Cha Eun Woo in Talks for Male Lead of K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon True Beauty

The talk on the K-drama adaptation of popular webtoon True Beauty (Korean title Goddess Has Descended) has been going on for at least two years but it looks like the drama has a time slot and a male lead now. Idol-actor Cha Eun Woo is up for the role of the male lead and the drama is slated to air in November 2020, which seems like far away but goodness time is flying right now. It’s the story of a girl who is very plain jane and through makeup technique turns herself into an unparallel beauty and refuses to be seen bare faced anymore. She ends up falling for the only guy who knows what she looks like from their past school days together and OMG why does this have shades of Cha Eun Woo’s past drama My ID is a Gangnam Beauty. I hope he doesn’t get typecast but then again he did a sageuk drama Rookie Historian Gu Hye Ryung last year so it’s clear he wants to keep growing as an actor so I’m good with his casting here.


Cha Eun Woo in Talks for Male Lead of K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon True Beauty — 83 Comments

  1. I liked him in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, he suited the role, but I didn’t in Rookie Historian, his character was useless and he was pretty bland. The Crown Prince and the Historian were far better and interesting than him.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to take the main role in True Beauty, the story is the same as My ID.

    • If CEW wont take the role, i cannot see any other actor who would fit for the role. CEW is perfect for Suho, the male lead in the drama. Well, just my opinion 🙂

      • Are you talking about Blackpink’s Jisoo who has no real experience in acting? Because if it’s her, it would be a very bad idea…

      • I don’t think jisoo will be the female lead . Author of true beauty look just like female character so there is possibilities for her to play as the role of jugyeoung.

      • SAYARIS …I don’t think jisoo lacks acting skills . Its just that she hasn’t got chance to work on any drama. Every idol is hardworking so don’t judge others without knowing the facts…

    • You all should just calm yourselves because He was chosen to play this role for a reason it might be because of his looks or acting skills but either way we should just trust the casting directors and wait for the show then judge them. Im all for expressing your opinions, but hating on him base on his past dramas and acting opportunities is not right . Let us all wait for the show to air then have the discussion wether he was fitted for the role or not . Pls spread positive vibes instead~

    • Its similar but the girl doesn’t get any surgery its a highschool story plus theres a love triangle, and idols , and on My id is a Gangnam beauty was not, and this role was almost made for him ?

      • Its pretty obvious that is not Jin even in One episode of the webtoon Jin apears as Jin ? and its clearly not “Suho”

  2. This webtoon has no real substance in it. I wonder how the scriptwriter will be able to adapt it into a watchable coming of age romcom. I was reading it because the art was rather nice, though the facial expressions are so stiff (the common problem of korean webtoon, compared to Japanese mangas). The story is not going anywhere pass love triangle. Also the message behind ‘True Beauty’ is shallow at best and hypocritical at times for me.

    My main issue of why I stop reading it is nonsense though. When I found out the author wrote herself into the main female lead, I nope out of the screen haha. How she wrote her name and draw her face then select her favourite idols to become her male leads are a bit…unsettling to me. (Cha Eunwoo and Kwon Hyunbin, basically)

    • It’s actually the same rich boy ordinary girl romance. I don’t even understand why it is so popular internationally. But then again everyone has their own taste. The female lead honestly is pretty shallow, like she is 24 and still hung up on makeup…..

      • @mijin
        Well she’s making a career out of her love for make-up, so it’s understandable, and she becomes a famous beauty guru in social media. —I don’t recall one instance in the webtoon when she’s shallow. She never lets fame get into her head.

      • This is why when I see people say rich boy poor girl / chaebol kdramas are so outdated, I laugh. No. There will always be an audience for it.

      • it’s not really rich bou poor girl cuz there’s 3 main character 2 boys and one of the boy isn’t rich so… and the other boy that was “rich” left for kinda a long time. so…

      • @kx
        —the girl’s family isn’t poor.

        And she ends up dating a middle class boy.

      • I never mentioned poor , I mentioned ordinary. And every one knows she is gonna end up with suho coz he is the main lead and he is rich

    • yessss.. this webtoon was my favourite. but then when it was revealed that their resemblances was so the same, i stop reading it. it super uncomfortable. the plot also is trash. she is unloyal with her feeling. first she said she likes suho, but then she dates seojun. but still meet suho but claimed she does not like suho. i think the author is greedy. i don’t want to follow this webtoon, but it always come out in my ig search and i hate it. suho deserves someone lese who didn’t fake their appearance

  3. Has his popularity subsided after his not-so-great acting in Rookie Historian? You can say that he wanted to keep growing as an actor when he took on Rookie Historian. But him taking on True Beauty just seems as if he wants to play it safe to gain back his popularity. Maybe it’s his management agency’s decision, who knows. But this sure doesn’t make him look like he wants to grow as an actor here.

    • He is veey popular and recently made news bcoz he is face of sanitary pad lol?????
      He has no shortage of cf deals and rookie historian by end he was praised for really improving.
      And it is famous webtoon. A good offer

      • He is also now a regular member of a variety show Master in the House. I enjoyed the episodes where he is in and will still continue to enjoy as long as hes in it 😉 lol
        But i really miss seeing him in kdramas so he should accept the role 🙂 CEW fighting!

