KBS Reincarnation Drama Born Again is a Confirmed Clunker with Flat Acting and Abysmally Laughable Story Trying to Be Edgy

Well, K-actress Jin Se Yeon continues her own personal curse of sucking in modern dramas and seeing commensurate low ratings while finding success only in sageuks. KBS Mon-Tues drama Born Again maybe should like die again and this time not reincarnate to annoy viewers with it abysmally thin and plot ridden story line. I don’t know if Jin Se Yeon’s extra bad acting this go around or the super dumb story is what’s also making both male leads Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk also come across as flat in acting. And all three leads characters are dumb as bricks (doing such inexplicably idiotic things), like so stupid I’m rooting for Lee Soo Hyuk’s actual psychopath serial killer fiancee to off everyone because AT LEAST SHE HAS A PERSONALITY. The ratings are also very low around the 2% range and I bet Jang Ki Yong wishes he stayed with Record of Youth instead.


KBS Reincarnation Drama Born Again is a Confirmed Clunker with Flat Acting and Abysmally Laughable Story Trying to Be Edgy — 14 Comments

  1. I don’t understand the FL. She knows the guy put an app on her phone to trace her, read her diary and follow her everywhere but she just asked he gives back her journal? And it’s all. It can still hug her like nothing happened…

  2. The plot is a mess. Totally. But im still watching it for the love triangle .

    Duh, the fiancee’s acting WAS TOTALLY BAD. She’s worser than JSY. Instead of JSY’s acting, i dislike her character’s personality. Like wth!!!!

    I think, JKY’s acting is pretty good but his character… duh. The same goes to LSH. I have no prob with the boys.

    But seriously, what kind of thriller drama is this??? First 2 episodes were really good in my opinion. But the rest… sigh.

    • Please dont say that. Stuff like this causes rumors. Say what you want about her acting, but this is too much.

      • Lol, it’s not a rumor if it’s true. Jin Seyeon said it herself that her father is IT company’s director. So her family is rich.

        Essentially, it’s nepotism at its finest.

      • @Paige Just because she says her dad runs an IT company doesn’t mean she is rich. Just like not eveyone who has a restraunt is rich.

        Unless it is confirmed people shouldnt start rumors.

      • Stop trying to protect her. That’s not the first person to say it, not the only person, and will not be the last. Instead of thinking she’s some innocent damsel in distress, why not think why so many people says this of her. There’s always some truth in rumors. Because they don’t start from nothing. Just like how some idols get rumors of being an iljin.

  3. The main characters behave like idiots indeed but I am watching for the male actors and I am curious to see where the show goes.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with this drama but one thing for sure i can’t stop watching it and find myself not skipping one sec lol I have no problem with acting, JSY does what she could with her character, at 1 point Sabin really got my nerve for her being too nice and forgiving then i started understanding but still not agreeing with her doings. even SA, the crazy ex gave me the creeps, so yea lol Most characters are so gray that’s quiet fascinating to watch but frustrating as hell when they do sth stupid. Like how JB got the evidences but never reported, asked for the crazy 2nd fl out to kill her but be sooo obvious about it lol that makes them all fall into her trap. But i gotta say, i’m impressed with the two male leads acting, really bring life their characters. I’ve read many interesting analysis about their characters. Idk this drama is really my crack these days, it’s so stupidly addictive xD

  5. I like this drama more than The King. I personally think JSY’s acting is watchable here than her early days in Gaksital. The storyline is okay. The fiancée’s acting is the worst and what’s with her mouth when the talking is just like a jaw relocation or something.

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