The World of the Married Continues Online Domination into the 4th Week of April 2020 With Solid Second Place Perch by Hospital Playlist

I remember the first thing I did when I became a K-drama watcher many many many years ago was go online and search Googling. From the casual to the dedicated K-drama viewer, supplementing the watch with additional online gleaned goodies is a way of life and South Korean remains one of the most connected countries with not just online but now mobile the standard for most to conduct their every day. The end of April saw the arrival of a bunch of new dramas and the strong viewer retention of existing hits so it’s interesting to see what Good Data saw in terms of online searches for the 4th week of April. The World of the Married was far and away the most popular search in drama, actor/character, and related search terms. Hospital Playlist was also popular, and for the new arrivals in terms of K-drama title search there was The King: Eternal Monarch in 3rd followed by When My Love Blooms and then Born Again.

Top K-dramas searches (4th week of April 2020):

1. The World of the Married
2. Hospital Playlist
3. The King: Eternal Monarch
4. When My Love Blooms
5. Born Again
6. Find Me in Your Memory
7. Once Again
8. 365: A Year of Defying Fate
9. When the Weather is Fine
10. Nobody Knows

Top 10 K-drama actor/character Search Terms (4th week of April 2020):

1. The World of the Married – Min Hyun Seo
2. The World of the Married – Kim Hee Ae
3. The World of the Married – Jenny
4. The World of the Married – Kim Yoon Ki
5. The World of the Married – Han Seo Hee
6. The World of the Married – Shim Eun Woo
7. The World of the Married – Lee Moo Saeng
8. The World of the Married – Park Hae Joon
9. Find Me in Your Memory – Kim Dong Wook
10. Once Again – Lee Min Jung

Top 10 K-drama related Search Terms (4th week of April 2020):

1. The World of the Married rerun
2. When My Love Blooms meaning
3. The World of the Married psychiatrist
4. The World of the Married original
5. The World of the Married how many episodes
6. Hospital Playlist rerun
7. Born Again character chart
8. The King: Eternal Monarch character chart
9. Hospital Playlist OST
10. The World of the Married Gosan


The World of the Married Continues Online Domination into the 4th Week of April 2020 With Solid Second Place Perch by Hospital Playlist — 27 Comments

  1. World of the Married was good only up to last week. This week I felt that the quality took a nosedive with ridiculous Kdrama-ish plot twists that just ruin everything. They’re making up crap to fill up episodes.

  2. Wow. TWOM completely overshadowed TKEM in terms of ratings and buzz. Nevertheless, I still love both dramas. They are both blessing my Fri-Sat evening.

  3. It’s amazing that Hospital Playlist rerun is among one of the top search terms. I thought Koreans need to learn English and would rather watch their dramas on Netflix with Eng subs, lol.

  4. Hospital playlist is THE BEST DRAMA IN THIS SEASON.

    I seriously recommend this to all Koala’s readers. This drama is so well written, with brilliant story, amazing chemistry, great acting skill, wonderful directing, awesome plot.
    A complete drama, indeed. The humor, the mellow, the romance, the family, the friendship, human relationships… daebak.

    Woah, i saw born again on the list. Heol, daebak. And find me in your memory…aahh anchor nim.. saranghae.

    Im not that interested in the world of the married.. it’s a psychological thriller… better take care of my immune.

    • I’m just happy to see 365 Repeat the year on the list of most searched k drama. I really loved 365, the actors, the chemistry, the plot, cinematography, directing and editing. It was worth my time watching this. Recommended to those who love mystery thriller genre.

      • I like 365 repeat the year too . Those who like mystery genre would like it . The only minus is that i found the killer very early but there was more than that, so watch it. And the couple had a good chemistry .

  5. I only watched nobody knows. It was excellent drama. From cast, acting, music to cinematography. Lil bit slow at first. A little sad that such a drama didnt have bigger hype.
    I think I’ll start hospital playlist after it complete.

    • Born Again or Once Again? getting better? hows that? Hows the female lead (born again) in this drama? hows her acting? Has she improved already?

  6. And the Female lead troopers are here again…
    Jin Seyeon dramas rarely fail in ratings despite the whole trolls with her…note*even the ones with lesser known male leads
    Unlike some other actress(not mentioning names) I know…

    • I don’t think her drama with Joo Jihoon last year was a hit and nor is this current one though.

      But good on her if she’s developed any acting skills.

      • Is born again a comedy show? i just watched episode 1 and could not stop self laughing. smh.

        Why did you have to cast this Female lead with Yang ki Jong and Lee Soo Hyuk. She is ruining this drama. this FL cannot emote. this FL, cannot act.

      • Item plot was a mess,even JJH couldn’t save it…and born again plot is so so…
        Recent records have shown not even a good or liked actress or actors can save a stupid plot…
        So why blame JSY when some of the actors in those two dramas are popular ones but brought no good ratings either….

        And yes, she’s improved and keep on challenging herself to different genres not just safe roles

    • @me
      Rarely fails in rating? Dont make us laugh please. Do your research please Born again rating is bombing. 2.4% to 4.1%. the only time that it got 4.1% viewership rating was during the premiere episode. Probably the viewers were excited about the male leads.

      after that rating was between 2.4 and 3plus percent.

  7. Love, Love, World of the married. Every episode has been awesome! Kim HA is a great actress and they’ve written her character as strong and smart. Rarely seen a woman portrayed l ik ke this in a kdrama.

  8. Guys u should give try for 365 days drama its so damn good . I don’t why it has low view or underrated drama . Its cimliax is so damn crazy . The person’s who are in thiller and suspense kind would really like it .HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ?

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