Army Calls Continue as EXO’s Suho Confirms Military Enlistment in May 2020

Three in two weeks is a lot or at least curiously bunched together. After Yang Se Jong and Yook Sung Jae, idol Suho of EXO will also be enlisting for his mandatory military service this month in May 2020. He penned a handwritten letter to his fans and hopefully the schism in EXO has died down after some fan backlash earlier in the year when fellow member Chen announced a surprise marriage. Chen has since welcomed a baby with his wife so whatevs shotgun wedding and let’s hope the best for them. EXO will hopefully maintain the revolving door structure of Super Junior as members leave and return from military service and currently D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) is enlisted. God’s speed to Suho and hopefully the world is totally back to normal when this batch of enlistees return in late winter 2022.


Army Calls Continue as EXO’s Suho Confirms Military Enlistment in May 2020 — 60 Comments

    • I have watched only one of his dramas Rich Man and his acting is sooooo baddddd… really bad. Have you watched How are U Bread? is it any good? I like LSY but cannot watch him if drama is no good. Only D.O. can act in EXO.

      • And do is amazing actor. Actually. He will be coming back strong with movies lined up. He is one of 90s gen top actors

      • D.O. is good at acting, out of the other members I thought Baekhyun’s final scenes in Scarlet Heart were quite good (but he was quite bad in the drama’s early parts) and Sehun was quite funny as the coffee maniac younger brother’s bff in the Exo web drama.

        I’ve not seen any of the other members act but seem to remember Kai getting positive reviews for dramas too.

      • Kai is quite wooden, not acting material. I thought Baekhyun might get more drama offers after Scarlett Heart, don’t know why not. D.O. is by far the best, he has talents and yes I look forward to his return. I enjoy 100 Days My Prince very much.

      • Baekhyun has best selling solo album in like ten years. His focus is solo music career i guess

      • Agree! Only D.O. could act from Exo. Swing Kids and Room 7 were prove that this guy could act!

  1. Always hate exols how they treated BTS when they were nugus and mocked their cheap clothes bcoz they werent from big company like time changes and how exo started not coming ti awards when BTS became too big. Bye

    • Lol. Exo has China and Japan, the biggest and most important K-pop markets. So, your claim that BTS is bigger is invalidated.

      • Wtf r u on? Bts outsold exo in china when thwir new album bought 770k copies. Taehyung fanbar alone sold 250k
        Japam? Bts has the hest selling korean album of all time in japan. Do ir research before u spew bs. And bts dont have chimese members to promote there and still outsold exo there
        And exo is no match in touring sales physicals and digitals. Get off weed

      • Japan is second biggest market in world and bts outearn there. Do tesearch
        Bts is big in america worlds biggest markt. Bts topped all top 5 markets in worlds. Ur maths is week ???
        Exols living in past???

      • And i dint have to make ajmny claim. Anyone with brains know who is biggest in world. I dont even need to say it????u also know in ur heart exol

      • Btw delusional exol bts new album has the second best selling debut week of all time just behind adele’s 25. 5 million equivalent in debut week. Exo cant relate.
        U exols bullied bts back in 2015. Trended everything against them, their wins, their awards and called them 0oor. Karma hit u back. Ur manufactured group is broken

      • Lol. You must really have a low IQ. Eventhough America is the biggest in the world, at the end of the day it is not a K-pop territory. And please stop fabricating lies, Exo fandoms in China and Japan will make turn BTS’ into ash.

      • Only u r someone low iq .
        U meed to do ur research. BTS album is best selling korean album of all time in japan. Exo never touched bts mumbers in japan.
        China bts fan bar bought 770k albums. Exols never touched that number in china
        Only one who is lying here is u
        And just bcoz ur exo n sprem sorry superm failrd to crack america that doesnt mean it is not markt
        Bts cancelled tour sold 800k tickets already in america
        It is not market for kpop. It is market for bts. Their debut week in america was over 400k without t9ur bundels
        Bts staidum tour in west speak for themselves
        Bts 5 million global debut is equal to exo 5 best selling albums lmaoo

    • Further, Exo had already proven a lot. So, popularity is not their thing coz they are already legends. They are the Nation’s Pick after all.

