Military Orders Indicted Seungri to Enlist, May Face Charges in Military Court for Alleged Crimes

Now when I see Seungri‘s smug face or hear his name all I think about is giant douchebag. The fall K-pop idol was indicted last week (finally!) but the Seoul district court for facilitating prostitution, illegal overseas gambling, and foreign exchange manipulation. This week news broke that he’s been ordered to serve his military enlistment and cannot postpone yet again, he’s apparently hit the 5 postponement limit. If he enlists then the military court may hear the charges against him for the criminal allegations that he was indicted for. Not sure if it’s better or worse for him but goodness can this massive loser serve some time for his wide swath of crimes and leave the industry for good.


Military Orders Indicted Seungri to Enlist, May Face Charges in Military Court for Alleged Crimes — 10 Comments

  1. This criminal n his group shouldnt be allowed back. People act like other members r innocent. Yeah like they never knew. Alright. Give me a break. Rich can pass these scandals like nothing whereas a poor human will be thrown in jail for silly crime.

  2. But isn’t Military Procedures pretty secret? Hope justice is carried out, but if this is done in the military then it might not work out what we think Justice should be.

  3. Sounds like he might not face any consequence at all for his wrongings. I’m just happy I still get to Bigbang at Coachella and he atleast didn’t mess that up.

  4. I hope the Military waits until he goes through the full Trial before making him enlist.

    Justice needs to prevail.
    He will probably take the Military before it even goes to trial.

  5. I don’t know how South Korean law works. Can the military court really take jurisdiction over crimes that took place before service?

  6. I dare you to not delete this comment if you have an ounce of bravery in you. Let your followers read this.

    First, the notice of enlistment that came from MMA for Seungri is made bcs one can only postpone their enlistment until they are 30 y/o which SR has reached last Jan. So no more postponement. With that, the MMA has said to take over his case as to comply with courts/judge ruling. He is not running away nor is he safe. The case taken by MMA will only make the trial went on as transparent as it could because 1) no media interference 2) no fake news.

    Now if you said he paid his way you are a complete dumbo who didnt even follow his case. His case was first handled by police, you said he bribed them. Then it was handled by anti corruption commission, bribe again. His arrest warrant was rejected due to “there are rooms for dispute aka not enough evidence”. Then the prosecutor take charge and after 7 months reapplied his Arrest warrant and yet is still rejected for the same reason. BRIBE AGAIN? now MMA has let Seungri postponed and ask prosecutor to quicken their investigation bcs THEY DONT WANT TO TAKE SEUNGRI IN BCS PUBLIC LIKE YALL WOULD THINK THEY ARE A PLACE FOR CRIMINAL TO RUN TO. THEY LET SR POSTPONE TWICE. THEY DONT WANT HIM. So tell me again why MMA would suddenlt help him?

    Also, if you read the right news, his indictment includes gambling, tax evasion and prostitution mediation. Idk about you but seems a lot smaller than the crimes convicted for Jung Joon Young & Choi Jong Hoon for aggravated rape & molka. I really do hope you hate him bcs he’s gambling his own money, not bcs of other person’s crime.

    Also why is it to you guys that went “finally” with this news. He aint proven guilty yet. The prosecutor will now have to prove his crimes against him beyond reasonable doubt. Until now, it’s still allegation. Yall scream the same person like those peeps who thought he was arrested during his arrest warrant hearing only to be disappointed that it was rejected. BEWARE! It may happened again.

    P/s: the judge that rejected his 2nd Arrest Warrant was the same judge that send SK ex president to jail so if you think he bribed them, then you must be placing him as big as Donald Trump. A retired idol is way richer and has stronger connections than president. Wow only in dramas.

    Peace out. Reach out to me at twitter @greatseungtsby if you wanna know more. If you wanna hate, you’re welcomed too, so I know how jobless you are. Thanks

  7. He only once asked for deferment. After 3 months, the MMA announced the postponement of the commencement of military service for an indefinite period, despite the fact that SR did not submit an application.
    He’s smiling because he saw the VIP. Not because he is pleased with himself. There was at least one VIP there.

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