K-netizens Cast Votes for Their Pick for 2020 Lead Acting Drama Baeksang with Hyun Bin as Best Actor and Kim Hee Ae as Best Actress

The Baeksang Awards doesn’t have a popularity award and for the most part it’s stayed relatively true to its determination of merit over buzz despite nearly all Korean entertainment awards devolving into a popularity contest to draw in viewers. It’s not immune to buzz but it does surprise still in picking left field winners. The 2020 ceremony is scheduled for the end of May but a Korean polling site allowed users to vote for their pick of Best Actor and Best Actress in the drama category based on the nominees. Shockingly Hyun Bin for Crash Landing on You got the most votes at over second place Kang Ha Neul in When the Camellia Blooms, I think it’s the dorky neighborhood cop who will take home the crown over the much too perfect North Korean army officer. For the female lead category, I think the winner is also the popular vote with Kim Hee Ae for The World of the Married in a runaway vote lead over surprising second place finisher IU in Hotel Del Luna. My think if Kim Hee Ae gets any competition it’ll be from Gong Hyo Jin for Camellia over any of the other nominees.


K-netizens Cast Votes for Their Pick for 2020 Lead Acting Drama Baeksang with Hyun Bin as Best Actor and Kim Hee Ae as Best Actress — 117 Comments

  1. Dasaeng kim hee ae
    Best actor hyun bin or park hae joon m park seoo joon as well. Strong category..
    Best actress son ye jin. Iu best work was my mister. Hotel show is not on lar with others imo.
    Either son ye jin or hyun bin will win bcoz i doubt they will award 2 actors from same show.
    Best new actress – mistress in wlm as she makes me hate her character that means she is doing gud or kim dami which i think she will win as she is already a top movie actress when she sweeped all new comer movie awards

    • All the nominees are very strong for both lead actor/actress award. Love them all!!
      Male: Hyun Bin or Kang Haneul (both are loveable)
      Female: IU, Gong Hyo Jin or Kim Hee Ae

      I think any win would be well deserved. Great Actors in both Category.

  2. I hope Nam Goong Min wins. He’s such a brilliant and versatile actor. He excelled in both Doctor Prisoner and Stove League last year. For actress, if Kim Hee Ae wins daesang, I’m rooting for Kim Hye Soo for Best Actress. Loved her in Hyena. I know CLOY was popular, but there’s nothing to really write home about with Son Ye Jin’s performance imo. I felt she overacted at times. Haven’t seen WTCB or HDL, so no comment.

    • Kim hye su was brilliant in hyena. I nevee saw her work before but she blew me away. No wonder she is still top most movie actress despite being 50. She is magnificent . I m rooting for son ye jin but i can see kim hye su winning

    • I’m glad someone else would put in a vote for NGM. He doesn’t have the same Hallyu power but he deserves it among these nominees.

      • i think winning the award is not only in acting, but also in other aspects, like charisma, how the character was portrayed, chemistry and other variables..

    • totally agree with you regarding Namgoong Min! Some might think it’s easy to play his character in Stove League, but that character needed a strong actor to properly bring it to life.

      • Stove League was extremely well written and acted drama of 2019. If Namgoong Min doesn’t win anything I should think awards are rigged and biased. I absolutely adore all these actors but I think he outperformed the others this time. He deserves the recognition.

      • I first saw him in doctors of kim rae won and shinye.. as a supporting cast.. more like an extra.. i wonder then.. why he got very little part but his acting was spot on.. i cried alot.. now he gets to have lead roles.. but perhaps star power is lacking…

    • Namgoong Min is crazy versatile, he has such good comic timing that he excels in funny dramas like Chief Kim, but also the range to do melo. I would love it if he wins, even though the others are good too.

    • Absolutely. I think Namgoong Min should atleast get some award. I absolutely adore Hyunbin, however Namgoong Min did more power role and he excelled in his roles.

  3. @koala I completely disagree with you about Gong Hyo Jin. Her acting is getting worst and twin Camellia she was practically acting in front of an invisible mirror glorifying and fawning at herself for being do good, if you know what I mean. She was so conscious of herself in every scene that it was so hard to watch. Not for me.

