TW-actor Wu Zun Celebrates 24 Years with High School First Love Turned Wife

TW-actor Wu Zun may not be the best “actor” around but he’s transformed himself into variety star and now also a contender in the annals of best star husbands in entertainment. The actor posted a celebration and thanks of his wife this week as the two celebrated 24 years together, since they were 16 years old in high school. Their relationship weathered him moving from Brunei to Taiwan to pursue a singing and actor career, secret marriage, secretly having their first baby, and of course going public years later. Since then his kids have joined him on variety shows like Superman Returns and the family unit is quite public and well liked by viewers. It’s even nicer to see that Wu Zun thanked his wife for holding everything together in his family and all her support. Now that is exactly what husbands should do more often.


TW-actor Wu Zun Celebrates 24 Years with High School First Love Turned Wife — 4 Comments

  1. Wow,after so many disappointing cheaters I’am so glad that there are also thankful and supportive husbands in Asian Entertainment!!! All the best for them πŸ™‚

  2. I used to be head over heels about this guy and Fahrenheit, but I finally had to admit to myself that he wasn’t a good actor and was unwatchable even though he looked great, so I moved on. But heard later that he’s a really chill guy. Also him being a great husband and family man, good news. As always, character is as important as talent in the industry.

  3. He is from Brunei (started his career in Taiwan). In Brunei, he is very much respected for his community work in encouraging the nation to exercise n live healthy lifestyle. He is a good boss to his employees as well. My favourite actors or actresses, like them cos their lifestyle contribute to good causes in society.

  4. I heard that he said something like β€œthere are no relationship of 30 years that will still have spark as in the first years of dating, but breaking up in order to feel these spark again with someone else is silly. A relationship is a responsibility.”
    It shows how mature he’s been. If only people could understand this we would have less cheaters articles here !

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