Jaejoong Wins Dumbass of the Year Award After April Fool’s Joke that He Got Coronavirus

At least he didn’t commit a crime might be the only positive thought around singer-actor Kim Jaejoong and his thoroughly brain dead gaffe. Jaejoong posted on his SNS a message to his fans that he got coronavirus and was quarantining now, apologizing for living carelessly. He should apologize for for living brainlessly instead because a few hours later he confessed that it was all just an April Fool’s Day prank. I’m sorry, but in this highly serious and sensitive period where world safety and economies are being wrecked, joking about getting COVID-19 is inappropriate, not funny, and just seriously a WTF thing to do. Go quarantine yourself from SNS and reflect, Jaejoong, I expected better from you.

Japan and even some his diehard Japanese fans are uber pissed especially since this week a top veteran actor and comedian Shimura Ken died from COVID-19 a week after contracting it.


Jaejoong Wins Dumbass of the Year Award After April Fool’s Joke that He Got Coronavirus — 20 Comments

  1. It is so highly disappointing. One of first fave idols. . He thought he must come out as cool but biggest backlash of his life getting international media attention even from newyork times. No excuse for him even as a fan and instead of owning up he tried to damage control.
    People are dying, losing jobs and he acted such an idiot. He is someone who came from poor background. Expected better

  2. Seriously ! Is he really in his 30’s. Such an idiot to joke with that when so much people died . He should go reflect with D Trump and Bolsonaro !

  3. I like him but this is ridiculously idiotic and insensitive. I don’t know why he would think it’s funny. Reflect and stay quiet for awhile.

  4. How on earth can you think it’s funny to make a joke out of a virus that’s destroying millions of lives through death, illness, and economic fallout. I can’t think of the right words to describe how asinine and insensitive that makes him seem.

  5. What April Fool? You haven’t take this matter seriously until know! You are taking this into just a joking matter because of April Fool’s day….Wowwww….you are really a foolish man! Do you not check any news from whatever gadgets that you owned about this COVID-19? You are so brave lied about this…hopefully you will not get the COVID-19 for real! If you get the virus for real then nobody will believe you.

  6. Even as his fan, i mad at him really. In my county this virus kill many people and it sad.

    Why he must do this kind of stupid joke??! I’am dissapointed.

  7. Over 43,000 people dead so far…God knows how many tens of thousands fighting for their lives in ICU in hospitals…millions quarantined…this is NOTHING to joke about…What a complete moron! And his lame-ass “apology” that was anything but true remorse…more like “my management made me write this, not sure why”. He deserves every bit of criticism, censure, and any damage to his career that may come as a result of his actions. I feel sorry for his fans who likely had heart attacks when they heard the news-what a horrible thing to do to your own fans. Guess it shows what he really thinks of them, which is nothing. What a horrible person.

  8. As a fan, I’m incredibly disappointed by his behavior. He’s a veteran celebrity and he chooses to behave like this. Absolutely no excuse.

  9. So rich and famous but brain cells are not working. He probably wanted some attention. I pity him but I rather spend my time listening to J J Lin’s song ‘stay with you’ or GEM’s song ‘Angels’ for the front line workers of this battle against the virus.

  10. As a celebrity, it’s often important to take the temperature of things before one acts. And a lot of them would do better to stay off social media entirely. What might be overlooked as a gag in poor taste between friends gets blown up exponentially when it’s on social media. I kind of feel sorry for him. Smh. Bet he didn’t see this amount of backlash of his actions coming.

  11. I thought I was dreaming, not because I am his fans. I just don’t get how he thought it’s funny and people will respond with laughter and applause. We are in a quarantine, people are doing the physical distancing. What the hell is he thinking?

    Everyone knows it’s distasteful and even worse with his job and the timing. Wow, just wow cause he can just do nothing and he’ll be the same.

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