    • Gong hyo jin is overrated as hell. I dont get the hype around her tbh. Her acting is just okay, nothing special, not a best actress or even daesang worthy

      • agree. Gong hyo Jin is the winner tor being the most overrated actress.
        nothing to do with acting, but i do not like her attitude. i dont know is that arrogance. her not so pretty attitude matches her unpleasant looking _______.

      • Sorry to say but she won the daesang on kbs 2019 awards!!it’s ok if she’s not win this time because gong hyo Jin is humble person and she know also that other actresses is better than her character of Carmella’s Bloom.Shes not assuming to win the best actress or daesang! If miracle happened,who knows if she’s win!

    • I completely disagree too about ur nonsense opinion.she won daesang award(highest award) on kbs 2019 awards!! Her acting is superb..you can feel her how amazing she is…multi awarded actress and romcom queen of korea ,,,after you are concious wtf ,stupid!

    • I agree with you 100%. I watched Camella but found it dragging n slow. The acting of the leading lady is mediocre. Just one emotion. Too calm in everything that makes it unreal. WOTM is expected to win cause of its heavy drama but my honest opinion being objective is tgat SYJ potrayed all emotions possible. The leading man in Camella deserves to win than its leading lady. I haven’t watched the others.

  4. Kim Hee Hae deserve
    KHH > Gong Hyojin >>>>>> IU/Son Ye-Jin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hye Soo (the worst in the category by far)

    IU and Ye-Jin are here bcus of the popularity of the dramas, but they did great anyway, deserves nominations but not win.

    The male category is cleary inferior to me. The only who have an S tier role is Kang Haneul. Sad he will lose to Hyun Bin.

    • I guess you haven’t watched stove League and Doctor Prisoner. Namgoong Min sort of outperformed everyone according to my opinion. Park Saejoon also has a little edge in performance. Unfortunately as much as I adore Hyunbin ,his character was a typical romantic man and maybe that’s why his acting isn’t worthy of the best actor award. If he wins it will be extremely biased. There are alot of other who performed extremely well in other dramas , if we look at it.
      The Popularity of the drama should not justify acting.
      Let’s hope for the best.

  5. JJH won a Daesang for MLFTS and Lee Bo Young won Best Actress for I Can Hear Your Voice same year. Both were high rated and critically acclaimed dramas.Infact I liked LBY’s performance better but nonetheless judges were there to decide.

    Kim Hee Ae is a wall but I think all actresses (minus IU cause HDL was not her best) has equal chances to win best actress. Their characters were unique in their own way. We rarely see a female self made chabeol, or a single mom in dramas. Thus we can’t predict nonchalantly.

  6. No offense but HDL is not IU’s best work. Her chemistry alone with Yeon Jingoo was zero. Same as Hye Soo… I just shocked that Jang Nara is not nominated for VIP.

  7. Kim Hee Ae is 100% going to win the Daesang, there is literally no competition for her on the women’s side and on the men’s side. Her performance in The World of The Married was so phenomenal, she lifted this drama to the heights it has reached (28% of ratings nationwide/31% for the Seoul area for the last episode). I have seen all the performances from the other actresses and nothing they delivered came close to Kim Hee Ae’s acting range and depth.

    For Best Actress and Best Actor, they’ll split between Camellia’s actors and CLOY’s actors so it’s going to be either Hyun Bin/Gong Hyo Jin or Kang Ha Neul/ Son Ye Jin.

  8. Just a random thought..
    So there was a drama which was supposed to star some big actors. People mocked and predicted it will be a flop cause starpower can’t save a sloppy story.
    The drama starts airing,brings in good ratings. Then those same set of people start commenting that it was all due to popularity of stars. Script was meh! Acting was meh!Drama was overrated.!!Cheesey!!
    I don’t get from where this elitism kicks in everytime a drama unexpectedly scores high .

    I assume you all know I m talking about which drama.. I have nothing to say about the drama’s quality cause enough is being said already but just some reactions kept me wondering that why people tend to contradict themselves.

    I m not talking about TWOM here cause no one dares to challenge that drama based on logical arguments, not even the highest tier of so called elitists.

