5th Teaser for The King: Eternal Monarch Showcases Huggy Romance with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun

I feel like Lee Min Ho just keeps getting richer and more powerful on the small screen, lol. One would have thought his Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers was Richie Rich to the max already but then he becomes the One Who Wears the Crown as Kim Tan in Heirs that someone is even richer. And now he’s not just a rich heir he’s top of the royal food chain as The King: Eternal Monarch, and it’s probably all because Lee Min Ho just perfectly fits that emotionally tortured rich/royal manboy aura. Not complaining, it’s a typecast that continues to work for me and I’m super excited for The King, the new 5th teaser drops new scenes and that puts Lee Min Ho in what appears to be a white royal uniform like a naval officer and yum can I have some more please.

The King: Eternal Monarch 5th teaser:


5th Teaser for The King: Eternal Monarch Showcases Huggy Romance with Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun — 51 Comments

  1. I used to think kim go eun is tall lol. She is such a natural beauty.
    And lmh looks so dashing and royal❤??????? they look good together ❤
    Storyline looks interesting. Studio dragon has reportedly spend a lot in cgi etc. So i hope it does well?????
    Second lead actress is beautiful as well.

    • She’s actually got quite a decent height (about 5’6″ I think?) It’s just that LMH is VERY tall lol.

      I like the height difference, it looks good.

  2. Lols at lee minho got richer.. but i kinda agree and that’s why i laugh so hard right now. He has that aura, crazy rich asian… lol.

    Cant wait for this drama. I need something to replace Mr Sunshine as my fave KES’ drama. Well, i like most of her projects tho.

      • And he’s handsome. Has a good body. Lols. Not a fan, but i like looking at handsome guys. Cant wait for this drama.

        But for me, he looks super dashing as the city hunter. I seriously miss him in an action drama. Please comeback with thriller action drama. Please act as a police officer or an antihero. Darn, he has that sexy aura. Well, he literally has powerful aura 😉

      • @yui in january in one magazine he said his body has been hit for all work he did in 20s. And that accident in his teens is now showing bad affect on him. I think after king he will shoot endorsements some time bcoz drama really r hectic. I can see him gong yoo way.. i hope he takes care of his health. As a fan that is i wish

  3. Honestly, in all the teasers, i have yet to see LMH having the desire to showcase his acting which was the trait that captivated me to him in BOF apart from his charisma on screen. Since then it seems he is always more conscious with his look, its like his main focus is to appear good looking more than being recognized for his acting. Its really such a pity. He got the x-factor but i often got disturbed when he’s being looks-conscious. I wish i was fooled by these teasers, and that in the drama he doesnt come off like this.. I’m excitedly but nervously looking forward to the premiere. Hope its good, really!

    • @Wanne Looks-conscious acting is spot on! Imagine being an actor for nearly 2 decades and still acting the same way lmao. He’s on par with idols bashed here, but at least they were never pure actors to begin with.

      • ummm what? LMH may not be the greatest actor in kdramaland, I have said it myself that there are others in his age group who have more acting skill….

        but the man at least has a baseline level of acting ability, he can act. Claiming he’s on par with the kind of idols who get criticised here for bad acting is complete nonsense, and this “pure actor” thing is nonsense too.

        When someone is the lead of a drama, is the audience supposed to excuse a crappy acting performance by looking up the actor and going “oh well they are an idol, it’s ok if their acting is bad”? If these idols want to be lead actors and are taking lead roles, they should be prepared to face the same judgment that an actor will face instead of hiding behind the “idol” tag to excuse poor acting.

      • funny woozy fan talking about his skills when he has done gangnam blues faith, bof which is considered best act by that manga male lead, city hunter which is full action role. And at same time excusing idol bcoz u stan one showpiece called woozie lmaoo. He is good actor but ur fave is a showpiece even after 10 years and everyone makes fun of her lmaoo

      • And woozy fan dont compare a golden spoon served on platter where her company funded her career to a self made star like lmh who auditioned and won role from thousands!
        He is much better than ur idol actress will ever be. worry about her sinking career

  4. Tbh his acting is boring for me. I knew him from BOF and his acting there impressed me so I watched all his dramas after that but I found his acting still the same as 2009, not worse, not better, he’s still handsome to look at, he acted his role well but it’s just lacking something I can’t explain. He also took the safe road with roles in his comfort zone, nothing wrong with it because he’s famous with these roles but sometimes I wish he takes more risk to challenge himself and grow as actor because I used to like him very much

    • @dia What do you expect him to do? Refuse big budget productions to act in some low budget production acting like poor man and edgy fans will call it good acting??
      His acting in gangnam blues was nothing same , hardcore gangster movie and won him best new actor. His role was in faith very different . But people didn’t like the drama much. Whereas city hunter has no similarity with other work and it was full of action scenes.
      In lotbs many people said jjh will overshadow him but it was opposite.

    • I am in the same boat….I loved LMH in BOF…he was the only good thing about it. I think since he’s so popular he gets the same boring princeling kind of role. I want to see him play a wild playboy or a charismatic chef….I have a feeling his agency , his handlers are advising him to play it safe and make the money and he’s very popular and can do what the hell he wants…so ….

