L and Shin Ye Eun are Adorably Quirky in Marie Claire Pictorial Promoting New KBS Drama Welcome

I totally forgot there was a drama coming up where idol-actor L (Kim Myung Soo) was playing a cat who transforms into a human. He’s the human version, of course, though I totally want to see the cute white cat used in the drama as well. He’s starring opposite Shin Ye Eun in the KBS drama Welcome based on a webtoon, about a woman who adopts a cat who can turn human. it sounds cute but feels more like a small cable drama than a drama that should be airing on the prime time KBS Wed-Thurs time slot where it’s likely to not suit the tastes of the broader drama viewing audience. The leads are looking really compatible together as seen in this new Marie Claire Korea pictorial where they playfully pose for the cameras.


L and Shin Ye Eun are Adorably Quirky in Marie Claire Pictorial Promoting New KBS Drama Welcome — 5 Comments

  1. Why not a dog? Why always a cat? Love cells had Kim Yoo Jung as a cat. Zzzzzzz and KBS I agree small cable station would be better suited but then again it’s L so okay a cat it is. I hope it’s some gorgeous cute fluffy fur ball like Lee El’s cat. Please do not have a hairless giant looking rat pink boney slinky breed that would be too hard to watch.

  2. What’s your problem with this beautiful and warm drama? You forgot about this drama?… then don’t lose your time writing about it if you’re going to comment negatively and make bad publicity. Seriously, I can fell so much jealousy in this.

    • @Jessica Mariluz – Ah how am I giving this warm and fuzzy drama bad publicity and that I’m fuelling jealousy from it? OMG I’m being sarcastic about L character’s as a cat and saying why couldn’t he be a dog instead. Please step back and re read the comment I made and the tone it’s written in to know I mean no harm or malicious intent and sorry if you took offence to it. However Don’t worry it’s not a drama that I’ll be watching any time soon too but please do enjoy the season when it does screen.

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