Crash Landing on You Makes K-drama Proud as 3rd Most Watched Show on Netflix in March 2020

I’m like a proud momma and would be if ANY K-drama made this list because the entire industry and genre has its unique appeal that it’s validating to see it get broader and broader exposure. It’s been nearly twenty years since Hallyu spread around first Asia and then the rest of the world but it’s still a niche market. Netflix has made a huge push into buying the rights to stream K-drama and also paying to produce original K-dramas, and I actually personally know folks working at Netflix in the K-drama side and it’s genuinely been nonstop work for the last three years to get the produce to the streaming market.

This March 2020 the runaway tvN romance hit Crash Landing on You made it on the Netflix top 10 streaming shows for the month, coming in at #3 woohoo! Kingdom 2 also premiered in March but didn’t have quite the widespread appeal and honestly Crash brought back so many good vibes from a drama that should never have worked (chaebol fashion designer from South Korea crash lands in North Korean on a parachute and falls in love with a captain, c’mon!) yet worked so well by virtue of great lead chemistry, warm memorable and well-acted supporting characters, and a deft PD paired with a great OST. Kudos to Crash and a nice way to wrap up its run. April just ended so hopefully the streaming numbers will be out soon and maybe another K-drama can make the list.

Top Netflix Shows in March (streaming views):

  1. Love is Blind
  2. Elite
  3. Crash Landing on You
  4. Sex Education
  5. Stranger Things
  6. I Am Not Okay with This
  7. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
  8. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness Money
  9. Heist
  10. Better Call Saul


Crash Landing on You Makes K-drama Proud as 3rd Most Watched Show on Netflix in March 2020 — 55 Comments

  1. This is new way to measure interntaional success. Kingdom was also in top 10 though but clearly cloy won the war. It was also among top 5 k dramas last year with few episodes. This year it will most probably end up as number one on netflix. Happy for son ye jin although she was always a massive star at home but she lacked overseas hallyu blockbuster and that is the case no more. What an s tier actress in bith movie land and now drama land as well funny k keep reading those mediaplay list of highest paid drama stars and she along with another movie star kim hye su never make the list . Hilarious lists i must say considerjng both r movie stars first and will get best cheque to come in drama????like jjh who came in mlfts.
    Anyways vloy is amzing and i can rewatch it all over again. Never thought kt will beat Kingdom in global popularity

    • Can’t disagree no more. In this age of social media, I guess the ones which should be highlighted as the paramaters for a drama’s success are the (1) online views and (2) buzz, the ones released by Good Data-it so freaking accurate. I guess the TV ratings released by AGB Nielsen is more on the number of ahjummas and ahjussis who watched a drama coz girl, the younger ones are into internet nowadays.

    • Yup CLOY is indeed rewatchable. I watch it whenever I feel disheartened by the COVID news.All my stress goes away for a while.Whereas I can’t dare rewatch Vagabond eventhough one of my bias LSG is in it. Honestly when I watched the drama I enjoyed a lot cause it was LSG’s much awaited project plus his acting was great and the negative comments didn’t bother me. But once I finished it and the story got laid out,I can’t watch it again . Although I still like it and may take a sneak peak again due to LSG but the plot and fl says it’s a no no.I just hope he does very well in his next work.

    • Tv ratings still matter though, CLOY is considered a smash hit because it had such high tv ratings in Korea (on cable at that) AND it’s super popular on the Internet. Same with World of the Married, Hospital Playlist and others.

      Pretending ratings don’t matter anymore or “are only for old people” is a very premature statement since even several 2019-20 dramas have had high ratings, yes the buzz is important for youth dramas but for expensive productions with big-name cast and writers, ratings are very much expected and is what they pay so much money for.

      • I never said that. Ratings dont matter
        I m talking about worldwide success

      • ‘worldwide success’ for a drama on netflix is still hard to measure though, sure they can trend but because of the lack of proper data it’s hard to tell how many people even watched a full episode (netflix counts you as having ‘watched’ if you watch two minutes of even one episode of the drama). It’s not a steady measure like knowing the ratings or number of views (like on youku) or in the case of musicians and movies, having album sale or box office figures.

        On the netflix or viki model, the only thing that makes a difference to the drama producers is the amount paid by Netflix for rights or for production if it’s a netflix original. But their viewership counting method is still sketchy.