    • You are damn right whatever you said is right sometimes i wish he take more challenging role but still he is in his comfort zone and i think the king: eternal monarch is no exception so my only wish is to see him showcase his acting abilities started watching kdrama because of him

  5. Anyone knows who d actor is in blue tshirt with intense expressions? in the banner where koalas has written i will talk about dramas etc.. He is cute. Thanks in advance

  6. Lee Min Ho e Woo Do-Hwan nos papéis principais . Depois q esse drama acabar já posso morrer . Já terei visto os Deuses atuarem juntos .

  7. Sbs is reporting already 40% increase in cf revenue even before airing!
    And he has landed many cf deals already. Just get good ratings and he will be filled with them. Though nothing can beat 2014 record of 81 cfs he shot that year. That was just other level .
    And now people wonder why sbs n kim eun sook hires them bevause he brings moolah.
    And doing this show also helps jis account. It is win win for all parties.

  8. The title totally suits him The King,Cause He is truly the King of K dramas and romance.lots of love ,,Minoz are waiting for you.♥️♥️♥️♥️????

    • Hallyu king is back. Netflix is getting another blockbuster bcoz of his star power. King has 7 cf deals apready while being on hiatus for 3 yrs ! Just wait fir show to air and hallyu king will be having 20 to 30 deals! Showing his power

  9. No one can even touch his aura and charms,that’s the fact.haters gonna hate but he always gonna shine and remain a Hallu King.

    • Let them hate. They hate him because they are jealous that their faves can’t get dramas written by kim eun sook specially for them. Sbs already getting big advertising revenue bcoz of him. They can keep hating and stay jealous ?????

      • Damn right, they are really jealous because Lee always hits big banner projects.for most of drama lovers Lee was a gateway to k drama ,many people know k drama only because of him .and for me if k drama and k romance would have another word it be only one ie Lee Min Ho.♥️ Anyways get well soon haters cuz Our KING is back to rule now, and no matter how hard others try,they can’t even touch his popularity.?

  10. Is He gonna take a long break after this drama ? I mean is it true that he won’t appear in any darmas for 2 or 3 years more.

    • He took break after heirs. Doing lots of commercials n 2 movies.

      Dramas r very hectic. He said he want to take care of his body n injuries . I have been an accident and injuries despite all expensive treatment stays n gives more pain as time passes. So it is a smart decision career wise bcoz if it is a blockbuster which most probably it will be, it gives him years worth endorsements where the real money lies.
      And he can always comeback whenever he wishes too. As a fan we should respect whatever his decision will be.

  11. Yup, nothing is more important than his health and happiness.He works really hard for his fans despite of being in pain and going through so much in such a young age.no matter how much time he takes He’s and he’ll always be mine forever one and only Love.?

    • I feel bad for him. He always has walking issue from the start but didnt let affect his career and still become top star despite being bed ridden for year. He made the best out of his 20s. 30s he can relax. He has given many memories. Atleast its not like my other fave won bin who has forgotten he is an actor

  12. Hy tell me something about this drama
    Which app seen this drama because i am so excited seen this drama I can’t wait for watch ????????????????????????

  13. LOL DRAMA has gotten 40 plus different cf companies already including samsung s20, kia!
    Thats why sbs hire hallyu king! KES knows who is bankable actor! They are already reaping benefit.

    • I am looking forward to this drama, although right now I dont see any kind of spark between the two leads (much like Goblin). I’ll wait though. I want them to change my thoughts on the pairing.

  14. Kim go eun is also reaping benefit even before first episode. Has signed many cf deals already including new makeup one.

  15. King has already made profit of 30% of selling rights. And people wonder why pds writers want him. Wish he had agent to make those mediaplay lists lmaoo but he manages his agency with his sister

  16. Don’t know why but I was never bought in to the hype involving LMH although I accept that he is very popular and successful.I was busy drooling over my other faves ..lol!. The only drama that I have watched of him till now is “Personal Taste” out of curiosity after watching a YT clip.To be honest, he failed to impress me in that and I was totally bowled over by SYJ .
    Thus SYJ could also be the reason that I didn’t give him much attention. My god she looked so pretty and had an aura different from any other famous actress I knew, both acting or beauty wise. That was my first and last time watching LMH. Now coming back to Kim Eun Sook , I happened to watch DOTS and Goblin due to the hype and totally regretted my decision. Felt bored and hardly managed to finish them with the help of ff button .People may kill me for the above sentences but still these were my personal opinions and it doesn’t mean I m trying to downplay its success.It is just that I didn’t enjoy and felt disappointed as this is subjective to different people but however they were huge hits.

    I will try to give The Eternal Monarch a chance cause I have nothing to watch at the moment. And the premise seems interesting. I m still not able to binge watch any drama after CLOY ended 2 months ago because soon I start to feel bored and would drop that drama. So it will be better to watch a currently airing drama. Plus who knows LMH may earn another fangirl ? in me if I enjoy his performance. As I have seen him act only once so can’t comment about his acting but I m looking forward for a good performance from his side in The King.Wish him luck . Plus a selfish side in me is wishing for more viewership for The King so that The world of Married rating spree would slow down a bit and CLOY will still remain at the third place. Anyway it is a win – win situation.

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