Jeon Ji Hyun Confirmed for K-drama Mount Jiri with Screenwriter of Kingdom, Signal and PD of Mr. Sunshine and Goblin

K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun has been in the news a lot in recent weeks and all positive reasons. The latest is confirmation that she will be making a K-drama return with Mount Jiri penned by the screenwriter Kim Eun Hee of Kingdom, Signal, Sign, Phantom, and Three Days. Mount Jiri is about the best park ranger working in the vast expanse of South Korea’s national park Mount Jiri, saving people who are lost, trying to kill themselves, and there to find themselves. It’s basically a woman in the outdoors being kickass and doing her job well. It’s yet another another totally different type of role for Jeon Ji Hyun following two successful dramas in recent years playing a top actress in You From Another Star and a mermaid in Legend of the Blue Sea. Put on your khakis and hiking boots and go conquer that wilderness!


Jeon Ji Hyun Confirmed for K-drama Mount Jiri with Screenwriter of Kingdom, Signal and PD of Mr. Sunshine and Goblin — 66 Comments

  1. Well queen only come with best projects. She has perfect life. 100 million worth real estate she owns , husban ceo of 300 million usd company. She can retire as she earns millioms from rent alone but she still has passion for it. No shortage of cfs even on hiatus and highest endorsement rate for women in korea. I know people have their problems hut her life is perfect lol. Hope she stays happy. Thos drama looks like a sure shot blockbuster

    • koreans are not into blockbusters, it will probably have good ratings, but then plunge and be fogotten halfway through. It’s not a problem, as she will still have her millioms.

      • rofl signal was a big hit back then and pd is from sunshine and goblin. BLOCKBUSTERS DO MATTER FOR MORE SUCCESS AND DEALS.
        IT wont be forgotten

      • I completely agree with you.
        Since you have donated millions of dollars you fucking have every right to criticize somebody who has “earned” money and respect by making movies and dramas , CFS .
        Be a bit kind bro, if you don’t like her it’s fine. She is donating money , I fucking can’t even question her, because I can’t donate even 10% of what she did. As far as acting is concerned, she has won millions of hearts and definitely you saddist can’t digest.
        Hope you achieve so much achieve success that you yourself can donate as much as you wanted her to.
        Thank you and sorry.

    • Also she is writer of kingdom which is huge success. Top actress plus this writer and pd. It is going to be massive!

      • no one knows if Kingdom would become a so called success if it weren’t a Netflix show since they don’t apply the ratings system and people watch practically everything that lands on the platform. No one cares for PDs, and the writer is no KES to pull in massive ratings.

      • Signal was a success and kingdom become success bcoz it is well written show. The producers who spend 2 million dollar per episode found writer good enough. And pds matter. They bring value to project and budget. And jjh is enough to bring initial ratings. Further episodes ratings depend on story line which writter is good at.

  2. Wow ? now I’m excited for the male lead.. I’m half hoping this is going to be Netflix exclusive like Kingdom so the team will have much more freedom in the story, etc

    • She is highest paid actress for reason. Her last movie sold nearly 13 million tickets. She has power to refuse hotel del luna as well as assassination director alien movie which she was offered. You have to bring absolute best budget n script to cast her. She never has shortage of endorsements, original cf queen where she makes millions. Many cf queens come n go but this women is cf queen since 1999 when she hit it big famous samsung printer cf. Infact even before my sassy girl she was endorsing samsung , etc.. She is just a queen.

      • It’s good she refused HDL, it wouldn’t become a big success with her, because the younger audience wouldn’t have tuned in.

      • Rofl someone is so pressed about queen jjh. Keep crying queen stays winning. Infact it could’ve ended with more ratings. Younger audinece watvhed her dramas and pay for her movies. Get over it pressed loser

      • Someone is pressed over queen jjhhhhhh. It must suck to see her coming back with such high budget drama lmaooooo… hdl couldve averaged more than 10% if it was queen jjh in that show !!

      • Younger audinece isn’t interested in watvhing someone pushing forties in youth oriented show. Queen Elisabeth is the queen and JJH is just some overhyped CF model.

      • I still laugh about how she’s the highest paid actress, has a rich ass husband, and most CFs but only gave her tenants 10% discount while people like Kim Tae Hee, Rain, and Lee Hyori gave 50%-full amount off lmao. Knetz had a field day over it lol.

      • Her money her choice. She still gave same amount like ur fave. She doesnt need ur permission to spend how she wamna spend her money. She pays her taxes. Noone is obliged. Govt take so high taxes they need to do their job
        @ok lmao u r ageist btch. Rofl investors n hdl writer think differently from u so ur opinion doesnt counts

      • @marie
        Calm down your tush. Donating is up to the giver. Donating more doesn’t make one better, it’s from the heart. And maybe she’s helping in other ways privately as well. Why don’t you donate 20 percent of your earnings?

