K-ent Spots Won Bin in the Wild Looking Handsome as Ever Filming CF

A Won Bin sighting feels like a Big Foot sighting, and honestly no matter how much time passes he’s still just as frustratingly handsome as ever. If he was a crappy actor coasting on all of Korea approved good looks that would be one thing, but he’s a really really REALLY good actor. In 2009 during his last time actor he dropped the double whammy that was The Man From Nowhere and Mother. I mean c’mon dude, please share your craft with viewers around the world some more. If not for yourself, anytime another actor or actress works with him that person goes off winning awards and getting another boost as well. I know he doesn’t need to work, I just feel his talents are too extraordinary to lay fallow, though he was spotted this week in Seoul filming a CF which he does from time to time so at least he’s using his handsome looks still.


K-ent Spots Won Bin in the Wild Looking Handsome as Ever Filming CF — 31 Comments

  1. I m still mad at autumn in my heart ending. incest feelinv never went away. He should have ended with shk

    • That’s why I couldn’t go near that show.. Incest??? A Big no.. Half of their lives they were like real siblings and then when they meet after a brief separation,,the bro sis fall in love ??.Like really??. I know that show is a classic but it is just not my cup of tea.But I must say that the looks of the lead trio.. ??.no words.

      • They are really beautiful and have good chemistry. Song hye kyo beauty at age of 18 was already mesmerizing. Such a natural beauty. One of pioneers of hallyu. Storyline is problematic. I mean they were teenagers for lord sake. Just bcoz u found out u r not siblings, u start feeli g like lovers? Creepy to me

    • Right, as much as he was the jerk lead
      The sibling feeling just too big to ship them

      I kinda feel the same in Reply 1994. I don’t even support the other dude but sibling chemistry is just aaah.

      • Haha he was one of pioneers of jerk lead but he was relaly good at end and stayed with her throughout. She should have given him chance.
        It is creepy and disgusting.

      • Same although my opinion differs from yours in one aspect – I would have shipped her with Chillbong even if another actor was playing him (despite the fact that YYS did a grt job). The first episode itself left a sour taste in my mouth and left the show half way. I just couldn’t see her with Trash.

    • One day I wanted to know what was the fuss about Autumn in My Heart..But when I read the synopsis it totally turned me off after knowing the sibling theory. Hence I didn’t watch it.

      • Drama is good. It is on youtube. Just incest feeling ruins it. But very emotional and makes u cry

    • Some people cares about making big dollars, so they r set for life. He has booming real estate business where he buys n sell a lot . And cfs always pay a lot for few days of work. You can make 2 drama salary with 2 cf deals
      Acting was never a priority even when he was active. Not all care about craft and i see it as fine. Some just want to make millions and if they are happy. Its their life and choice

      • I didn’t say its not okay…I just think its unfortunate that a guy who clearly has the talent and mad visuals would probably never again work on acting project. He doesn’t have to or need to but I wish he did, he was that good.

      • i understand ur pov. I miss him as well and he sells out every product. He still will have blockbuster ticket sales, if he comes back.

  2. I don’t know but I find his looks to be quite unconventional amongst other korean actors.Something sets him apart and he doesn’t have that typical korean look. Just my observation though?..He is indeed one of the most handsome korean actors in the last two decades.

    • He can pass out as latino, indian etc bcoz he has unique beauty lol.
      He is his time’s eunwoo visual with more A list fame and skills

      • Are you talking about Cha Eunwoo?? He has got great looks but I find him similar to any other good-looking flower boy idol with typical korean features..In the beginning I used to get confused between him and Song Kang Ho although the latter is not an idol .At one point I even got his name wrong and mentioned him as Rowoon??..
        Beauty is subjective and that’s why I said Won Bin has an unconventional look which is quite different from other stars. You are right ,he could easily be mistaken as a foreigner in sk if he were unpopular.
        Although I m almost half of Won Bin’s age ,I still prefer the looks of these older actors than the actors of new generation.

      • Same may! I like guys who r rough tough expect lmh ksh who change my mind. Or BTS taehyung who is cirrent crush lol
        But older actors were more manly looking which is very attractive to me more than flower boy look
        Won bin was always combination of pretty boy with manly look lol

      • Sorry I messed up again.I was not talking about legendary actor Song Kang ho. I wanted to mean Song Kang of Love alarm.

    • Yeah he barely looks korean, I’ve been so curious as to what his DNA ancestry test results would look like but I know it would be received very, very differently in korea than here in the west.

    • Also love how he is not fixated on being fair skin like a lot of Koreans are. I get so sad when I see the difference of skin tones of actors and actresses compared to how they were even just 5-8 years ago.

      He also feels more masculine than a lot of Korean actors, at least compared to the younger ones. Won Bin, Lee Byung Hun, Gong Yoo, Jung Woo Sung, and a few others have this masculinity that is so attractive to me. Before anyone gets on my case about LBH, I mean the aura and look they give only and not the personality..

    • Kim Mu Yeol…the other guy who has rough, rugged and handsome face…go youtube his dancing CF and thank me later.

  3. wow wonbin lloks like vampire who never ages but looks can kill. why doesn’t he act when he is such a good actor.? nowadays people who cant act are all over the tv.

  4. Maybe he just doesn’t want to work.?‍♀️ Everybody wishes that they have that luxury. Shooting dramas are difficult with the hours. He doesn’t want to be in the limelight either so nothing wrong with it. He got millions and no need to go through all that trouble. It leaves room for many other up-and-coming actors.

  5. The only Korean actor besides Gong Yoo and So Ji Sub that I love so much. Still as handsome as ever. I hope Won Bin come back to drama land and movie land. Miss him so much. Still waiting for him and Song Hye Kyo to have a reunion after so many years. Maybe a project with Han Ji Min too.

  6. I can never understand the hype over this guy, I personally dont find him all that good looking and honestly he’s more like a retired actor and CF star because when was his last project, but to each their own

    • well if you have seen his movie “Ahjusshi”, you would know why people are so fixated on him. Up to this date, that movie is still referenced in some dramas. That’s how popular he is.

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