Bright and Quirky Character Stills for the Cast of SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie

There a lot of smiles and outsized personalities to go around in upcoming SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie, adapted from the webtoon Convenience Store Morning Star. The premiere will likely be pushed back a week now that SBS preempted an episode of its predecessor drama The King: Eternal Monarch so we’ll see the drama in mid-June. Leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung exude really strong auras here, distinctive character vibes that come across even in stills. She’s confident and he’s your average nice dude, nothing wrong with that. I learned what supporting actor Eum Moon Suk is playing, a webtoon writer with the pen name Foot Volcano who is into reggae culture hence the first impression that the drama is insensitively stereotyping Rastafarian culture. The could do without the fake dreads but I’ll wait and see how the drama handles a South Korean who loves and essays another culture because by itself there is nothing wrong with that.


Bright and Quirky Character Stills for the Cast of SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie — 42 Comments

  1. i cant get over the fact that they gave that dude some fake dreadlocks. it looks awful, its just sitting on his head like a damn mop.

  2. That character is cringy as because the dreads look like they’re channelling Whoopi Goldberg. Anyway I’m hanging out for this drama and will be open-minded and have below zero expectations and will try not to fawn over the leads and get overly excited but realistically I’ll probably just do the opposite. Both leads and PD are fine just hoping the scriptwriter has a good script.

    • She looks the same with clean with passion, her chin still look wider type and her face isn’t as angular as other but she has long neck and the hairstyle make her face more V shape.

      If she done super big procedure, you’ll hear it

    • I hope this PS rumor will not affect her beauty listing in Korea’s top beauty list. I hate that K-netz and K-media rank her rival higher than her.

  3. I hope it’s enjoyable and I actually have a rather big hype with the director. The fiery priest is just awesome.

    • From the director of fiery priest???

      When will this one get aired? The same days as KSH’s drama? Daebak… i wonder who’s gonna be the winner?

      • Not sure if it the same as KSH, it aired after The King .

        KSH drama definitely will get more buzz but idk if it the same day

      • Backstreet Rookie airs Fridays and Saturdays 10:00-11:20 p.m., while It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is on Saturdays and Sundays 9:00-10:30 p.m. There is a 30-minute overlap on Saturdays.

  4. I can’t tell from the picture; is Eum Moon Suk’s skin darkened? It might just be the angle of his head and the lighting though.

      • You are wrong. They are not following the webtoon. You are just jealous with Kim Yoo Jung because she is acting with Chang wook or you are a fan of Kim so Hyun or Kim Hyanggi.

      • What are you talking about, reply to me, when I’m not talking about webtoon? I just reply about her abs, belly, you see it? It’s a fact that KYJ’s belly just an ordinary one.
        Ji Chang Wook? I’m his fan? No, I just likes his dramas, except for Suspicious Partner.
        Kim So Hyun? I’d like to see her and KYJ as lovers, not as rivals.
        And Kim Hyang Gi? I never watch her again since Queen’s Classroom.

  5. I saw the last teaser, and it’s fun seeing my girl being badass and all until near the end of the teaser it made me worried. It looked like she is about to kiss the male lead although she just barely knows him??? It kind of reminds me of the scene in cleaning with passion when she inappropriately kissed the male lead early on. I did not like that. I hope I’m wrong and that her character here doesn’t do the same.

    It’s kind of funny how in her high school photos her friends look normal but in the picture of the present day, they gave her friends such ugly hair while she maintains her high school hair lol She looks gorgeous.

    • I read somewhere that according to the webtoon,the female character kisses the male lead in exchange for a cigarette while she was still in high school.Few years later she coincidentally ends up working in his convience store. So unless they deviate a little from the original story,we can expect a kiss in the first episode itself.

      • What!?!

        Didn’t the director and the webtoon writer promised they were going to change a lot of things? Why are they including this kissing scene? I hope the teaser clip is misleading us.

        This is going to make me feel so uncomfortable. I’m lowering expectations by a lot.

        Thanks for the info!

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  7. so looking forwardcto this. A fun drama to watch on friday and sat. i know that this show wilk be super successful I caaaaaint wait

  8. Eom Mun-seok and Go Gyu-pil from The Fiery Priest ?
    I expect more cameos from The Fiery Priest, most likely Geum Sae-rok.
    Is it will be like Jo Jae-hyeon and Seo Ji-hye’s cameo in Whisper?

  9. i have seen the teasers, in my opinion, the FL overacts and sorry i didnt find it funny.Slapstick comedy. I think she is best suited with serious roles. she looks trying hard and she still looks 17 no 15….this is clean for passion 4.0 (better looking Male Lead)

    as for the ML, Sigh Is this is not another Melting Me Soflly, lets see.

    • i have to agree with this. she was overreacting, especially at the running scenes. the actions were force and not natural, it make ne cringed. i thought i was the only one who thought this. the teasers in cwpfn look waayy better. the ml also does not look suitable with the comedy. I’m sorry. and have u seen the official poster from iqiyi? the editing.. hurmmm.. i hope the fans didn’t blame the covid-19 for the lol poster editing.

      • @yo
        ive seen the iqyi official poster. i dont understand the message that the poster would like to send to its potential viewers. Clean with passion poster is way way better than the iqiyi poster. I smell……

  10. Looking forward to this as I could not finish the last drama of ji chang wook because i was annoyed with Won Jin Ah. what an upgrade for wookie’s Fl from the extremeny annoying won jin ah to adorable and good actress Kim Yoo Yung. June 12 come fast please.

  11. I know this drama become successful and famous because of yoo Jung and wookie the two veterans is known by comedians…very talented and I expected that the two of them…got award…. because yoo Jung is natural in acting and also wookie…I’m positive of this drama fight fight….

  12. I know this drama become successful and famous because of yoo Jung and wookie the two veterans is known by comedians…very talented and I expected that the two of them…got award…. because yoo Jung is natural in acting and also wookie…I’m positive of this drama fight fight….

  13. I love ji chang wook but im so sorry. i’ll pass on this one. i liked him in healer, the K2 and suspicious partner. Nothing against the leads/ age gaps etc. but the story/ is not just for MY AGE. hahaah. i just feel that this is for the younger audience, for teenage fans of the leads. my two cents.

  14. Newbie here. Now I know why So Hyun and Yoo Jung are considered top of their generation. They emit this goddess aura we can only found in 80s top actresses like Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo. So happy that there are doing well with their careers and they are not affected by the undying comparison and rivalry. I heard somewhere that aside from them, their parents are also friends in real life. That is so sweet.

  15. I just watched the first episode. I can tell it’s going to be a little over the top and cheesy, which I don’t mind, i love that drama humor. However, the actor Eum Moon Suk playing Han Dal Shik, the rastafarian is not sitting well with me. Being that its 2020 I was not expecting to see a stereotypical rastafarian with ridiculous dreads that have animated FLIES flying around it to signify that his hair is dirty. Pretty tasteless and unnecessary. Theres a way to use comedy without offending people religion. Especially when you’re cultural appropriating.

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