    • I mean it still a bad drama. I can give you part of audience who doesn’t like it, they just did not overrated it like the fans. They thought it perhaps 6/10

      Drama can be popular but doesn’t mean it’s good.

      The fans usually can’t handle criticism, my bad

      • “I mean it is still a bad drama”.
        On what basis you conclude it was “bad”. No drama is perfect and some can cater to your taste while others can’t.It is not compulsory to like every high rated dramas.
        But rather than believing you or your minority section of audience people would turn to critics.. A drama doesn’t becomes “bad” if 3 out of 100 do not like it. It may not be the greatest but again you didn’t get my point. It has flaws but it is people like you who tend to behave as elites by terming it bad , disaster just because they think it is getting too much attention. It may be overrated for you ,it is your taste .But numbers don’t lie . Majority is taken into account.
        Again if it was that bad it wouldn’t have been able to pull audience and reach 21.7 from 6. Nowadays A-listers don’t guarantee high ratings cause this is 2020 after all.You are welcome to criticise it but outrightly claiming it as” bad drama” is only confirming your elite behaviour.

      • It became popular due to word of mouth only which a “bad drama” can’t attain in 2020.

      • the fans is so defensive that we need bad comment to make it appear like a normal comment section.
        Many people dislike the show but they also don’t bother to rate it which is why the rate for show like this is so skewed.

        High rating doesn’e always translate to quality

    • …except that the stars have great chemistry, or the production values (OSTs, editing, special effects) are on point, and the story even if it is meh, isn’t confusing and hard to follow for the first several episodes of the drama?

      Those differing opinions about different dramas, aren’t actually contradictory.

    • If this is about CLOY, Hyun Bin’s portrayal as Capt. Ri was great. It’s not only because of his good looks.

      Does being an award-worthy actor or actress have to constitute scenes of strong and intense emotions ?
      What about those character that’s supposed to portray as someone that’s not emotional, doesn’t talk much as Capt Ri, and is even more comfortable letting Pyo Chi Su, or Man Bok steal the scene? Isn’t that synonymous to acting?

      portraying your character well isn’t all about having a longer dialogue with intense emotions,memorable grandeur lines ever spoken. It’s equally important to consider how the actor manages to consistently stick to the character when the other characters in the scene play out as well.

      Being low profile, keeping quiet, and allowing others to take the power seat when it’s best for the scene is acting too. Notice how many times the 4 subordinates are stealing the show and the Capt is just actively listening to the conversations and looking at the person speaking then transitioning his attention as he waits for someone to answer back. I like how he is silent in several scenes and allows his subordinates to goof around.

      I like how Capt Ri’s shoulders seem to fold on scenes w/the Director General, his father.
      His shoulders can act.

      I do not believe that emotional outbursts is always great acting if it’s not necessary in your character.

      • Agree. MARLON Brando is.one actor that doesnt talk much but his visuals are always spot.

      • I completely agree with you. Sad to say that most would vote for a heavy drama than a more entertaining film like CLOY. People think that HB doesn’t deserve to win because he didn’t have long dialogue n the acting is but controlled because of his character.

    • I’m a Filipino who love very much to watching korean drama or movie!!!and I love it because of gong hyo jin.its ok if not she win best actress or daesang!if all Korean netizen not wanted she’s win it’s ok but don’t talk bad about her! She’s not perfect and we’re not all perfect! If son hye Jin or other actresses winner so good for them! because gong hyo Jin prove herself already that she’s deserve to win the daesang on kbs 2019 awards! Sorry also that I don’t like the actress son hye Jin and other actresses! It’s my freedom to choose also who’s my favorite actress! Sports always!

    • there are lot of underrated kdramas that has a lot of good plots and acting. this covid19 got me binge watching kdramas way back from 2010 and a lot of good ones were not that popular same with the actors but the storyline is great. cliched cheesy or whatever, the cliffhanger after every episode makez you want to watch for more, and the background music is great.. unlike other dramas these days.. maybe the directors are not doing their job ??