      • And bts r nations pride. The group which bring 4 billion usd revenue in korea. They have bigger hits than exo.
        Nation pride nation group they have it all. And bts r legends too. Exols albums sales 11 million
        Bts 24 million plus. Best selling korean artist of all time

      • Lol. Keep fabricating lies coz your good at it. It is already written in Korean Entertainment history that EXO is Nation’s Pick.

      • What lie? Bts bring 4 billion usd touring money. Get ur research
        And bts r nations pride. There is nothing to lie. They r global stars. Exols cant accept reality???ur oppas were so jealous that they stopped attending awards ???

      • Exo is legend. They don’t need those awards because they had already proven themselves. Popularity and competition are not their things anymore. Further, even K-media don’t label BTS as Nation’s Pride. Only Exo has the title of Nation’s Pick. So, please stop your lies Fiona!

      • They dont need it bcoz they cant get them anymore. They cant ein awards. Darling the year they were botcotting mama they were attending AAA lmaoooi bcoz hts didnt attend BtS r legends actually world stars! Best selling artist of all time remember
        And jane they are nation pride. President called them nation group. Gave speech at unicef
        Stop living in past and move witb the present.
        Ofcourse they dont care about competition. they cant beat competition. Bts outdid exo in everything. Ur exo never brought 4 billion gdp per year
        Exols need reality check
        Ur group is majufactured group with members also in sperm sorry superm these day. Chinese members left u the day they got popularity in china lmaoo

    • Exo doesn’t need to compete against BTS coz they already achieved a lot during their prime. If BTS is successful in the West market, so, congrats. Nevertheless, you cannot hide that West market is not a K-pop market. The real ones are China and Japan. Exo’s fanbase in China alone is enough reason that they are the undisputable Kings of Kpop. So, you better swallow the bitter pill Princess Fiona.

      • ….what hallucinogenic drugs did you consume, because that is some strong stuff to be inducing such delusions.

        Or do you think this is 2015? I’m quite sure BTS are now the biggest selling kpop artists in Korea (kpop territory #1) and idk about other places but 5 million album sales aren’t something any other artist can pull off. Denying it must really take strong delusions.

      • @royal bts r best selling kpop artist in history with nearly 25 million pure album sales and equuivalents are over 50 million( where downloads streams r converted with fair value of album. Loke 10 downlaods ewual to 1 album). Exo pure album sales are over 11 million
        Bts also outsold exo in japan and recent album sold 770k copies in china which is huge. They have best selling kor3an album in japan
        Their recent tour which got cancelled sold out in america. Full stadium tour
        Their new albjm sold 5 million ewuivalnet in debut week which is second highest debut week of all time 25 album of adele. A global megastar
        Bts r undisputed best selling korean artist of all time.

      • @yda also I don’t think it matters that the west is not a “kpop market”, it is clearly BTS’ market.

        I mean, 1 million sales of a single album in the US alone? Multiple albums going gold? It’s not on BTS’ fault if other kpop acts are not as successful as them there.

      • Also bts outsold exo in japan. Even 17 twice did there lol. Bts album sold 770k in debut week from china when exo album never did
        And stop discrediting west success bcoz ur fave never did
        Also better u accept the truth that ur oppas r now second to bts who r undisputed kings. Get it in ur head janeloser. Receipt dont care about ur emotions

      • They r going in broadcast with obamas lady gaga. That is their level ydaaaa.

      • @ady – I don’t care about all the details but it’s just strange to see someone denying obvious facts that are backed by hard numbers (I am not a fan of either group, been following both only casually from about 2014 and even I know BTS are the top right now). Namecalling is unnnecessary from both sides though.

