Itaewon Class Hits 14.760% in Episode 10 and Holds Mid-airing Press Conference to Showcase Main Cast

I haven’t seen the mid-premiere press conference these days, years really, as drama ratings are mostly so level or low there’s no point in trotting out the leads for a meet-and-greet with the press if there is no way to gain more ratings for the second half. jTBC phenom Itaewon Class definitely breaks lots of records and molds so makes sense the leads Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Kwon Nara, and Yoo Jae Myung would take the time for a mid-airing press conference. Due to coronavirus fears, there were no reporters at the press conference so pictures were taken and the questions were done via a video feed. Audiences continue to tune in as this weekend’s episode 9 recorded 13.965% and episode 10 hit 14.760%. It’s truly the underdog who can drama story that is also writing the same success in ratings.


Itaewon Class Hits 14.760% in Episode 10 and Holds Mid-airing Press Conference to Showcase Main Cast — 20 Comments

  1. i think the last episode was such a twist. Rating will probably go up more as the story is getting more intense and may end up touching 20% by end of its run. hope it will make new rating high for cable drama

    • yes, it’s truly an amazing drama,watch this due to psj only but got hook with the drama, good plot/storyline, good casting, superb tlaga that you dont want to.miss the next episode…congrats itaewon class…

  2. Very interesting drama with excellent acting. The whole cast is great. Good for PSH to cement his A-list status. His acting is so versatile, I cannot see any of his previous characters in this new role which showcase the wide range of his acting.

  3. I think due to situation with coronavirus a lot of dramas would be able to get all the needed boost, but they first need to be exceptional. I personally believe Itaewon Class is doing good not only because of the story itself, but the cast is seriously working wonders. Their acting so entertaining and captivating. Any less talented actors could never achieve ratings wise, what these actors accomplishing.

    • Agree! The cast is all so good at acting! I especially loved the last scene of episode 10, I could feel PSRY’s pain and PSJ’s expressions were spot on – no over or underacting at all. KDM and ABH were also amazing in the episode.

  4. I am so glad they chose such a good actress for lead role. None of 90s gen actress couldve pulled such a role like her. What an actress. She should sweep awards and what a lead drama career debut. She is already acclaimed movie actreas.So good to see talented actresses shining this year especially monolid trio. THis gives me hope
    People try to say IC isnt international hit. Its target audience isnt international at all. Its theme can relate to domestic front more. On way to become third cable drama to break 20% or might ecen beat sky castle. Real challenge is will it become first cable drama to average 13% for whole season!
    Psj keeps winning. From side roles to major star.
    Also it is kind of mockery of those who says noone watched dramas when their faves deama flop on free public channels like sbs. Audience watch if u give then good content. Simple. This drama acting is top notch and every character is well written.

  5. PSJ and the rest of the cast is doing an awesome job. Supporting this drama to the end. Hope it does well. Thanks to all the staff great job stay safe.

  6. I tell u every week i see new endorsement deal for him. He is filled with them and with ic success no signs of slowing down. 2020 is a great year for k drama like since 2017 with all top stars.
    Best thing is kim dami from the show. Already acclaimed movie actress and now a top drama actress in very debut role.
    Monolid trio is dominating.
    No bad idol or other actress wouldve pulled this role because it really needed acting chops n she did it. Kwon nara is good too so does the negative lead . They have developed all character and writing is top notch

  7. Excellent drama in all respect and I sincerely appreciate the reverse drama troupes, two ladies competing for a guy in a class way, no evil second female lead in this drama. No wonder the ratings are excellent. Hoping that it’ll continue to climb. This drama deserves it!

  8. Its great this serie and good actors. This girl with two tones colors in her hair its not my cup of tea. Its better the highlights in the normal way. Im sorry she uts jung and cute but needed a change. Great show in general people love them.

    • You are seriously very outdated in haircolor trend. While you can have your old granny hairstyle with traditional highlights, calling a girl “not my cup of tea” is outright discriminatory and nonrespectful. I hope you just mean you do not like her haircolor but you certainly did not write it that way. Ross, no one needs to change except you and your way of looking at the female gender. Shame on you!! I am a guy just in case you think you are being discrimated.

    • I think the look is part of her character because she’s a young blogger
      I have seen her old photos with dark hair all the way and she is pretty.

      • her hairstyle and PSJ’s hairstyle are original from the webtoon. I don’t understand why these people have to pick on her hair or her round face because it’s her acting that is most important. Not everyone like PS fake face and not everyone is born pretty. Some people are just plain shallow. SMH.

  9. I think the female lead actress should shave off her chubby face she looks like a full moon yes she’s good but i always got distructed with her swollen face…sorry about that but i can say the show is good and interesting ?

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