      • I realised how toxic people are just reading the comments here….can’t you just believe and support an actor…if you have to be toxic here just go and do what they are doing and let’s see if you’re better…. I’d love if Cha Eunwoo and Jisoo are in this drama and support them and even the writer of True beauty had talked about these two then who are you to judge them.

    • He’s primarily known for his looks so I think these are the types of dramas he is going to get offered. I liked both his previous dramas though I agree he was definitely bland in Rookie Historian. I think it is interesting that we assume these guys are turning down offers right and left; I doubt they are.

      • Ey was popular??? I guess it must have buzz among youth bcoz ratings were low. I guess got a lot of buzz online?

      • Yeah Extraordinary You was really popular despite the ratings. It created a lot of buzz among the young online community in Korea and was always trending. I think the reason behind the ratings was because household television are mostly dominated by the older generation and they of course would not want to watch a high school drama as it is something they could no longer relate to. Youths, on the other hand, are prone to watch shows online on their mobile phones and laptops. So instead EY happen to have high online views.

        A personal preference but I honestly found Rowoon to be a slightly better actor than Cha Eunwoo and enjoyed his performance more. But that could be because Rowoon has better chemistry with his costars and has a better voice tone. Eunwoo’s character in Gangnam ID was sort of robotic and him in Rookie Historian was quite awkward but i think he slightly improves towards the end.

      • Buzz is synonymous to popularity. It is the closest aspect to popularity as compared to ratings.

      • A teen drama (ie a demographic that doesn’t watch tv and mainly watches online) with zero big-name stars or star writers getting that level of internet buzz, is a sign of success. See also: A-Teen.

        For a bigger-budget drama, not so much.

  4. When I first read the webtoon, I automatically thought it was almost identical to ID. The author was already drawing Suho’s character as CEW so of course it would make sense to have him in this drama. The female lead had an uncanny resemblance to the author herself. The webtoon started as very promising and I was really hoping that the female lead will find “true beauty” at the end without all the superficiality but unfortunately, the storyline is going nowhere and I just decided to drop it but sometimes randomly checking it to see any progress but none so far. Hopefully this drama goes another route.

  5. I’m mostly up to date with the webtoon, I find it really interesting that the main female lead hasn’t actually ever ended up with cha eun woo character but the other male lead. So if they follow the webtoon, cew will be the second male lead in the drama lol

    —I really like the story, it’s simple but it has a heart. I really like the female lead because although she may be hard on herself from time to time, she is never shallow or unkind to the people around her. She does her best to instill confidence in others while trying to do the same in herself. So far it’s a nice coming of age story, trying to find out what she wants to do in life. At first she uses make-up to find self-confidence and in the meanwhile she discovers her knack for it and uses her skills to help many people. I also love the relationship she has with her sister and brother, it’s very endearing. Also the love triangle is different in the sense is that there’s no angst, it’s so far respectful and there’s no fights. The two male leads are actually good friends especially once they overcome a huge misunderstanding in the past, their bromance returns.
    —I think that’s what makes me like the female lead is that she is very understanding towards everyone, and she wants to help people.

  6. Apparently writer has baed it on BTS jin and many pics of comincs look similar to jin’s but bts is focusing on kusic and endorsements this year, i doubt he has time.
    Eunwoo fits the visuals of true beauty.
    When i saw gangnam beauty, my heartbeat stopped for a second and my jaw dropped. And i still cant stop praising his beauty. I can draw paintings on that face and it will never be enough. He is just other level handsome. I can watch him all day ??????? i mean he is beyond handsome???????

    • There you armys go again with suho is inspired by jin when the author obviously said CEW even the drawing is similar to him and looks nothing like jin especially his signature sexy lipsm

      • Sorry girl tell me how to post link . If u dont believe me. U can search allkpop articles and similarity is uncanny. The writer is huge fan of jin and said it in past. Ofcourse eunwoo is in talks. She will say it now
        It has notbing to do with me being an army. The concept of suho is based on jin and his pictorials. Do ur research. Bye

    • Its pretty obvious that is not Jin even in one of the episodes of the Webtoon Jin appears as Jin? , so you can clearly see that the drawing of suho its CEW , cuz she also drawed Jin with the rest of BTS?

  7. Boy can’t act to save his life…his scting in Goo Hae Ryung was a tragedy. And he was paired with Shin Sae Kyung and still it stood out.

      • Totally agree. I stopped caring about his character halfway through that drama.

      • Total agreed. He is a fix memeber in variety show Master In the House, he is just not for variety show, his idol frame stands out so much.. miss Seong Jae on the show!

    • SSK is actually good in historicals I think. As I said above, he was bland. Tragic might be a bit much. That was an overall fun drama though. Maybe we’ll all be here 5 years from now saying he’s improved or, nope, he still can’t act because someone with those looks will keep getting offered jobs. This is what I’ve learned in my 6 years of watching k-dramas.

    • If people can tolerate LMH, CEW is much better. Watch CEW sings and plays the piano. @Jana – We need a younger mannequin, not one over 30.

