Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun Tops Sports Chosun 2020 Power People Poll For Film and Kim Soo Hyun Only Actor to Make Both Film and Drama Lists

The Sports Chosun 30th Anniversary poll of South Korean entertainment insiders on the Power People within the industry is definitely worth discussing especially in the drama category. For the film category it’s harder to have biases as movies remain a wall in K-ent where to become a film star one is a true A-lister. Far and away by like three times the number of votes, the most powerful person in Korean film industry is Director Bong Joon Ho of Parasite and many other hit movies fame. Second place is actor Song Kang Ho followed by fellow actor Lee Byung Hun. Then comes a huge number of directors and producers in SK film and the next actor to show up is a surprise pick of Kim Tae Ri. Also worth noting is that K-actor Kim Soo Hyun got 2 votes in this film group after leading the drama category poll and he’s the only actor to be on the list for both sides and also getting the most votes for the drama side to boot.

Sports Chosun Film Power People 2020:

  1. Bong Joon Ho (39 votes)
  2. Song Kang Ho (10)
  3. Lee Byung Hun (9)
  4. A bunch of directors and producers
  5. Kim Tae Ri (4)
  6. Ma Dong Seok (3), Park Jung Min (3)
  7. Jeon Do Yeon (2), Kim Soo Hyun (2), Choi Woo Shik (2)


Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun Tops Sports Chosun 2020 Power People Poll For Film and Kim Soo Hyun Only Actor to Make Both Film and Drama Lists — 23 Comments

  1. I read korean movies don’t pay much to stars,, so how A list movie stars make money when they don’t do cfs etc? I mean ofcourse like million dollars are not less but the way movie grosses, they don’t get profit sharing unless they are producers… But i see lee byung hun buying 20 million usd worth building in cash… They must invest in movies i guesS?
    Anyways list is well deserved. Kim tae ri is definitely top most actress of her gen right now. And she has earned it
    All are well deserved. Kim soo hyun really has good will in both industries. And her new agency is by top producer. So he will be fine! Hope next drama is good. I thought kim hye su will make list too because she is so active in movie land and has acclaim as well as hits under her belts and one of stars with ticket power

    • I believe the top stars (Song Kang Ho etc) get profit sharing, he’s had so many hits. Others invest in their movies like Son Ye Jin in The Last Princess, so that works out too.

      Kim Soo Hyun is definitely a name I agree with placing on this list, as long as he chooses good projects.

      • Kim soo hyun is the top most actor of 2010s decade when it comes to both movies and dramas. His track record from 2011 to 2015 is just flawless. No wonder he gets ranked so high.
        I remember cj enm head who is most powerful man in korean cinema called out song kang ho back im 2000s for asking for profit and they have to apologise. So thats why. Maybe situation is changed now.
        Son ye jin case always surprised me. She never did many cfs as jjh shk kth but i guess she invests in kovies yime to time. So she gets millions from thm

  2. Some well deserved winners on the list.I worry what lies ahead for the industry with everything on brink of shutting down around the world and people not being able to work not excluding this industry as the possibility of a world depression becomes a real possibility. Stay safe everyone.

  3. I smell another fan war (hopefully not tho!). Anyway well deserved for most. I really do agree with all the choices in both polls. Bo Joon Ho is of a different planet so there’s absolutely no argument there (anyone who thinks otherwise is mad). I’m also a huge fan of Song Kang Ho and he’s one of the most reliable actors out there in any industry.

    As for KSH, while his last movie as a disaster (who doesn’t have those?) he did also have Secretly, Greatly and Thieves – both amongst the most successful movies in the last decade. So honestly – I get it. Makes sense to me!

    • His run from 2011 to 2015 remains legendary. Best 5 years any k actor can dream of. 4 successful drama , 2 of them were massive blockbusters, 2 successful movies. No wonder he has high ranking. One movie will not decrease his star value to pds n directors

  4. This list makes sense. I am so happy that Choi Woo Shik is on the list, he works hard even in very small roles and is a good actor with wide range (wider than KSH in my opinion although some may disagree).

  5. This list Also has its flaws. I love Kimsoohyun but he hasn’t been in action for a while and his last movie real was so terrible. If this list is for 2020 they should only include actors who has done movies in 2019. This polling is so extra. The parasite director I wholeheartedly agree. The other actors I don’t follow so I don’t know if they did movies in 2019, so if they didn’t, they shouldn’t be on this list.

      • kim soo hyun is still the biggest actor of his generation. recent activity doesn’t matter for him. the industry is anticipating his return, especially after 2 buzz worthy cameos. i’ll take a survey like this from people who actually know about the industry over a delusional fan on the internet any day. everyone here knows that for you, any list without kim yoo jung is fake, amirite?

      • Anticipating return or not is such an invalid reason for him to be on the list. Recent activity should play a factor. There’s no way industry insider can garner stats on this kind of things. It’s just feelings. If you use common sense you would know this this polling is b. s.

        You think you’re so funny, but you’re not. Yoojung didn’t have a movie last year so why should she be on the list. Enroll yourself to a comedy camp for kids.

    • It speaks all the more of KSH that despite not having any movies last year, he still ranks here. Simply, it means the industry insiders trust his star power to bring in the cash.

      End of really. This is not a democracy poll of fan girls. And there isn’t a set rule that if an actor didn’t do a movie last year, they won’t be counted. Just because someone was away, doesn’t mean they lose their star power. Not sure which part of that seems so difficult to understand?

      Anyway I’m done here.

  6. LOL! Who is Lee Hyun Bun in the article heading? Mrs. Koala probably typing and thinking of someone named Hyun Bin/Bun instead..

    Anyway, congratulations to Lee Byung Hun with 8 votes. The Man Standing Next released in January was performing really well at the B.O. but got totally affected halfway by the Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea. The movies that came after continue to have a hard time as well. Hoping to watch his upcoming new movie alongside co-stars Song Kang Ho & Jeon Do Yeon but not sure if the production is ongoing or halted for the time being.

  7. Yes, all my favorite directors and actors. Kim soo hyun and kim tae ri, please make a drama together. I want to see both couple with babyface together in my screen.

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