      • @royal understand that. No need to be fan or like then but lol actual reality cant be denied thanks for not denying it

    • I don’t understand why you suddenly brought BTS name into this comment section. This article is not about them. Seriously… Being like this will only spark fanwar and unnecessary hate towards each other. If you’re an ARMY, isn’t it time to focus more on BTS? IUxSuga collab song will be released in 17 hours and there’s also news about BTS joining the lineup for Youtube virtual graduation for Class of 2020. Please, stop it.

      • I do what i feel like. I dont need ur permission. Iu doesnt interest me but i support suga

      • @adyjunjihyun LOL I’m not trying to rule anyone here. Quite disappointing tbh. You claim yourself an ARMY, even said you’ve been with them since their difficult early days as a rookie group. But you’re trying so hard to make BTS and their fans look bad by constantly bringing other groups down and spark fanwar with their fans. Being like this will only make you look as bad as those people who used to/still mock BTS.

        And… who cares who interests you? Supporting Yoongi in this collab means you also support the one who proposed to him to work on this project, which is IU herself.

        Anyway… Good luck to you and your negativity.? I’ve learned from ARMYs that REAL BTS fans are nice people who only spread love and positivity.

      • @autumnrain i hace nothing to do w8tb multis like u. Original armys dont give a damn about exols and what they think about us. Only mutli annoying idiots care
        I hate iu fans who used ti bash bts saying our girl is jeyond idols. Guess what their fave approavhed yoongi to produce for her lmaoo. Karma is hitting allkpopies badly
        Bye bye good luck to ur sugarcoat8ng fake annoying rant. Yes we r indeed nice but we d9nt fogive n forget. U r bandwagoner army who never saw struggle of bts
        Army job is not to take anhmore crap

    • @exolyodaaaloser bts is best selking artist on oricon fron 3rd gen. Ecen seventeen twice have sold more in japan. Get yr facts right
      In china bts fanbasrs recoed 770k albums more than exols ecer did. So they r dominating k pop markets and no excuse gonna work to diminish bts west success. They were about to hav3 massive stadium tour and sold out american leg and all stadiums
      Fact is bts r undisputed kings
      Swallow the truth filthy jane

  2. I am neither an EXO-L nor an Army. But, come on,
    BTS has no peer right now. They are on a whole other level. South Koreans know this and are proud of their homegrown artists. Their standing doesn’t take anything away from EXO. It is just BTS’ time to shine. That is all.

    Suho, fighting!

      • Darling i m one of original army who cried tears when bts were small group and were just tryng to make it. The exols superiority complex, they trended against bts with vips n shawls. Movjrd their cheap clothes bcoz they couldnt afford brands We army cried so much those days. We dont forget exols a

    • Yeah even some blinks wet dream is to put bp on par with bts. Atleast exo has million sellers and are aftually musicians in the end not cf models
      And yes joone is on par with BTS

    • yeah you can’t regularly watch kdramas in the last 3-4 years and not know who BTS are, they get mentioned in dramas so often.

      Good luck to Suho, hope his service is peaceful and safe, especially in this time.

      • even cloy mentioned them and their songs r used on varieties a lot. Jimin is even beating iu on gallup for 2 years in row without solo actvity

  3. Lols at exo l vs army… i like both.. really really like both. Exo was sooooo popular back then, but now bts is just on another level of popularity. Both are good and talented. In the past there were seotaiji and the boys, then h.o.t and sechkies, then shinhwa and g.o.d, then dbsk, bigbang, exo and now bts. We’ve never knew who will be the next after bts. So, everyone has their own time to shine.

    See you again baby suho. Stay safe.

    • I hope it is ateez. They have quite a big fanbase oveeseas and was going to have arena tour in america. With some shows selling out 17k tickets. Not bad for young group
      BTS took domination to other levek when with this album they topped top 5 markets in world. And sold 5 million equivalent sales in debut week only second to adele’s revord of 6 million with her 25 album.