      • Well then we cant count tv ratings either bcoz they have few thousand tv sets to determine ratings tbh. But still we count it
        The thing is their can never be accurate number but we can see through other metrics. Like good data this week revealed top 10 stars. Wom cast has top 2. Lmh n kge were number 3 and number 4. Since king has started airing lmh has added nearly 1.1 million followers
        Syj saw insta boost after cloy. She was less than million follwers before it.
        There can never be accurate measurement. But even if we assume people watched it for 2 mins, still there were people to click on top 10 dramas over other dramas.
        So best option we have is to follow netflix ranking

      • @ Royal We , Yesterday CLOY was at no. 10 in SK Netflix as well as trending in top 10 of many Asian countries. I think many people are still rewatching CLOY especially in SK.
        I had my sources from the site called ,so not sure whether it is accurate or not. They have the top 10 data of every country day wise.

      • @ady I agree netflix statements is the only data we have but their earlier method to count a series as “watched”, back in 2017 or 18 was if a person watched at least 70 percent of a single episode of a show. Now they changed it to two minutes. That’s why I feel like it’s not totally reliable but their model itself is like that.

  2. Same koala, CLOY’s plot sounds ridiculous but I love this drama after watching it, fun and enjoyable, great cast and acting!

    Honestly we need more female lead like yoon se ri, she is iconic, so sick of weak and poor female leads in kdrama. Stronger female lead makes drama more interesting

    • Exactly that damsel in distress trope is so over done. Seri knows how to protect her man and rules her company with an iron fist.And I m kind of glad that both lead characters are equal in their relationship.They are responsible and respectful towards each other. What I liked is they never had any serious misunderstandings and always knew what the other meant without speaking. To top it all there were no bitchy parents infact they were supportive of their kids’ happiness. RJH spoke rudely to Seri I guess only twice (One in NK hospital and the other in NIS headquarter) but the next thing he does is to apologise profusely. Finally HB got out of those jerk chabeol characters and tried something new.

  3. A well made drama can be made with simple scripts imo cloy as well as mlfts both didnt have exceptional scripts but female leads in both drama elevated the drama ( male leads r good too but female leads were exceptional) and ofcourse funny elements as well and good supporting cast.
    I personalky think a good drama doesnt need complext characters n story to be exceptional.
    A good drama is what entertains u.
    Cloy did that not only in korea but also interntaionally peopke whom i know dint watch k ddamas loved cloy

  4. Congrats to CLOY that is great achievement.

    There is a good chance that ”The King: Eternal Monarch” Makes the worldwide top 10 for 2020. It has sit high on all charts in netflix. That show is a gigantic hit on Netflix.

    It’s in the mix with Money Heist, You 2, and Witcher and TKEM I confident this 4 will make top 2020 list

      • In order to make that you will need 50-60 views anything below normally don’t make the top 10 sometimes 70mio views is the mark but that is rare years it happens mostly with a 50-60 mio views top 10 is mostly secured. Realistic can it get that amount. It’s a big yes but still to early to call but chances are 50/50 which is promising prospect

  5. So happy for CLOY. My fave drama by far this year. Totally deserving the popularity and buzz. A bit surprised that Money Heist ranked at the lower end of Top 10. The show been so much talked about since GOT.

  6. OMG!!I feel so happy for its success. And this list was for March that too after it already finished airing on mid Feb. We couldn’t know its position in other countries during its run as Netflix introduced that feature it in late february only. However even after almost three months it still features in top 10 of many countries in Netflix. Infact CLOY has got the most number of Youtube views for a drama of its clips beating Mr. Sunshine by 200 million views by the time it ended..It was popular with both the younger as well as older generations .Cause I still remember SYJ,HB and CLOY topping the charts of Good Data Buzz every week during its entire run .
    I agree the plot sounded absurd on paper but when one watches it many layers can be found. Although HB’s character didn’t require much lines but his eyes did all the job. And SYJ portrayed every goddamm existing emotion so flawlessly.. She looks so beautiful even when she cries.
    I believe the overall premise is absurd but writer Park Ji Eun have been nurturing this script with so much love ever since a decade. It is well researched with fabulous dialogue and flavour. It may not have a complex plot but the way they told a simple story with such nuance speaks all, that how well written it is. We all know that even A listers can’t save a drama if the writing and directing sucks. So kudos to the other team members as well.
    I personally didn’t like MLFTS .It started great but felt bored by the later half. Whereas for the writer’s other work “The Producers” ,I loved it. So it was quite surprising when I actually loved CLOY till the last second.With that being said my drama watching standard has risen high and I can’t help comparing any other OTP with RiRi . That’s why I get easily disappointed nowadays especially with the chemistry part cause I want to see that magic between the leads in other dramas as well.