        So rope down your ego back to earth and live properly lolz

      • @its ok

        Stay jealous jjh is a better actress than IU. IU acted like she was in a music video throughout the drama, barely being able to emote. She just goes around and acts like a bratz doll. Jjh would had made hotel much better. And maybe make ratings in the 30 percentile.

      • @Moonlight JJH is the ultimate queen. No one can deny that. So why don’t you stick to your ultimate fave who can’t even even hit double digit ratings without the help of Park Bo Gum, who was fresh off the success of Reply 1988. You’re so brave to come for IU when that cleaning drama had 1% ratings. Even KYJ’s peer Kim So Hyun is way ahead now in popularity.

      • @len you’re just jealous that sohyun is not as popular or as talented as Yoojung.

        Bogummy was not solely responsible for reply success. The entire reply series franchise was a success. He wasn’t even well known at that time. So don’t even try. If he was such a rating hit in the beginning. Moonlight first episode would had been a huge rating hit but no it was low. It was both bogummy and Yoojung combined efforts that won the audience over in time. So stop fabricating nonsense and stop being jealous.

      • Moonlight Reading comprehension, please. I said PBG was fresh of the hype of Reply 88, not that he was responsible for its success. People looked forward to his next project as lead. It’s not new news that PBG is responsible for MDBC success. If it was the other way around, KYJ wouldn’t have hit 1% for her follow-up drama haha. KYJ needs a popular male lead. Sohyun on there other hand was able to have a hallyu hit in Love Alarm with lesser known actors. She herself is the star.

    • Rofl hdl writer assasination director thinks differently. Same with invsstors who pay her top dollar. So ur opinion is irrelevant . U r just ageist has been fan of young actress who has lost her cf queen title n soon will be has been.
      Where as queen jjh slaying after 2 decadrs with next big budget project. So doesnt matter
      Hilarious to @ marie using @ its ok as her other id to support her own back. Hilarious

      • @ady @ok is not my back-up account, but whatever makes you sleep better lmao.
        I’ve been hearing that Suzy is has-been for YEARS, but here she is still popular after a decade of the same narrative from haters. Stay pressed. No need to write a whole ass essay about your fave just because I found her attempt at image building funny lmao.

      • Popular? Besides being active her cfs has reduced, she makes no list. She is used for decoration roles. She is a has been abd by jjh age she will be finished or will be doing those low budget daily dramas lmao. So many women have more cfs than her right now. Which was her only big thing!

      • @marie it is ur account lmao and second jjh needs no image cleaning. R u going to bash someone who donated 100 million won? Then u r pathetic!
        And second same k netz will praise her to skies when her drama aira whereas woozie even after decade get only hate for acting. she is finished soon

      • it’s sad how you continue to support JJH who only cares about getting money in the time of crisis instead of helping. Instead your so called woozie is a decent human being not some cf ‘actress’ with only money on her mind.

      • @its ok or marie or whatever she donated same money as woozie. And charity is a choice. she pay her taxes which goes around 40 to 50% of her income. Its govt job not hers. She donated same as ur plastic woozie. So in the end money was given by both. I wont bash woozie for her pr game either bcoz she donated unlike u

      • @ it’s okay

        If you’re so generous and altruistic, who don’t you stop yapping and go donate a huge portion of your earnings. What’s in your head? Melted, expired spam? Donating isn’t a competition.

      • @itsokay funny coming drom you when ur grammar is all over the place. Useless shading. U r not even good at it.

    • Suzie fans , sorry one fan with 100 ids is so pressed about queen jjh . Ur woozie isnt fit enough to touch queen jjh feet lmaoooo. Even on hiatus queen jjh has more cfs , bigger drama than so called acyive has been idol ex cf queen. Pressed souls. By jjh age woozie will be forgotten lmaooo

      • You’ll probably choke on your own bile by then so you’d have no way of knowing the future.

      • Y9u must be experinced in choking as u talk about it all the time. Maybe side effect os sucking all stinky men organ

        N yes i can see future of formee it girl. It is a future of has been

    • Hahahaha HDL? Thats not on the same level as DOS and MLFTS, didnt even know whos casted in that show tsk tsk!!! JJH is always on high demand…. dont even try to compare your biases!!! Shes a topstar in KoRea

      • Look at the polls shes the top female whom PDs want to cast and want to know why?? Hahahaha… well she’s JJH nuff said..

  3. Great to try new genre JJH! Her long legs will look excellent in park ranger uniform. SJS as male lead will be my wish because his well built body will also look excellent in park ranger uniform, swoon swoon. Show us some outdoorsy cool cinematography. Very looking forward to this drama.