      • Not really following other groups but only bigbang, exo and bts, for girlgroup only blackpink. Others are just soloist like IU or Zico, or songs from ost.

        So i dont really care with fandom wars since my favorites are the top groups and singers. Lol.

        Instead of fighting with other for ‘who’s the best’, i prefer to show them why they should stan these groups.

  4. @yda u denying bts success. They are going to give speech with obamas lady gaga sundar pichai malala of all people.
    You lnow who these people r? Even western boy groups never got such worldwide impact. No cry in corner???

  5. This article is about Exo Suho though, not BTS. Not a fan of either group, but it’s been my observation that fans of BTS seem to insert their faves in every non-relevant articles. I often wonder if it is rabid fandom or just seeking publicity for their idols who seem like genuinely nice and hardworking young men and don’t need the negative publicity created by fan wars. My point is let’s exercise mutual respect. We all admire our idols, no need to tear one down to promote another.

    • U need to be direct instead of this fake sugarcoating
      Mutual respect with exols? The same exols who along with vips n shawls bullied a small company group because they weremt from big 3?
      The same exols wjo filled hateful trending on twitter and naver back then whem army wasmt huge enough and we had no idea how to remove those hateful trends
      The same exols who accused bts of fake sales who accuses bts of copyong clothes like school uniform .
      Same exols and vips wjo started kutual relation just to drag bts
      Rabid exols dont deserve any respect from army. New army must be clueless but we old ones remember everythig what exols did back then. Now u cant beat us as we r huge now
      And bts dont need publicity from some blog lmao
      Atleast their members didnt leave them just after 2 Years for solo careers

    • And bts saw those trends. We cried with them back then. We remember mocking of their fake channel clothes bcoz they couldnt afford the original. Exols laughed at them and at us.
      Karma paid u back big time

    • Lol don’t even try to reason with armies.. I have yet to see a more vicious fandom on the internet. All they care about is numbers, records and dragging others and pitypartying their idols.

      • Rofl how antis blame armys? History revisionist kpoopies r! Kpoopies r getting paid their karma back. How they treated bts is known to whole world

  6. BaekHyun said after Scarlett Heart experience, he found it hard balancing acting with his idol schedule. I think he’s choosing to focus on music more after trying acting.

  7. Actually for anyone in kpop coming up on enlistment age, it’s not a bad move to go in now. Concerts are not going to be plentiful probably until fall and that is at the earliest. I suspect the same is true of fan meets etc.

    Suho just had his solo project and Baekhyun will have his solo comeback and then Super M and will then go. Then Chen I assume.

    • Chanyeol is also supposed to enlist this year. I agree with you, the best time to enlist is now. Given the global nature of the threat we are facing, SK / Japan allowing major events (who knows when) does not mean fans will just fly in from abroad. What if you have to quarantine when you arrive and when you return home?

      Kai and Sehun will be the only ones left after Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol enlist.

  8. I have just watched DO in I Remember You / Hello Monster as the teenage psychopath serial killer Lee Joon Young. That drama is daebak with Park Bo Gum giving a breakout performance along with a super hot Seo In Guk. Totally blown away by DO’s superb acting in capturing the nuances and pathos that elevates his role beyond one dimension. The moment he came on screen, I was mesmerised by his innocent yet menacing evil presence. Considering his background as an idol, I am super impressed by his acting range. Feel so proud that he is following in the foot steps of other idol turned actors who got acting chops.

  9. I love BTS to pieces. I love Exo the same too. Most fav of mine is Suho. He was amazing in Universe’ Star, short drama. Kai in Andante is precious. Of course D.O is one of amazing actors of his age. Chanyeol is singing voice is heaven in my ears & he is a good rapper. Baekhyun, Chen are great singers. Sehun is sexy and Xiumin is too cute. I became a fan after chinese members are gone. I dont have nothing to say about them. Exo’s harmony& voice& performances are magical.

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