  9. All deserve to be nominated, except for perhaps IU (at least not for this year). But I am not too salty about it, because I do realize that she has talent and improved massively throughout the years. She needs to improve in the voice department though. Which is odd to say, because she is a singer. But with younger actresses/actors I am always so surprised how unclear their voices are when speaking. Han So Hee has the same issue. Both actresses can act so well with their eyes, facial expressions and body language, but their voices are not comfortable to listen to. Veteran actresses always have a voice that is almost ASMR-like. It hypnotizes. Just listen to the voice of Lee Bo Young or Ha Ji Won for example. But if IU and Han So Hee learn to control their speaking voices, the world is literally their’s. I have definitely see glimpses of excellent acting from both of them…

  10. Daesang: Kim Hee Ae
    Best Actor: Hyun Bin (the star power is strong in this one)
    Best Actress: toss up btw gong hyo jin and son ye jin

  11. I don’t agree tHat Gong Hyo Jin giving the stiffest comoetition to Kim Hee Ae.

    Of all the 5 Best Actress nominee, GHJ is the weakest. Her characterization is not resonating to me at all. It is Kang Ha Neul who drove the show. I would pick Son Ye Jin. She essayed the sassy Yoon Se Ri similarly as how marvelously Jeon Ji Hyun did in MLFTS.

    My pick would be:
    Daesang for Kim Hee Ae

    Best Actor for Kim Ha Neul or Hyun Bin (i still think HB role is too flighty to pick the statuette)

    Best Actress for Son Ye Jin
    (interestingly, all the Best Actress nominees ever won Baeksang except IU).

    • Yeah, Son Ye Jin showed amazing range in CLOY. Tough, sharp, confident CEO. Picky Princess. Adorable. Funny. Yet vulnerable, lonely and like a lost puppy occasionally. She portrayed all those sides of Seri equally well.

      • Exactly, my point is versatility of son ye jin. The CLOY components of drama,comedy and the personality of Yoon seri as chaebol was portrayed excellently by son ye jin. Plus the many heartbreaking scenes.

      • Yes…SYJ was meticulous, superb, & brilliant in her acting range not an easy feat to demonstrate. Result- entertaining, enjoyable, wholesome ,and addictive show for audiences of all ages .

      • Yes to that. That’s exactly the same opinion as mine n same reasons why she should win.

    • Best actor definitely Park Seo Joon for Ateawon Class. He was magnificent! Is there something this actor cannot do? He is the best to express his emotions. Hyun Bin is too perfect, too composed but also great!!

  12. daesang: kim hee ae
    best actor: namgoong min/hyunbin
    best actress: kim hyesoo/gong hyojin
    best new actress: kim dami/han sohee

    • Yes!!! Male Daesang : Namgoong Min.
      I won’t shut up about this. Omg . Stove League was fantastic. I watch it after CLOY, Hyena, IC WCB and man everything about Stove League was just stunning.

      • LOl! There is no such thing as Male Daesang or Female Daesang. There is just 1 Daesang award which can be won by a drama or actress or actor or screenwriter.

  13. If Hyun bin wins then that’s a disgraced, the other nominee does better than him acting wise.

    The actresses is more of equal except IU

    • Are you stupid??. How can you call his acting a disgrace. For your information,he is the youngest BAEKSANG Daesang awardee till date.

      • if he wins this year, it’s bullshit because he isn’t even the strongest performance in Crash Landing, the other nominee did better this year.

        Heck, even all the main guy cast in hospital playlist does better than him.
        have you ever seen stove league, IC, Camellia Blooms and hyena?
        the male leas respectively did a lot better than the HB in crash landing,

      • the other did better than him, that’s the easy answer.
        stove league, hyena, IC and WTCM male lead is better this year,
        why so defensive, see that many commenters also said the same

        HB isn’t even better than SYJ in CLOY,
        the husband in World of Married and entire male lead in hospital playlist is even better,
        he is not bad, but everyone stomped him acting wise

      • Yes I have seen them and they were good. But you generalized by saying that”other nominees are BETTER THAN HIM ACTING WISE and it is a disgrace”. Felt like you were mocking his acting capabilities as a whole rather than only criticising his role in Crash.
        As for the award only time will tell. We can gain nothing by guessing here. Judges are there.

