It’s Many Weddings and a Funeral for the Attendees at the 2020 Grand Bell Awards

A woman wearing wedding white ball gowns can’t all be going to the same wedding, unless I suppose it’s a Reverend Moon officiated one. But the funeral black can definitely be attending the same one funeral, and honestly the general blahness at this event it might as well be for someone as obligatory as such events. The 2020 Grand Bell Awards took place yesterday in Seoul and the attendees were a much smaller group, either presenters or winners who were probably notified in advance to hie thee there and also keep the event at a smaller capacity. There is still COVID-19 and all.

Parasite took home Best Picture and Best Director and Lee Jung Eun Best Supporting Actress, but Best Actor went to Lee Byung Hun for Ashfall and Jung Yumi took home Best Actress for Kim Ji Young, Born in 1982. A surprise win for Jung Hae In as Best New Actor in Tune in for Love, and now I definitely want to tune in for that flick, and rising movie actress Jeon Yeo Bin was awards Best New Actress for After My Death. The fashion was a new level of dull, with 80% wearing bridal dresses and the other 19% in shrouded black. The spot of color came with Park Bom but I can’t even critique her outfit or her look because all I want is for her to be healthy.


It’s Many Weddings and a Funeral for the Attendees at the 2020 Grand Bell Awards — 32 Comments

  1. I m very happy for Jung Hae In. I agree he has amazing chemistry with KGE. Hope they work together again in a tv series. After his last drama debacle,this is indeed a good news for him.

      • @abe I saw the behind clip where all the winners have to take photos he moved way to right most letting everyone one else be in center and I remembered that from 2 years ago. ?

      • You have to watch it again because from my point of view, his body language tells that he wants to be in the center (despite of the fact the he won only a popular award). Also, please see discomfort of JSW and KNJ to JHI’s attitude.

      • @abe what I meant BTS was the recent awards that I thought he learned not to be the center again he moved all the way to the right ?

    • @astar right? I think their chemistry in that movie was off the charts and so natural even the way they stare each other. Watch their interview on happy together they’re so adorable there and both can sing so well. She teases him there and he even mentioned that one of the reasons he wanted to be in the movie was he knew she’d be the main lead. Tune in for love took me down memory lane of my first love. Jung Hae In was indeed incredible there. Well done. Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. I thought Parasite will go for a clean sweep. Although they won many awards but I m quite surprised for the best actor category. I m not saying that LBH is undeserving but who would have thought that he will win over THE Song Kang Ho who was nominated for an Oscar awarded movie. Same goes with Jung Yu Mi. She was fabulous but I didnt expect Kim Hee Ae to not win. This makes me question my Baeksang prediction so far.
    Now I think that it could be anyone’s game.Judges are not swayed by public opinions after all. I m not even sure about the Best Actress category now as opposed to earlier when the winner seemed apparent. Legends can indeed loose sometimes.

    • true, chinese celebs and stylists are way more experienced in keeping it classy but still full of colours. Maybe korean are more into conservative styling when it comes to red carpet as they rarely pick other colour apart from black and white and also pastel colour.

    • The Korean red carpet kinda reminds of of a Korean wedding. Lots of black and grey and dab colours. Not very festive.

    • Yeah. China is one of the best in terms of red carpet attire. Koreans should learn from their neighborhood.

    • not just in carpet
      if we compare shoot magazines with celebrities (idols and actors) we can see how China is very superior in terms of fashion

      • Think Korean fashion is more known for chick street/casual everyday fashion than majestic red carpet looks. They don’t really embrace a lot of bold colors.

  3. @abe I meant the BTS recent award not the awards from 2 years ago. I meant that he didn’t want to be in the centre after being the center of controversy.

  4. I was really happy for Jung Yumi! A feminist role was a big risk for a country like Korea and she was great.

    I’m happy for Jung Hae In, KEG and him had a great chemistry, so natural. They were super cute.

    After Be Melodramatic, I love Jeon Yeom Bin. I didn’t watch the movie, so I’m curious.

  5. Korea’s red carpet events have bland clothes because they don’t have a lot of couture/ball gown designers. There’s just no market for it in a country where guests wear business/casual clothes to weddings, no proms, no charity balls, not a lot of local pageants. The majority of what’s available are wedding gowns. Only big stars have access to foreign designer’s that’s why they’re the ones with more choices.

    Chinese red carpets are much more interesting because Chinese celebrities is a huge market for fashion houses so they’re celebs get tons of access to designer clothes.

    Philippines where I grew up in have junior and senior proms, tons of local pageants, May flower festivals, debutante ball (18th birthday), weddings with the entire wedding party in long dresses and just more opportunities for the common folk to dress up in long dress/gowns compared to our asian counterparts. Even if our celebrities don’t have tons of access to international fashion houses, there are tons of local designers of varying price range to choose from. Which is why red carpets there are fun. There are also tons of filipino designers who are making it big in the international scene.

  6. I like the orange checkerd outfit but not on the person since her bodyshape doesn’t fit the cut. I absoluely adore grey-sparkling ribonish dress. It fits perfectly and isn’t boring.

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