Hyun Bin Leads February 2020 K-star Brand Rankings Followed by Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi

The leads of Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class dominated the February 2020 actor/actress brand rankings in South Korea. But the three youngsters of Itaewon played spoiler to keeping the OTP of crash apart on the poll position, lol. First place is the North Korean officer himself Hyun Bin, followed by all three Itaewon leads Park Seo Joon in second, Kim Da Mi third, and Kwon Nara in fourth. Rounding out the top five is South Korean fashion mogul Son Ye Jin. The next five spots in order are occupied by Kim Bora, Ahn Hyo Seob, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Jung Hyun, and Jo Byung Gyu. Nice to see interest flowing back to K-drama land so strongly, it feels like this industry is getting a much needed infusion rather than the permanent death by slow attrition of viewer base.


Hyun Bin Leads February 2020 K-star Brand Rankings Followed by Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi — 30 Comments

  1. Congrats i remember when he dominated brands after secret garden and cloy has become a big international hit in years. seriously he deserves it! IC is huge success . Anyways both dramas are amazing!
    i am happy for dami…. such a breathe of fresh air

    • She is slaying. You just cant take eyes off her. Such an amazing actress. She can sweep all awards this season

      • yes. her talent is explosive. while other articles are a mess with all the fan wars, i don’t think anyone will doubt KDM’s acting in IC. i am really shying away from commenting lately because it has been very toxic. but i like her so i speak up now. hope she can give us more good projects both in movies and dramas. IC is a really cool drama.

    • I am a retiree who lives in Florida and I love K-Dramas so much. Can’t wait wait for new episodes of IC; the actors are great. Loved Crash Landing; so many emotions.

    • @candycane You mean you are the one who has been so toxic about everyone especially Binjin couple. It really suck when you try to ruin Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin reputation but and up have to eat all your disgusting words. I feel embarrassed for you as an individual. Son Ye Jin prove you’re horrible words wrong.

      • This is not the article for you to vent. Keep on being embarrassed because I am not and I don’t feel sorry for you any bit. My opinion My way. LOL.

      • KDM ranks higher than SYJ just in case you don’t realize. I have no interest arguing with you but if you want to raise a stink then I am game. I usually give respect to Aunties but you are an exception.

      • Jennyjin. I hope you can follow the common courtesy of the Internet. What you are doing here is exactly a form of cyber bullying. Don’t do this again.

      • ‘I feel embarrassed for you as an individual’ is typical representation of cyber bullying phrase. Agree with @rabbi. This kind of comment should be banned.

      • @Jennyjin What’s wrong with you? This is an article of praise. Everyone is giving positive comments and words of encouragement. It is not healthy to hold grudges against strangers. Do not embarrass yourself by exposing your insecurities. HB and SYJ reputation is never ruined, they are in the Top 5. This world will be a happier place if you do not take other commentators personally. Most millennials are quite self-centered and only speaking of their minds (assuming candycane is much younger than you). If you are older, you should refrain from bullying the young. And do not bring back past comments mentioned in other articles. This is the rule of all blogs. I have to say this just in case you don’t realize that your comment is very inappropriate as pointed out by other readers.

  2. Hyun bin always best..love from India..First korean drama I started to watch was secret garden..Because of Hyun Bin I started watching kdrama..he is really a great actor..

  3. I was one of those who was skeptical but after crashing ended. I marathon it and loved it immensely. It won my heart on the second half of episode 3.

    Crashing is so far my favorite drama of 2020. I haven’t watched IC yet, I’m going to wait until it ends and marathon it as well lol

  4. I really like CLOY also, actually LoVe it to the moon and black. I normally don’t watch any drama twice unless I really really cannot move on with the drama and so far it has been a long time since I watch the series the 2nd time. CLOY is the one that I rewatch 2nd time and still found myself immerse into the stories. The script is good, even there are some plot hole but the acting and chemistry is on fire.
    This is my 2nd drama with HuynBin, and first drama with Son Ye Jin, both of them deserves fame and recognition.
    I heard a lot of raves about IC, and will check out soon.

  5. i love CLOY very much! i already smitten since day 1. amazing storyline,actors and actresses, form the lead stars down to last staff that made CLOY a history. Everyone did their part. Congratulations!
    BinJin Forever! CLOY a much love koreanovela

  6. The first time i saw Hyun Bin was way back 2004 kdrama -My Name is Kim Sam Soon and i’ve been watching and rewatching it that i lost count already. His acting was so amazing that i began to keep track of his upcoming dramas. I don’t care who he is paired with because i know that if it is Hyun Bin it must be totally good.

    • Actually in my onion im surprised he gets such high ratings. Other than his good looks his leading ladies make him look good. Son ye jin made CLOY she is one amazingly talented actress. Im rooting for her.

      • Actually both complimented each other. Son Ye Jin is a great actor & Hyun Bin has a great personality. Infact, they looked like made for each other. For all the dramas, which I have seen of Hyun Bin… the chemistry with this lead was amazing.. keeping doing great work & tks for keeping us entertained

  7. Son ye jin elevated him. Agee made him look good. Im not a favorite if his for me his good looks work better than his acting. Congrats anyway but I do think SYJ deserved 10+++ for her acting abilities. One amazing young lady!!!

    • Hyun Bin is a very charismatic actor as well as personality…meaning on film and in real life. So is Son Ye Jin. Though the latter is more senior in experience, the impact of Hyun Bin’s persona on film is stronger and has matured very nicely

  8. Please don’t allow K-dramas to go the route of Hollywood. The reason many of us love them is because of the wholesome and respectful representation of love. Resist the influence to go trashy. Stay pure. Make Hollywood jealous and influenced to change their ways by observing Korea’s success!!

    • Truly said.. kdramas has its purity continued so far… n pls continue to do so because that’s what makes you special from others

    • I feel differently. As much as I like KDM as an actress, her character has many flaws. PSJ’s character should be better off with another girl (one with a true kind heart not out of personal gains due to infatuation). Does our ML really have to choose one out of the two FLs? I think ML is better off with neither. He gets his revenge, his business blooms, the end. IC is not a romance drama to begin with. Just my opinion 🙂

  9. CLOY a fascinating drama with an interesting plot revolving around N and S Korea. Was brave to do it. Son Ye Jin is brilliant, she has layers of acting skills as well as beauty. She lifted Hyun Bin and they look good together but he seemed reluctant to kiss her. However, I think they should pair again as they are learning to spark off each other and audiences will love them. Obviously the story line has unrealistic aspects but the director kept us on the edge of our seats.

    • @Julie, very interesting observation that you have regarding him seemingly reluctant to kiss her. They have been embroiled in dating rumours for a year now. Many fans believing they are dating in real life, even holding hands under the table during interview on-set and waiting for announcement of wedding.

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