  7. It’s interesting that Netflix has started releasing this info because they used to keep everything very quiet. I really enjoyed CLOY though I will say that I thought the main romance lost a bit of its umph in the last four or so episodes. It was a fun drama overall and an easy watch. I actually think they originally planned to do more with the secondary couple but the main story and the village and the soldiers were so popular, they ended up getting focus.

    I also like that they high lighted the despair of the listener; the poor guy listening in and forced into snitching. It’s having stories and characters like this that elevate a drama for me.

  8. We can’t really trust Netflix for this kind of things, they are the only ones to have the numbers.

    Love is Blind in first? People really watch bad program…

    I liked CLOY but more for the side characters than for the love story. I think Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s talent were wasted. The intimacy of the relationship in Pretty Noona was beautifully protrayed, when in CLOY it was lacking.

    • I just hate this elitism. Just bcoz u dont like thr drama which has been loved by masses. So ur opinion becomes superior? Reminds mr of those art critics who think their opinion is superior

      • Love is Blind is a reality program about people finding love without seeing each other… Except they all look good… What’s the point?

    • Pretty Noona had somewhat realistic portrayal of relationships .Whereas CLOY was based on a fairy tale like premise involving star crossed lovers. That’s why there were certain unspoken restrictions regarding their intimacy .This is what I felt. But I have to kind of disagree with what you said that CLOY relationship was not beautifully portrayed .I saw a whole journey of two strangers falling in love with the weirdest scenario as the background.I don’t know how you can say HB-YJ talent got wasted cause as far as I have seen their other projects,the characters played by them in CLOY were pretty much different .They tried something new.
      Still people have got different tastes and it is upto you whether you like it or not.
      Regarding Netflix numbers..I don’t know..I would rather beleive their numbers than to scratch my head by being too suspicious.

      • They both can do way better not like they didn’t act well in CLOY but they weren’t asked to do very much… I didn’t say the relationship in CLOY wasn’t well protrayed but that lacked intimacy, it’s two very different things. I think it was too superficial and I’m sad because I know both could do way better.

    • I recall another article which also had doubts about Netflix figures and the author used Reelgood to churn out the Top 10 list. But this is only for March 21-27. The list varies from above, but good to see that CLOY is still sitting at No.6.

      Most-Watched TV Shows on Netflix:

      1 .Elite
      2. Stranger Things
      3. Money Heist
      4. Sex Education
      5. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness
      6. Crash Landing on You
      7. The Walking Dead
      8. I Am Not Okay with This
      9. Kingdom
      10. Breaking Bad

      I love CLOY a lot, and totally buy into the OTP romance. It’s kinda the old fashion style, and I can accept their limited skinship cuz of the ML more conservative background plus his consideration that they will/ may never meet again. Also real love is not necessary based on intimacy. Guess I love myself some old-fashion romance story. 😀 But I do agree that some additional skinship btwn the OTP would have been nice LOL! As for wasted talent, I have to disagree. SYJ showed her comedic talent in CLOY, besides her more well-known melo acting, and gained a lot of new fans and admirers. As for HB, it’s the first time he gained massive popularity portraying a drama character that is NOT an arrogant chaebeol. His micro expressions and eye-acting was amazing to watch. It may seem to be simple characters to portray, but if these 2 roles where given to other actors/ actresses, there is no guarantee they will be as successful as HB and SYJ.

      • Totally agree…let people be in denial..They doubt Netflix numbers,Agb Neilsen numbers and what not.
        Loved your thoughts on CLOY.

    • You don’t need to have some kind of “intimate relationship” to show the love. The kinship and the chemistry of SYJ and HB is on point, and thankfully to the well acting between these, even their lacking touching, lovey dovey scene but thru their eyes contact, gentle gesture, their love is well portrayed . Your opinion is subjective, but at the time It’s very bias too since you are fan of JHI so everything about him is better than anything else.

