Jang Dong Yoon in Talks for jTBC Romance Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick

K-actor Jang Dong Yoon is coming off a banner year 2019 with sageuk The Tale of Nokdu and it looks like he’s quick stepping his projects this year to capitalize on the momentum. He’s already confirmed for OCN thriller drama Search but he’s also in talks for later in the year jTBC romance drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick. As much as I loathe the title it’s actually an adaptation of a manhwa of the same name with the story about a younger man and older woman romance in the office. I can totally see Jang Dong Yoon in a noona-dongsaeng romance and if he wants to toggle two totally different genre dramas in the same year.


Jang Dong Yoon in Talks for jTBC Romance Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick — 40 Comments

  1. GOODNESS.. he is crazy… He hasn’t even begin shooting for search yet. But he has already consider another offering? Thankfully this is JTBC. So I trust them for creating an engaging romance. I heard this drama will based on novel so I hope it will turn out like When the weather is nice kind of drama. I think there will be more to the story, based on the tittle, might be society prejudice about dating younger Man (And to add a guy with less masculinity). I hope it will be a good one. The last JTBC of his work is the BOMB (I mean SOlomon Perjury is really good).

    I’m not excite with his OCN project, afraid it will be like another Watcher.a Well made drama but lack good character arc and emotional resonance.

      • yes i hope so. Pbg is ony 90s gen actor in A list in true sense. So i hope this guy joins him as well as do kyungsoo. All are good. i like eunwoo too besides his limitations.
        And good thing he has finished army, so its ok if he does multiple dramas and play it safe. If one of drama becomes rating hit, he will establish himself in A list! So in future he will get big writers! we need more 90s gen A list actors !

      • @gia he is one of highest paid, has top directors asking for him, get mentioned in all lists from 90s gen, has many cfs. i think that defines A list

  2. My favorite noona romance is still Witch’s Romance by PSJ and UJH. Funny and very well acted instead of the more recent melo rom-com types. I will watch if this is a comedy. JDY has the cutest smile.

    • YEH is not a noona yet to JDY. SHK is much older. I have already said they are of different leagues. Why do you repeat after me Bad?

      • Which part of your replies to Tiani mentioned age gap? Yes, SHK is older but what makes you think YEH isn’t a noona to JDY? And I see nothing wrong in repeating after you. It’s a fact that SHK and YEH don’t belong to the same league.

      • Yeh IS a noona to JDY. And YEH working with GY when he is not an A lister yet, bleh, GY got fame after coffee prince.
        Why it is so stink here Nad?

  3. @Tiani @Moonlight Too @adyjunjihyun I’m not a jealous person, I don’t find a reason to hate someone if he/she didn’t make some horrendous stuff and still I won’t consider PBG as A list actor. Just look at his filmography and at his awards list. I loved him in Hello Monster and was thinking back than that he will succeed but from that time I didn’t see him playing something remarkable.

    A list actors are not A list because of CFs and popularity because of their looks. I don’t know if he’s been asked by great film directors to work with them, but his last movie appearance was in 2015 with KSG respectfully.

    • Yes he’s been asked by great film directors to work with them. As example architecture PD change his script to get him. Why he want to do that for b list actor?
      How could you know he didnt have remarkable role? Just because you don’t like his drama, its doesnt mean his role is not remakable. His role as choi Taek (reply 1988) and crown prince (MDBC) is memorable. How about you ask Google for that, just search “Choi Taek” and look who will appeare.

  4. Just finished watching Tale of Nokdu and he is indeed very good and charismatic. Glad to see him getting more opportunities and striking while the iron is hot.

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