The World of the Married Continues Online Domination into the 4th Week of April 2020 With Solid Second Place Perch by Hospital Playlist

I remember the first thing I did when I became a K-drama watcher many many many years ago was go online and search Googling. From the casual to the dedicated K-drama viewer, supplementing the watch with additional online gleaned goodies is a way of life and South Korean remains one of the most connected countries with not just online but now mobile the standard for most to conduct their every day. The end of April saw the arrival of a bunch of new dramas and the strong viewer retention of existing hits so it’s interesting to see what Good Data saw in terms of online searches for the 4th week of April. The World of the Married was far and away the most popular search in drama, actor/character, and related search terms. Hospital Playlist was also popular, and for the new arrivals in terms of K-drama title search there was The King: Eternal Monarch in 3rd followed by When My Love Blooms and then Born Again.

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