  4. At one point after her last project i thought she will go lee young ae way who is her close friend. Lee young ae left at top of her career, was absolute number one actress by mile, was asian lg products endorser, orifinal cf queen n i felt she will do the same like her. As their career success look the same. I m happy she didnt. She took her time. Took care of her little ones n made comeback when she felt she needs to. Thanks goodness

    • Ofcourse it will be. Pd is from goblin n sunshine. Budget is not an issue for them n queen only deserve high budget dramas

  5. Wow daebakk!!

    I wonder who will become her male lead this time ? well, it absolutely fine if it just woman centric drama with no male lead too. Cuz i’am hype for it hahaha

  6. Look at the pictorial. She is born for modelling. She can carry anythingg and make it look good. She has that high end look. No wonder brands run to the queen even on hiatus

    • Honestly if it was CFs alone she could easily have been just a ‘CF queen’ whose success was all about posing nicely with a product, like those who have one or two hit projects at the start of their career but not much to offer as an actress other than a pretty face.

      But as an actress, her track record speaks for itself, when every single freaking one of her film and drama projects in the last decade has been at least commercially successful (and in several cases on a massive scale with > 20 percent ratings or 10 million viewers – see Assassination, YFAS,The Thieves, Berlin File)….that’s not just luck and a pretty face. The lady can act!

      • True royal. I mean she could’ve gone won vin way vut after completing 2 decades, she is starting third decade with abother massive drama and her hiatus was well deserved with 2 children who needed her as well. Her last mpvie where she was top billing sold 13 million tickets and she won best actress. She refused alien movie from same director. She has that power and no shortage of offers.
        So called young has been UT girls wishes they get such projectw insteads of decorations role lmao

  7. i love you idol jeon ji yhun .. keep up the good work , i miss your face.. and i like all of your movies and k dramas.

  8. Welcome back Ms. Jjh!!! I am excited in looking forward to watch this said kdrama of yours. Surely, it’ll be be a blackbuster again here in the Philippines.

  9. She is money minded not hepl anyone it thought money in mind so I can not trust her acting so guys u decide will never seen it..

    • Bro I’m sure you have donated millions of dollars in the country your are staying. Definitely you deserve to criticize bro.
      You are great bro.

  10. lol @everyone calling JJH ‘old’ and putting her down, doesn’t change the fact that she’s THE top actress in terms of success in films and drama since 2001 and despite hiatus.

    If your fave doesn’t have the talent or get the ratings/movie ticket sales to rival her despite being younger or whatever, that’s not JJH fault.

    • Funny thing has been it girl even after a decade get useless roles in movie ehich likes of jjh will never accept ehereas old jjh won best actress for hee last movie. She refused same director movie. Shows her power and standing in industry. She is most dominant actress of last 20 years simply. And gonna rule another decade.

  11. I see many people complaining about she having so much of money even when she’s near forties. Bros, chill, advertisers pay money only when people like seeing her in CFs.
    As far as she being “money minded’ is concerned , bro she donated 100m won and she gave 10% discount to her tenants who are definitely rich enough to stay at Gangnam. She has donated many times in the past without revealing and was found later by paparazzi. And you dumbos are saddist who might not have donated even a single penny in your lifetime but still will keep hating others.
    As far as her acting is concerned, guys for God sake, I know so many people who started watching Korean stuff after watching “my sassy girl” and my love from the star.
    Appreciate the work bros.

  12. Completely agree , its not a joke to remain relevant and Highly successful after so many years.
    As per the latest article of Korea boo, she is the most sought after actress by top producers.

    • She is number one actress of last 2 decades and looks like she is going to doninate third decade too . In industry where ageism is apparent as we can see by comments, her success gives hope

      • This has nothing to do with what you just wrote but I read some of your comments (in other articles too) and you often mention Suzy as “plastic”. Do you have any proof that she did plastic surgery ?
        I think that, as an actress, she has no talent but I thought at least that her beauty was natural

      • Suzy is not even beautiful. She has never made on the Top 10 of any SK beauty lists.

  13. Wow reportedly psj is considered as leading man! Man great pairing and also how big star psj has became from side role to A list superstar

    • Hope PSJ will accept. This drama will have explosive ratings having two A-listers who can act. Visuals and Height well-matched too.

      • Yes i agree and when these actors get chance to work with the top most korean actress of this century, shows how far they have reached the A list status. I mean at top of A list chain.
        The director is from mr sunshine goblin dots. So this looks like ratings winner already

  14. When I read this, the first Male actor who came to mind was Park Seo Joon and now there are rumours he’s considering the role. Fingers crossed he accepts it, it would be a Legendary drama.

  15. lots of fighting over a bunch of kstars who cant even act nothing but a pretty face…this is has to be one of the most corrupted entertainment in the world … where the few ELITE share the major projects and the real talents sit home with no roles… thats why korea has barely any acting awards worldwide

    • Ady is ignoring you. I guess your question is not worth replying. You are the only one who thinks Suzy has any natural beauty! LOL.

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