K-actress Lee Yeon Hee Announces June 2020 Wedding to Non-celeb Boyfriend

Congratulations is in order for K-actress Lee Yeon Hee, who shared a super surprising update on her life this week. She’s getting married next month in June 2020 to a non-celebrity who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. No one even knew she was dating and she’s not been involved in any scandals so she really has managed her personal life quite well in scandal-prone South Korean ent. Congrats to her, she’s really barreled ahead for the last decade in her acting career despite countless criticism on her acting abilities being less than her natural beauty but hey she doesn’t offend me watching her onscreen as her lacks are more inability to fully emote. I’m happy that she’s found someone and wishing the happy couple a long content life together.


K-actress Lee Yeon Hee Announces June 2020 Wedding to Non-celeb Boyfriend — 19 Comments

  1. Who had thought? Turned out she is a great actress after all:P Duped the whole world in thinking that she was single… You go girl!

  2. Why not just write about TKEM, @ockoala?
    This is so uninteresting, only 1 reply so far.
    Take advantage of THe King, it’s ending soon and response to your blog will be back to single digit.

  3. wow, getting married at 32? thats so rare in the K ent industry. Did not that you’re in a relationship.

    All the best! Wishing you and your hubby happiness.

    • Do you mean they usually marry early like they do in some conservative cultures like SK or that female stars usually delay to keep their leading role?

      32 is perfect age in western world but 29 is very “old” to marry in countries like SK,China, Japan etc.

      • Lol you got your data wrong. Korean and Japanese celebrities married later than western celeb. Blake Lively, Margot Robbie, and tons of actress married in their 20s but it’s so unlikely for K-celeb. That’s why Han Groo and Lee Yowon considered very rare cases. Jun jihyun got married at 31 and it’s even considered early.

  4. Surprised to find out that she’s in a relationship. Well Congratulations, everyone deserves to be happy.

    Congratulations on your wedding Day.

  5. Love Lee Yeon Hee since A Millionaire First Love. Congratulation to her. Wishing her a beautiful wedding and a happy ever after in life.

  6. Congratulations to her!

    I think some assume that if Dispatch hasn’t outed a person, they aren’t dating. Look, these people are all good looking, socially normal people in the prime of life. Of course they are dating! I would assume *most* celebrities (yes, even your oppas) are dating at any given time. They are normal people, after all… Work is public, but private life is not something they are required to tell everyone about if they don’t want to.

    I hope she and her man have a lifetime of happiness together!

  7. Congratulations! I’m still impressed by her command of French in one of her more recent dramas. Best wishes to her and her groom for a happy married life!

  8. Congratulations to her, I know she’s not the best actress but she was excellent in Miss Korea (underrated drama). Hope her married life is a happy one, and that things stay safe (covid is a tough time to be having weddings)

  9. I love her since the Millionare’s First love. I really emotionally reconnect with her well. Even latest drama Reunited Worlds is a very healing& nice drama. Love her so much.

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