Park Shin Hye and the Leads of Thriller Movie Call Guest on jTBC Variety Ask Us Anything

Promotions are underway for upcoming Korean horror thriller movie Call albeit probably understated due to the health concerns South Korea is dealing with. Movie leads Park Shin Hye, Kim Sung Ryung, and Jeon Jong Seo were guests on the jTBC variety show Ask Us Anything! and donned high school uniforms for the classroom themed segment. Seeing Park Shin Hye with Kim Sung Ryung totally brings us Heirs fond memories, Kim Sung Ryung was absolutely brilliant and perfect in the drama as Lee Min Ho‘s mom and her scenes were classic. Check out the variety show if you want to learn more about all three lovely actresses.


Park Shin Hye and the Leads of Thriller Movie Call Guest on jTBC Variety Ask Us Anything — 8 Comments

  1. SK is in the midst of being lockdown… Are people still going to movie theatres there? This promotional effort seems like a waste. This movie may be a flop in box office due to the bad timing of coronavirus.

  2. Thriller Movie Call with 3 actresses looking really scary in uniforms. PSH looks way too old in that uniform tbh. Who would want to spend money going to Movie Theaters nowadays and even for this? I don’t live in SK and this movie is not showing anywhere else… probably a flop as Jenny predicts.

    • Your nickname Joker really fits you.

      Like you said, you don’t live in SK, so of course this is not showing anywhere else. Duh.

      The movie is going to release somewhat this year, but it’s not like it’s a Hollywood movie where it’s release globally.

      • You are wrong! Parasite has been showing everywhere in the world. I watch it in Germany. This Movie Call will flop hard and you cannot deny this. Not all Hollywood movies release globally, only the good ones will be purchased by commercial theatre groups or if artistically recognized will be shown in Film Festivals. Call is definitely neither of those categories! Parasite is. Haemoo was. Oldboy is also a classic, just to name a few. You are a Duh @Bailey.

  3. Anyway good on PSH for selecting this thriller and I’m looking forward to this movie for the premise and for being a female centric film. They’re following the motions to promote regardless and kudos to them. Good luck x

  4. Looking forward to this movie! They going to rock! Hope things get better soon , so we can start enjoy a healthy life without fear! God in command! It is very entertaining to watch them, in middle of this worldwide health crisis we are going through, give a sesame of normalcy. Fighting Park Shin Hye ! Your movie will be a success ! ??

  5. “…sense of normalcy.”( I mean). You look fabulous Shin Hye . Glad you stand your ground pretty well , in anything you wear.

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