      • Anyone who has watched Doctor Prisoner and Stove League would say Namgoong Min outperformed everyone this time. Everyone in the list had amazing show , extremely popular and had high rating. But this time if Hyunbin wins the daesang , it would be fishy. The show could be popular due to people’s interest in the theme of the show which is a typical romantic comedy, in which case CLOY, but shows which have extremely intriguing characters , depth and has stronger meaning should win in acting category.
        BTW, I absolutely adore there actors nominated. The reason I watch k drama is because if them. My opinion is from artistic point of view

    • This is a purely a biased and nonsensical opinion! The high rating of the show proves it all! Who are you to judge and pass such comments with nothing to support your opinion!

      • I think he is just jealous of hb..well yeah hyunbin already has a daesang..

      • @topman What else will we talk about if not ratings.??LMAO..Well we can talk about critical acclaim as well .Ratings, critics reviews, positive word of mouth ,and what else do we require as parameters while assessing.
        Also FYI all the other mentioned shows were high rated as well so in your language it is kind of popularity award indirectly.
        Again only time will tell who will win cause after all we are no experts.

      • I agree. I think Kang Ha Neul has a more solid performance. Hyun Bin was good but Ye Jin was still the stronger actor in CLOY.

        The guys in Hospital Playlist are also nailing it! It’s a pity no one was nominated.

    • Lol both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin suck. I tried watching CLOY but have to drop it. Hyun Bin: all he does was just staying there looking handsome with nothing to deliver but cried.
      Son Ye Jin: overacting, cringe, and crying is all I see. It’s so hard to watch her when she focuses so much on the screen hoping to not look beautiful.
      OMG! They both might win because of their crazy fans and star powers.

      • @hhhhh Omg you’re attaching my name to Kang Sora. Please don’t be pulling out the jealous unnie fan card here. I’m no Kang Sora fan nor Hyun Bin jealous shipper. It’s just my personal opinion on the CLOY drama and cast. Drama lover these day be shipping too much to claim any Familiar ID name a jealous fan. Bruh grow up please. Some people watch drama and movie for the performance from actors. Not to ship! Explain why actors and actresses these days suck to deliver anything worth watching. They are too busy giving fan service to fans like you.

      • @Sora ,my comment had nothing to do with shipping business.I respect them as individuals who are in this industry for two decades and enjoy watching their works. However it is not uncommon to see stans spewing hate against their bias’ exes and their projects. We see LMH fans bashing Suzy and vice versa. Same goes with Song-Song couple. So your ID would intuitively give out that suggestion.
        You don’t like the drama good for you. Even I don’t like many high rated dramas.Whether they will win or not fans won’t decide. Jurors are there.Also I m grown up enough so no need to teach me. It is really tiring to see fans bashing other people out of jealousy. You may not be in that category as claimed by you but many are . I like Kang Sora’s work too and has got nothing to do with her or anyone else’s personal life.

      • Hello why are you here?all the hate on earth are on u..pitty on u

    • If Namgoong Min doesn’t win anything for Stove League I’ll be extremely disappointed in Korean award shows. Park Saejoon did amazing too in IC. But Hyunbin character in CLOY was still stereotypical romantic comedy.

    • Poor Hyun bun. He is somehow like Leonardo DiCaprio, too good looking for people to appreciate their skill and talent.

      • look at people’s comment,
        only fans try to victimised their actors so much, he had win baeksang before, he had his fame, he isn’t even that good looking (personal opinion)

        nam goong min is amazing this year, kang haneul makes annoying character way more endearing and likeable, park seo joon with IC did a really good job, joo ji hoon does better than hyun bin, HB just doing the stock acting for romance lead

      • To anyone that claims HB’s acting is “lacking” emotions … Have you seen him/ his acting in “The Negotiation” ? Some people might not appreciate the violence in it …but His acting was phenomenal …

      • I saw his performance in The Negotiations and it’s bad. Sorry I can’t agree with you because I feel asleep watching the movies. It’s just boring and bland. He still need a long way to go. Same as Son Ye Jin not good. I have high expectations but sadly was disappointed. My true in take for the movie and both actors without being bias. If it wasn’t for the fan shippers and the hype over both actors after the dating scandal. The are considered lacking in performance. They look confused and not convincing. The Negotiations also got bad reviews from critics. CLOY is the same too. Son Ye Jin is cringe worthy and Hyun Bin is not wow to me either. Will wait for their next drama to see if they improve. I just hope the one who is well deserved get the grand prize so it won’t be a waste.

