jTBC Drama On Ratings Fire as The World of the Married Hits 18.816% in Episode 6

I am…..utterly at loss for commentary. I do not know why this drama is garnering so many viewers not because I think it’s bad but because even great dramas haven’t gotten this type of traction this quickly. jTBC Fri-Sat drama The World of the Married just buried it’s Cinderella ratings predecessor Itaewon Class, already a total winner, in the wake. Episode 6 ratings for Married hit 18.816%, and doing a comparison Itaewon’s final episode 16 got 16% ratings and network ratings leader Sky Castle crossed the 18% ratings mark in episode 16 of its airing (out of 20 episodes). We are definitely getting a new cable ratings champion by the end of Married’s 16-episode run but goodness is it coming with so much heartburn and teeth gnashing. Even reading the plot developments and seeing drama stills makes me want to reach into the screen and bitch slap the mistress and take a knife to the man parts of the cheating husband. All hair queen Kim Hee Ae, I can guess viewers want her to slice and dice everyone who hurt and betrayed her and do so with class and brains.


jTBC Drama On Ratings Fire as The World of the Married Hits 18.816% in Episode 6 — 35 Comments

  1. It gonna break 25% and set new rating record for cable drana. Great to see kim hee ae doing amazing in her 50s when industry is known to be ageist

      • cable channels have won public over public channels. Bcoz public find better content there

    • Ady do you think king will have a big competition since both will be airing on same time period Friday and Saturday?
      I know they are both airing on different channels but I’m just asking.

      • yes it is very tough competition buddy. older audience is hookedup to world of married. King has a very big task to beat it

      • i like that show too. If u like adult dramas with adult scenes and serious issues, it is good watch. it is gonna be big battle

  2. It is doing great because of great acting, good script and adult theme because it works. There was adult theme drama here and it was a chart topper throughout. People love mistress drama????

      • Taemin chrck soompi lee min ho thread page 3400. Dramas has already madr 30% profit and haters wonder why kes prodcuers hire lmh for best dramas. Here is the answer for them

  3. It is rather mind-boggling because it’s not original or excellent in most senses. I think people are feeling anguish due to the coronavirus and want distraction by watching people go crazy and berserk.

    • I think it’s something to do with tension they build, And the plot moving so quickly and it has addicting factor. Crazy to think jtbc can reach that kind of rating again this early after sky castle, without so many buzz.

      • The buzz is pretty unbelievable haha I feel the need to watch something uplifting and inspiring after watching several episodes. Reality is sad and dark enough haha

    • crona virus didnt affect other dramas poor ratings. People just love this drama nd kim hee ae is legendary actress

  4. Good acting. SK Ahjummas must be feeling empowered watching the female lead taking revenge on the adulterers. This is local ratings, not sure if ifans are liking it as much as IC. Personally I prefer IC because I cannot relate to this drama as much.

    • The ones who bother to check it out seem pretty happy with it with the exception of fans who don’t do dramas with adultery. This kind of reminds me of Sky Castle where Ifans got involved when the ratings exploded.

    • Its adapted from a BBC show, it already is a show that was very popular in an international region and critically acclaimed. What an awful comment….Ahjummas are watching it..if you think this is a Mistress vs Wife show…boy you are about to be surprised. Its about a husband and wife and their twisted tale of damage and destruction. Nobody is a hero here.

      • Sounds like you are offended by the term “Ahjummas”. I should write “ladies” instead. I have watched both series of Doctor Foster, and I totally know the complete story and its impact. I will not be surprised if this drama repeats the same ending but I won’t give out any spoilers. What I mean is the ratings of 18% is local. Suits did well in US but did the k-adaptation had the same impact locally?

      • If the word “Girl” was inserted instead of Ahjumma, how many of you will be insulted may I ask? Don’t be snarky and tell me “Girl” is not a variation of women.

  5. wow unbelievable
    I didnt expect this at all.
    they are breaking limits and its still ep6
    new records are being set here

  6. I’m watching this drama and as a long-time drama fan I can understand why it’s so popular.

    It’s really good. Beautifully shot, well acted (Kim Hee Ae is killing it!) and fast-paced. It’s really addictive.

    I watched the original this is based on and this one is much better. It’s 10x more intense.

    In some ways it reminds me of “Misty”… except that Misty started off fantastic and ended up being a major disappointment.

    • This past weekend, I finally heard the buzz about this drama and checked MDL. That’s where I found it was based on the British show which I never checked out. Good to know the k-drama might be the way to go. The comments on MDL were very complimentary about the pacing and addictive story. I can see why this would resonate during the current world situation.

    • I agree, this show’s overall vibes from the acting, the tension, the fast paced plot and intrigue remind me of Misty, as well. I hope this doesn’t end up a disappointment like Misty’s ending did.

      And I understand the high ratings because I, too, am enjoying it a lot. It’s quite addicting and so far it’s just a well made and well acted drama on every front. Kudos to the whole team!

  7. Its a great show….its also squeezing two seasons worth of Doctor Foster pretty faithfully into a continuous drama format.Result is, crisp storytelling and script. The actors involved are pretty fantastic. Good actors, good script, fast pace, intense moments…people staying indoors…no wonder its doing great. I am glad for Kin Hee Ae, she is awesome snd deserves this.

  8. I don’t like how the son is being used to punish the spineless husband. Children shouldn’t be made to choose between their parents. He has a great relationship with his dad…why should he suffer? She shouldn’t deprive him of his dad. I just don’t get it when adults use children to punish each other and the innocent kids get scarred for life…

    • The story is very makjang. I just hope this won’t happen in real life. Watch it as fictional only and not to apply to unhappy marriages with underaged children.

  9. You wanna know why this drama is so populer koala???because people are getting tired for weak girl figure out also prince charming that only live in k drama but not on a real life..wkwkwk
    And then to be honest,a trash like her husband is everywheeree now,woman strugle for their marriage with this man,yes,just only because have a children,also tired for starting new relationship!this is the truth show of the living love life..a precious one

  10. episode 6 of this drama is one of the craziest i have watched in a kdrama and the ending still had me throwing my phone across the room.

  11. I hate that cheater husband who can say is it a crime to be in love? Hello married man should stay in love with his wife and be faithful. That’s what marriage is all about. He can do it again to his second wife. History repeats itself for all cheaters who ain’t sorry at all.

  12. ok watched first episode fully and damn it is fantastic show. Kim hee ae is greatest of greatest. i wish jjh has same career in her 50s

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