actor Kim Yo Han, who was top on the world last year being chosen center and number 1 vote getter of Produce X 101 into boy group X1. Now that group has been disbanded and he’s moving into acting with this high profile first role. Luckily he’s getting a talented and legit leading lady in grown up child actress Kim Seo Hyun, who I remember for stealing all of Suzy‘s thunder as her younger sister in Dream High. This is an odd pairing but Kim Seo Hyun reminds of a younger Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung and both can make idol young actors passable so I hope she brings her full skills to bear and bring out Kim Yo Han’s latent talent. 


Former Child Actress Ahn Seo Hyun Joins Kim Yo Han in KBS Drama School 2020 — 9 Comments

  1. Not that I suspect Yohan to be a great actor since he is a idol but if they were going to cast someone so young for the female lead why not get Lee Ree or Kal Sowon? Compared to her peers she really isn’t very good at acting. Better than idols but if you compare her to her actual acting peers she ranks at the bottom.

  2. She was in Okja, it deserves to be said 😛

    I guess there won’t be a love story or a very pure one.

    I hope Kim Yo Han’s fans won’t be too loud because for now she’s the one who is an actress.

    • She wasn’t very good in Okja that’s the point. It also does not matter if she is the so called actress if she ends up being worse than him. He might end up being the surprise package like Ong was. He outshined everyone including Hyangi.

      • It’s your opinion. I liked her in Okja. And Ong was good but he never was better than Hyang Gi. For me, the best actors were Hyang Gi and Kim Do Wan, they really shone in every scene.

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