      • Hyun bin won this award before, so he shouldn’ t won this time?

        I’m so new to K-drama and this is the 1st time I saw him act, I don’t consider myself as a fan , but really like his way of acting. Its annoying to see some people can’t stand that huge success drama can be a very good drama too. You guys don’t even try to watch.

        I watched all the actors whos nominated , I like Hyun bin and Ju ji hoon the most. I think it just comes down to a matter of taste. But sayin that Hyun bin can’t act is a bit insulting.

      • @straightforward

        Lol. Don’t ever try to twist things up about critics giving bad reviews on Negotiation and CLOY. Those are your MADE up things. Same as the performances of the two leads. Check all the sites from naver, nate to Chinese douban or google and see how the critics rate those two works which are high. You can hate but never write rubbish made up stuff. Yuckies

  14. Hyun Bin was just so-so for me in CLOY. Son Ye Jin was much better. For example, in the final episode where he found her after she paraglided, there was no emotion and a weird cavalier attitude from him during that reunion that was not consistent with anything. This was one of the first scenes they filmed, so I understand why it was hard, but Son Ye Jin was able to nail that scene with consistency.

    • The chemistry for both them is awesome! They nailed it. Captain Ri’s character has always been a calm and sometimes emotional character. All these emotions were expressed when they finally met at the paragliding scene. The end part when he was back at his original character, i.e. a very calm and subdued guy. These are the feelings that the audience can feel and it is something that requires a lot of indepth acting. You dont just react differently in the last part of the show which will be inconsistent.

      • why try so hard to say that someone is wrong when they just say so-so,
        his acting is indeed so-so, such a fangirl really make everything bad

    • Ultimately, the decision belongs to Koreans and the judges involved in the Baeksang award. Stop arguing like kids here.

      • Great point Captain Obvious.

        What should be obvious is that his is a blog for discussion. Stating an opinion is not arguing like kids.

  15. I think both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin did a remarkable chemistry they portrayed their part in CLOY amazingly and the whole world watch over and over the drama…So it shld be HB n SYJ as the Best Actor and Best Actress COBGRATULATIONS to both of you…CHEERS

  16. In my opinion, Hyun Bin acted better in MOA compared to Crashed Landing. Just my opinion. The husband in World of the Married Acted better for this year.

      • @Lalaland

        It is a drama, whether it is remake or not, besides it obtain HIGH ratings. The judges or whoever selected TWOM for Baeksang award certainly did not ruled out that…and besides that, it is won by an actress or actor, not a drama.

      • @Catherine nope. Daesang can be won by any of the nominees. My name is Kim Sam Soon ,DOTS won it previously. But they were nominated in drama category whereas WOM is not .

    • I don’t think WOM can get a Daesang because it is not nominated in Drama category. As far as I know only nominees can get a Daesang.

      • @astar exactly my point.. twom is nt nominated in the best drama category as it is a remake.. only the actor and actress can get nominated.. so twom cant get a daesang @cathering

    • Oops, didn’t realize World of Married is not nominated in this category. Even though Kim Hee Ae’s acting was phenomenal, it would be great if the whole cast and crew behind it can win the award to celebrate its success, because after all a successful drama is the effort of the entire team.

      • It’s not allowed in drama category because it is just an adaptation of British Doctor Foster.

  17. Personally for me, it’s Kim Hee Ae for best actress and Daesang. No other actress tops her imo. But I doubt they’d give both best actress and Daesang to her. Korean awards tend to divide the awards equally no? My assumption is Kim Hee Ae for Daesang and Gong Hyo Jin/Son Ye Jin for best actress.

    Kim Hee Ae will for sure snag an award just not 100% sure for what it will be lol and why is Park Hae Joon not nominated? Tsk tsk.. I know they tend to nominate the popular actors but really… I thought this is based on merits?

