First Preview for It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is Surprisingly Dark and Intense

Okay, this is NOT what I was expecting especially since the first poster for tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay had butterflies all over it. The first substantive preview is out and things are looking mighty sad and intense in It’s Okay land, complete with Kim Soo Hyun running away, more running away, talking about running away, and then Seo Ye Ji getting choked and living in a massive out of a gothic movie type baroque mansion complete with trailing long dress. I don’t quite get what I’m supposed to take away from this but it’s not the impression of a “healing” drama that I see in K-drama land (cue the perfect amazing It’s Okay, It’s Love as exemplar). I don’t think it’s bad that the tonal bent of this drama is more serious than I thought, mindset adjusted and still waiting happily for its arrival next month.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay preview:


First Preview for It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is Surprisingly Dark and Intense — 27 Comments

  1. I am worried over the title “healing drama”. But then, I was skeptical over My Ajusshi back then but it turned out to be the best k-drama I ever watched, which I love to the moon and back. So, I keep myself open to all possibilities.

  2. Having a big brother with autism and being responsible for him can be very hard.

    It can’t be worse than Fix You anyway…

      • Both leading actors are amazing. The way they treat the patients can be misleading but overally its pretty enjoyable. Never saw a leading character with this kind of disorder anyway so it ‘s interesting

  3. KSH is a great talent. He can draw varied types of emotions with his eyes, with his body from head to toe, even the vein on his neck is on point when he is acting. He is an intelligent actor. He is brave, courageous by taking into roles that are beyond the formula romcoms. We’re praying for “It’s Ok Not To be Ok (Psycho But It’s Ok) coming to Netfix and tvN on June 20, 2020! Fighting?

    • Totally agree with you. He is good in all the small details. Look forward to see his superb acting in June❤️??

  4. Yea this is a 180 from what I’d consider “healing” LOL. But honestly, I’m quite glad about it. The trend of healing-but-in-reality-boring was not what I was hoping for in KSH’s return.

    This is more like it. A gothic melodrama ish type. Not sure what to exactly compare it with, but I hope for Goblin’s vibe personally. The whimsical, funny and emotional type. Let’s see but very excited now!!

  5. I love the trailer but it is so damn depressing I wanted to cry just seeing both leads look like they’re being dragged through the wringer and are emotionally wrecked. I want their journey to be believable and to sustain the 16 episodes. One can’t love due to a health defect and the other denies love because of his circumstances well my money is on the scriptwriter to make this work because the talent is there so now we’re reliant on the story. If not then I’ll definitely be needing some healing to recover afterwards.

  6. It’s totally not what I was expecting and I Love It! It’s like they’re adapting fairytale stories and flip it. I hope the cinematography is good because if they’re adapting dark fairytales, they will need a good cinematography and CGI. I am so excited for this drama.

    • I will be watching this for Kim soo Hyun. Im a fan of this Guy. He is a great actor. Hope that the drama to receive love and support of viewers. Fighting Kim soo Hyun

  7. Life is already depressing enough so I’m not too keen on watching this type of dramas. But My Ahjussi, Mother, The light in your eyes are all worth watching despite the many tears I’ve shed. I hope this one will be a good addition to that list.

  8. I happy that i have something to watch this June. Other dramas do not interest me at all. Not interested to watch JCWs Convenience- plot looks so simple and not my cup of tea.
    i hope this KSh drama turn out to be a really good one. i miss KSH so much.

  9. This drama looks melodramatic. So don’t say it’s bad, not all Korean drama should be all about love.

    I wish you goodluck oopa.

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