Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Ends Successful Run with Final Episode 27% Ratings and Clamoring for Third Season

I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the titular Romantic Teacher and he’s definitely earned his dues. The SBS medical drama Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 ended it’s run this Tuesday with a final episode high ratings of 27.1%. The average ratings for the entire run was 18.4% which is high nowadays for prime time dramas and close to the first season which averaged 20.4%. Nothing to sneeze about the all the kudos goes to male lead Han Suk Kyu, viewers continue to praise his acting and character while this go-around the reviews were mixed for the younger doctors Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seob but they obviously share in the success of this second go-around. It really does feel like the tide has turned in the last two years with a gradual rise back up of buzzy dramas and also higher ratings when the right drama chemistry sparks. Congrats to RD2 and proving that if you build it (right), they will come.


Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Ends Successful Run with Final Episode 27% Ratings and Clamoring for Third Season — 22 Comments

  1. HSK rocks, he is the best. I like Head Nurse, Nurse Park, Areum, ER doc, Bone doc. The worst are LSK and AHS, hope they will not return in Season 3.

    • Omg – i share your sentiments. LSK I still find bearable. AHS was weakest link for me. His acting is sub par and that unkempt hair made it worse. Bad chemistry with almost everyone. Breakout characters for me is Shin Dong Wook and Joo So Yeon was decent too. I like anastetician Prof Shin and Park Min Kyu – both delivered good performances too. Looking forward to season 3. Best thing is Han Seok Kyu can carry the whole series on his own so I really dun care whos in and whos out next season. Best if AHS and LSK out. Even though I am ok with her performance but she comes with AHS arch so rather lose both

      • Agree. Chief Park has an unlikable character due to his weak confidence or insecurities, but the actor’s performance is excellent. His sidekick although very annoying also acts quite well. AHS’s role is well written but he cannot emote, boring as hell, I highly doubt if his career will flourish, he simply cannot act.

  2. I personally didn’t think the acting of LSK & AHS was that bad, it was average but i think the problem is with the characters they were playing.

    • Me too.
      I think AHS and LSK are decent in their roles and their chemistry was fine, their slow burn romance was frustrating at times yet crack stuff.
      AHS and HSK had good chemistry.
      Joo So Yeon was mediocre.

      S1 was stronger in the medical aspect but S2 had more character development in the young leads and they had better teacher-student relationship with KSB.

  3. Honestly, the second season was less well written than the first. I didn’t like the FL and LSK’s acting didn’t help. The money problems of the ML took too much place in the story. I would have prefer more stories about the staff and their patients.

    Nurse Park and Areum were the cutest! I don’t know why they added unnecessary complications at end.

    But I won’t say no to a third season for Master Kim!

    • I hope the drama will also get Pan Asia popularity like CLOY because the leads also deserve to be recognized not only in Korea but also outside.

  4. Season 3 is a must since s2 ended up with high rating. 27% for a non weekend drama is HIGH nowadays.

    I have no prob with the young doctors’ acting. LSK wasnt the best, but she was good enough. AHS was good too. But of course, comparing them to the s1 young doctors is a no no.

    I hope they bring back dr. Do (yang sejong) for season 3. In s2, he said he’s working in doldam.

    Im gonna miss this drama. But well, it’s only feb. 10 months to go, let’s see, what drama god will give us.

    Thank you for this wonderful journey doctor kim and his crew. Let’s meet again on s3. Fighting.

  5. HSK!!!!!! I am going to miss this drama!! HSK’s screentime with any character enables them to level up. The direction and editing were great too!!! Warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Thank you for this great drama!! I even liked LSK and AHS’s acting, I felt they were sincerely lost and then were found. Lived the entire cast too.

  6. Hoping for Season 3. Bringing back YSJ is good, he can act. Definitely not AHS. Give more screentime to Areum as she is a certified ER doc now. Most crew can stay except for AHS. There are a lot more young actors who can act.

      • I don’t think he deserves that Baeksang. My opinion. Why do I need to admit, for what? Just agree to disagree.

  7. Congratulations to the cast and crew and I’m a fan of LSK and AHS so kudos to them too. Happy that they were able to share in the ratings success and from the snippets I’ve enjoyed their interactions so far and now it’s on my binge list to watch for them. ❤️

  8. Season 3 with that ODD Ball project that they’re doing and bring back the 3 leads in season 1 , Mr. Bone Doctor, Ahn Yoseop and Lee Sung kyung as Kim Sabu already asked Seo Woo Jin to become a part of the project. If this happen the ratings will be amazing. Of Course Kim Sabu is still there with the rest of the nurse and others

  9. I enjoyed s1 and s2 a lot. My take from both seasons is the way we should treat people to bring out the best in them, which is much needed in this judgemental and prejudice world. The only complain I have is YSJ bad hair (haha). Good to see him though, espesially since season 1 marked his acting debut.

  10. One of the best medical drama I have seen by far. Loved season 1&2 tremendously…pls bring S3 soon. I hope S1 casts will join S3 as I liked the actors and actresses in S1 more than S2. I agree with some, keep all the casts for S3 except AHS & LSK

  11. I very love the drama I hope you will do a part 3 episode…I very fan of yours … I congratulate all of the people around this drama… Saranghae I hope I can watched the part 3… Pls make it possible… I very love it ?? congratulate again you guys well do good job and we’ll done of it’s… I enjoy watching it ever since part 1 thank you for satisfying me and the viewers you will never regrets every single episode…

  12. Honestly, i think that season one was more intense in every aspect but i really enjoyed season 2 , after 3 years it was like meeting with old buddies . It was a feel good drama and i’m ready for a season 3.

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