  18. Kim Hee Ah and Ju Ji Hoon are the winner for me with talents. The rest are star powers and popularity boost. Lately Korean Entertainment awards are a joke. Winning awards are based on star powers and popularity which defines meh…to me.

  19. Kim Hee Ae : Daesang
    Kang Ha Neul or Park Seo Joon : Best Actor
    Best Actress : Kim Hee Ae cannot with both, so Kim Hye Soo.
    Best New Actress : Han So Hee

  20. Best actress- anyone but Ging hyo jin. my opinion. “Forced” acting, “forced” crying. Oh no. I tried watching the drama but i kept on forwarding all the scenes that she was in. waaaaaaaah. sorry, shes the worst korean actress for me both in acting and in ________ depatment. and the way she treat fans. oh my God.

    • kang ha neul for best actor! well -deserved performance in when my camellia blooms. though i love hyun bin and namgoong min. hoping to give sky the win this time.

  21. CLOY was an absolute revelation and Son Ye Jin was pure brilliance in her role – humorous, eccentric and warm, she lit up the screen in every scene. Truly one of the best actresses of all time in Korea. My vote goes to her for Best Actress, as Kim Hee Ae seems much more likely to win the Daesang. TWOTM seemed likely to win as a drama a la DOTS but it’s a remake, it’s not nominated for Best Drama and there’s been a lot of actor controversies from the show. Plus, KHA is the most memorable aspect of the drama anyways so it makes sense.

    Best Actor should go to Kang Ha Neul; he was amazing in WTCB and he gets extra props for having just been discharged from the military as well. It’s about high time this man got the praise and accolades he deserves. Best Drama to CLOY for sure – it has the highest ratings (adjusted) out of all the nominees, is still relevant on streaming platforms and social media and has received worldwide acclaim. All of those factors combined make it a sure fire front runner for the win.

  22. I haven’t even watched TWOTM and I can tell Kim Hee Ae will win daesang. I’ve never seen such universal praise for someone like that.

    Best drama has to be CLOY. And I think the leads are in the running for awards, though I can’t predict, as there are some strong contenders. I’ll be happy with whoever wins for best actor/actress. But I do have to say that this is the best project I’ve seen either one of them (Hyun Bin/Son Ye Jin) in before. HB is not my oppa and I’ve always felt rather neutral towards him, but I thought his acting was quite moving in this one, and just got better and better as it went along. Really the most emotional performance I’ve seen out of him. I’ve only ever seen part of one SYJ drama in the past and so I didn’t come with any expectations, but she really nailed all of the different emotions as well. I didn’t come to CLOY as a fan, but it sure made an impression on me! And now I count it as one of the most memorable dramas I’ve watched.

    I know Camellia was all kinds of popular in Korea and while it took me a while to get into it, I was hooked by the end. I think that Kang Haneul stands a good chance of an award.

    I’m really curious how it will all play out. For me this is a case where I’ll be happy with whoever gets the award. Just some really great options this year. They all deserve to be nominated!

  23. Namgoong Min for daesang!!
    I absolutely adore all these actors and actresses nominated. However, CLOY is overly hyped. There is nothing to vote on except the generic romantic drama. When Camelia Blooms, was okay. There wasn’t anything fantastic about the acting. Hotel Deluna was a good entertainment.
    Stove League, Doctor Prisoner, Itaewon class, the world of the married and Hyena showed great depth and character growth. There are a lot of power performance done by actors of these dramad.
    If Hyunbin and Son yejin win the daesang I will really be disappointed.
    Namgoong Min should win daesang with a little or more edge over Park Saejoon.

  24. Sorry to say but she won the daesang on kbs 2019 awards!!it’s ok if she’s not win this time because gong hyo Jin is humble person and she know also that other actresses is better than her character of Carmella’s Bloom.Shes not assuming to win the best actress or daesang! If miracle happened,who knows if she’s win!

  25. Frankly speaking, “Exceptional Acting” can’t be based alone on those “heavy dramatic scenes” like most of the viewers are arguing about.