      • I’m not more fan of JHI than Hyun Bin, what a funny idea! I like both!

        I really liked the relationship in North Korea, it was warm and cute. But in South Korea, it became drama-esque and lost its magic.

      • well, if you say so, cause no one knows that more than you do. Of course, you need to have warm and cute first to prepare for more drama and action later, that’s how most Korean drama are, aren’t they? And to oppose to your opinion, the part in South Korea is also fun and cute, on top of actions and the relationships of others. That’s why the rating keeps going north instead of going south

      • Ta> I just gave my opinion. I didn’t ask people to agree with me. I don’t care about ratings, I don’t need them to make my own opinion.

      • @TA it is not possible to satisfy everyone. If the latter part became serious people would say it is dramatic whereas if it remained the same cute and fluffy as in NK for the last part,people would complain it is so unrealistic that how can you take NK so lightly…blah blah.I would rather like it to be dramatic than caricaturish.
        But its ratings definitely took a better jump when story shifted to SK although I like both the parts equally .Both halves had different narrative and motives.

      • @sayaris: do I ask you to agree with me? I just completely disagree with you, so what’s the point? Who cares if you care about rating or not, it’s the production team that cares most? Why, it brought sponsor, commercial, fame to actors, and it’s bitter but the rating determine your favorite show will be cut short or to be continued.
        @Asta, yea, I know, but sometimes hahaha I just feel a little bit itchy to say something.

  9. Me,too! One of my favorite moments in CLOY was at the end, when the listener is standing in a sunshine lit field, beaming with joy and contentment. No more sitting in the dark. I actually got teary watching that scene.

  10. CLOY is almost a complete adventure/action/love story . It also shows the life in urban & rural societies. No sex scenes & foul language so it is wholesome. The flaws I noticed are minimal : the scene where the already opened paraglide became unopened when they jumped from the cliff. & the precious time lost when Ri & his men, instead of rushing a wounded, unconscious Se-ri, just stared at her.

  11. bansai!!! I so love everything about CLOY so Congrats to all the cast and crew of CLOY especially our Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin.

  12. Honestly, yea it is its a very nice story and the plot of which thay met accidentally and the fell in love and almost got separated because of the conflict of ( north and south) yet both aw-ri and capt ri played a very very nice role the plot was really tear dropping in some areas… the background music 3 of them are also nice to hear!! i love CLOY!!! i juat hope there will be a 2nd CLOY story soon!!!

  13. Loved it! Such a pretty sweet break from the seriousness of life. The two leads were an absolute delight. the minor roles were hilarious, and moving. Well done all. Rare chemistry. Brilliant omen for future 21st C intelligence, and unification.

  14. Sorry…. I just cannot seems to enjoy CLOY. I tried too. But simply can’t. The leads turn me off. They are too old for those lead characters. Actors looking exactly 40 years old but acting 32 years old didn’t work for me. Esp SYJ’s acting, too cheesy and overacting for me.

  15. Love Love Love CLOY!!! Beautiful central Love Story, great second leads (although I wish we got more scenes of the 4 together), heartwarming soldiers and villagers, of love and longing, heartbreak and learning to live when someone loves you…made me smile, laugh, cry and just fall in love. My favorite genre is still rom com action so it hit all those sweet spots for me.

  16. For me, CLOY is timeless & soon to become a byword & a storyline that will no ty be forgotten in d next generation. I hope there’ll be a sequel to this. Congratulations & i love all d cast.

  17. I myself watched it on Netflix 10 times…10 times!!! I can’t move on. Nothing will ever replace it…the problem now is that I can’t find anything to even go near my liking of it. I’ve been a huge fan of Hyun Bin ever since his first hit drama series. He is the best of the best!

  18. This was my first K drama and I loved it. I have watched it 15 time’s. Each actor brought something great to the screen. I cried a lot and could not believe how funny, happy, sad and beautiful Crash Landing On You was. The song’s were so moving absolutely beautiful. It is by far my favorite movie period! The two actor’s fall in love and take you along on their difficult journey. They had such chemistry I hope there is another series! Fantastic series, thank you!

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