      • Rofl lmh by eunwoo’s age has already given acclaimed performances. Stop bringing him everywhere u fckng anti
        Eunwoo has yet to prove himself

      • Agree with @Jennie. There are always new faces. Only those stuck in the past will be bitter.

    • @Ivy
      I think hes starting to fit in with the cast of MITH. I love that hes starting to have that chemistry especially with LSG, the handsome duo and I really enjoyed latest episode. And CEW is really effing handsome. He really looks so good on tv 🙂

  8. If he can sing then he should stick to his idol job and stop coveting something he ain’t go at and if he is good with the piano then he should join the orchestra instead and stop ruining drama with his stiff acting. We have enough of them in the industry (pretty actors and actresses that can’t act for shit) and we don’t need more.

    • The world is large enough to accomodate anyone. You are not forced to watch if you don’t like it. Why got so worked up? He is not costing you any money.

  9. CEW should really pick something else if he wants to be taken seriously and improve his acting, not these type of superficial hallyu dramas. He’s like the younger Lee Min Ho, visual but can’t act for shit. But I’m rooting for him to prove himself since he’s still early in his career unlike the other.

    • LMH cannot do varieties, too slow and dim. Watch MITH and you will be amazed by CEW’s intelligence. LMH cannot be compared.

  10. So many overedramatic drama-stans insulting each other in the comments, wtf? Grow up ya’ll it’s not that serious. Calling each other c*nts and b*tches over who gets to play the lead role in a kdrama, smh. I can tell none of ya’ll are Arohas.

  11. I hope CEW grows as an actor. I loved him in Best Hit. But his acting in ‘My ID is Gangamn Beauty’ wasnt all that good. It was stiff. And ruined the drama for me. Hopefully he will be better this time.

    On a side note, if you are searching a college themed romance, try the Cdrama ‘Put your head on my shoulders’. Good actors and a good story. I just finished it today

  12. I’ve been a reader of this webtoon but honestly there is really nothing interesting about the plot. I only read it because i enjoyed the art but other than that, the story is absolutely bland and the message behind the story isn’t great either. I’m not sure how they are gonna adapt this story into a 16 episode show? I can foresee episodes of PPL advertising of make up and skincare products. It’s probably the reason why they’re doing the show so that they can get some advertisers involved and get some dough.

  13. Time for CEW to be in another drama. Any drama will do. There are so many dramas nowadays, it is hard to predict which one will be good. Go for it, what’s there to lose? We can always pick and choose what we like to watch. For a pretty face like CEW, he will be around for a long time as a CF star, kpop, variety shows, anything and everything…

  14. Despite being still quite green, I think CEW will do well since Suho is not really a hard character to play. The bigger question for me is who’s going to be Seojun. He’s the more interesting character tbh. Suho is too much like the typical shoujo hero while Seojun is more grounded.

  15. I’m fine with ew because he has some acting experience already. I hope Lee Jae Wook will be cast as Seojoon because he is very good at portraying a tsundere role. As for jugyeong, I don’t mind who they choose just as long as they don’t choose the actress by appearance only.

  16. Though My I’d is gamgamn beauty and this webtoon story is same but I will still love this webtoon if Cha eun woo play the lead role and I would love this a lot of jisso play the female lead role

    • Is she an actress? As she acted before? Is she talented enough as an actress to play the female leas of a 16 episodes drana? If not then all you kpoppies should stop promoting your idols when we have real and talented actresses who can do the job. Its acting not a visual pageant.

      • The FL actually has no visual If you read the webtoon. It’s all makeup. So any girl will fit this role. It’s the 2 male actors who will carry this drama. In my opinion, the girl who will be casted is actually a ?? to say the least. No need to fight over a plain Jane role.

  17. I like him in any role. I like him as a singer, as a dancer, as an idol, as an actor, as a model, as an endorser, as a son, as a friend, as a person. I LIKE HIM period

    Please stan ASTRO too. Thank you!

  18. SAYARIS …I don’t think jisoo lacks acting skills . Its just that she hasn’t got chance to work on any drama. Every idol is hardworking so don’t judge others without knowing the facts…

    • So you never see her acted but she’s very good and she can be the lead of a drama…

      I think she should start as minor role (and not a cameo) or secondary role to gain experience like other idols or actors did.

      • People who lack acting experience should start with minor role and shouldn’t not take lead till they are more experience enough to handle it and not look stiff on screen eg suzy in dream high. So jisoo is not qualified to be the female lead even if y’all think she looks like the webtoon character but we all know the author drew herself. Every profession in this world have people going through internship first so jisoo should start with minor role like D. O and work her way up and not end up like stiff suzy and eun woo.

    • modelpink members will never get acting roles. they r already known as models more than singers. 13 songs in 4 years is terrible output

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  20. I want him to act in this bit Idk if he’s the main lead or not since the webtoon itself Is very unexpected

  21. So the question is who’s going to be playing the female lead? Any good guesses?

    Visual queen Suzy can’t coz she’s too busy already this 2020. Probably someone who ranks after her in terms of beauty.

    My opinion only, sorry for not mentioning your biases lmao

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