    A #BestActress and #BestActor awards for this year’s #56thBaeksangAwards contenders should be someone who can overwhelmingly shift emotions from an adventure scene to something political (Rift between South and North Korean counterpart) which later on could involved the emotional depth (love,family, political standpoint, friendship, destiny & peace) of the lead characters to the rest of the whole ensemble of celebrity artists. The correlation of the whole casts and the storyline that revolves around is Awesomely spectacular and Super entertaining. The full Satisfaction of international viewers were met even garnering billion viewers.

    #CrashLandingOnYou ~ The #BestDrama ever it has all the elements of entertainment ~ Melodrama, RomCom, Political disparency Action/Adventure and a superb Cinematography.

    • For Jen Ramos
      Bravo and many latitudes of
      Gratitude for expressing so
      Well the Splendid Attributes
      Of Crash landing on you!
      Your insights beckoned me
      A humble lurker, to post this
      Thank You & to note enthus-
      Iastically that I also am a
      Fan of the multilayered and
      Aesthetically Excellent CLOY!
      I believe it is Thought-
      Provoking and can catalyze a.
      Viewer toward positive action
      In his or her own life.
      Furthermore,it has the Power
      To Nurture the Spirit in these
      Difficult Covid 19 times.
      I believe CLOY will tran-
      Scene today’s ills & endure
      As A Treasure for All Time.

  26. I love Hyun Bin. I watched and love his dramas. I still think that his Jekyl and Hyde is better than Kill Me Heal Me, but him winning the Best Actor? His performance fall short portraying a proper North Korean accent, so winning the Best Actor is too much. Maybe next time.

  27. We have different opinion and i highly respect that..my vote would be for HYOJIN she deserve the award she already prove her acting skill by receiving numerous award. i cannot please anybody because we have diffrent points of view.those who say harsh words toward her its your opinion.im just glad that your not part of the judges.

  28. A lot of Koreans predict Kim Hee Ae to win Daesang, Kong Hyo Jin as Best Actress, When the Camellia Blooms as Best Drama, Popularity for IU and Ong Seong Wu, and I agree with them and this article.
    Im pretty sure the judges are credible in assessing talent in acting and they would not be swayed with internet buzz

  29. Giving one’s opinion will always attract negativity, aren’t people aware that no matter how subjective we are consciously or unconsciously we can always deliver a very objective opinion..it’s easy..just think first before posting..works all the time.
    No matter what ideas we want to impose on which actor or drama is the best, it will always depend on each person’s taste or experience, it will be impossible that 100 % of viewers will appreciate just one! It’s how it is, we just got to accept it…so YOU who have insulted Hyun Bin’s acting ability and good looks and physique is stating a very POOR OPINION…because according to votes and write ups and whatever surveys and even interviews or comments or what ever field you may think a drama or an actor can be assessed will tell you that at least 50% or maybe even higher will say that he is a phenomenal actor and good looking as well OR ELSE he wouldn’t have a fan base or famous at all.. Are you saying that these people are all delusional and that YOU alone is sensible for bluntly stating your POOR and even more so NEGATIVE opinion?
    I would think we would sound more unbiased and rational if we would express our selves in supporting our favourite drama or actor with out discrediting others.
    I’ve finished CLOY and IC, half of Hyena and also on my half series on WTCB but every now and then i would put them on hold to go back to repeating CLOY clips or any other HB projects…YEP, somehow that’s where my taste or experience of watching kdarama leads me…Baeksan Judges can choose who ever they want to give the award to, i guess most of them are worthy anyway..it’s just an appreciation award tho prestigious i personally believe that it does not make the winner any better than it’s competitors entire being..they are all the same, trying their best to give their viewers entertainment..my opinion?

  30. To Fran, Amen! Well said.

    To the Creator of A Koala’s
    Playground, your lack of
    Enthusiasm for Crash Landing
    On You baffles me.

  31. Park Seo Joon, Kim Dami all nominees of Itaewon Class will WIN because we are talking about serious acting. How they delivered an amazing role.Showed what is real in Korea society today. To summarize the characters Middle school graduate, Ex-con wrongfully accused, orphan, sociopath genius, LGBT, Racism, nepotism , love age gap , social status etc. How they all survived ..watch the drama ! You might discover what great acting is really all about. Let me know how does your drink taste now ? Hope it’s sweet 🙂

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