Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Beats Competition by Large Margin in Winning Popularity Award Voting for 2020 Baeksang

Hats off to Crash Landing on You fans. Lol, it has to be that group which swept and crushed the competition on behalf of their favorite BinJin couple. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have been announced as the winners of the 2020 Popularity Male and Female Award at the upcoming Baeksang Awards ceremony this Friday. The award is 100% vote based and was open to the public, and every Baeksang nominee is eligible. Hyun Bin beat out second place finisher Ong Seung Woo and Son Ye Jin was victorious over IU. I’m even more sure these two are not going to take home Best Actor and Best Actress in a drama and I don’t have a problem with it, Binnie has won the Baeksang Daesang for Secret Garden and Son Ye Jin has at least 4 Baeksang Best Actress (movie) wins under her belt so CLOY really isn’t their award winning moment it’s better seen as their popularity expanding platform.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Beats Competition by Large Margin in Winning Popularity Award Voting for 2020 Baeksang — 36 Comments

  1. Loved these 2 together. Hopefully they’ll attend the event as it’ll probably be the last time we’ll see them together., because when was the last we seen HyunBin and HaJiWon right considering how big that drama was and how crazy their fans were.

    I look forward to HB and SYJ’s new projects.

  2. My prediction was right. Both the leads of CLOY won.

    On acting front, these two have nothing to worry about. They both have won so many accolades by now. It’s nothing new for Hyun Bin but definitely mark a new high for SYJ as she has always been known as a critically acclaimed movie actress but not so much of a Hallyu star.

    Congrats anyway. I hope CLOY win big on Saturday.

      • She’s more of a popular movie actress, more popular domestically but not really a Hallyu star like SHK, HJW or PSH. Her dramas are rarely top rated but she did very well in movies. I am not saying that she wasn’t popular before but CLOY definitely elevated her Hallyu status.

  3. At the very least, they’ll be receiving the same award at the same award giving body one more time so all is good gor my me. But i’m still hoping they’ll take home or atleast one of them will, major award. Best of luck for tommorow.

  4. Woww!! Congratulations to both of them.. Winning popularity polls against idols is no joke and that too by a huge margin.The competition was so stiff but I m glad we did it.
    I still hope that CLOY can get some other award apart from popularity cause i guess the results have been decided before the popularity vote started so it shouldn’t effect CLOY in other categories.
    Definitely HB and SYJ already won so many awards so it doesn’t makes any difference .HB is the youngest Daesang recipient in Baeksang history and SYJ apart from movies has also been crowned as a best actress for her drama Alone in Love previously.

  5. Awww. These two are just amazing actors and amazing chemistry. ❤️ Congratulations to the cloy team and these two

  6. It’s amazing!! From what I remember the winner of popularity awards always come from idols, now we have legit actors won it and beating idols ( IU and Ong seung wo ). Nothing agaisnt idol but they are not the real actor for me personally, so glad HB and SYJ won it, Congratz to both of them

    • I haven’t seen Ong Seong Woo’s performance but I think IU is a good actress. Idol or not ,if they are nominated then it means indeed they are deserving. Idols can be real actors too.

      • That’s just my personal opinion towards idol-actor tho. Idols who try acting usually casted because of their popularity, compared to real actor who auditioned hundred times to get casted. And some of idols only use acting as ‘side job’, so that’s why their acting is lacking.
        From my experience watching dramas, idol-actors who played lead role (they even sucks on small role) are lacking : charisma, acting even visual. I prefer watching drama without idols

      • Astar, I agree. sadly some k-drama fans can be elitist and group all idols together as being bad when there are some who are good and deserving. in my opinion, there are some idols who perform even better than “real” actors or actresses, but the bad ones ruin the image for all, i guess.

    • I like Ong Seong Wu as an idol that’s why i’ve watched Moments of Eighteen. He is a good actor, and i’m just glad that he received good reviews with his acting skill, proving he is one of those idol-turned-actor who can actually act. But still, my vote goes to Hyun Bin. Hahahaha

    • Ong Seong Woo actually graduated from his college with acting as one of his major. Because he is known as a member of Wannaone, people know him as an idol. I am sad, unfortunately, because of this, people stereotyping him like most of idols turn actors (which I think some of them are also good in acting). I got hooked by his acting through a video which was made before he joined Produce 101. If you have spare time, have a look of this video, the duration is about 15 minutes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r0wb64hrKA). I know, he only got opportunity working in one project, but I will rooting for him. I hope he will get chance to show his talent, his passion in acting. I assure you this idol turn actor not doing his acting carrier as his side job.

  7. This is my first time following award shows..

    If they win popularity award can they stil win best actor/actress or daesang?

  8. congrats! but i feel like both of them winning popularity awards means their chance of winning best actor and best actress lessens. my prediction is: daesang = kim hee ae; best actor = park seo joon or nam goong min; best actress = gong hyo jin.

    • I guess the awards were already decided by jurors and this poll was done recently. So I dont know how it will effect their chances of winning the acting awards. Park Yoo Chun and Yoona have previously won both the popularity and Best New actor awards ,so it is not impossible in this case.
      However I agree that this time the competition is fierce and all the candidates are deserving. All we can do is to wait for tommorow and wish good luck to all the nominees.

      • yup, it is still definitely possible! i agree that all candidates are deserving. i liked all 10 of the best tv actor and tv actress nominees in their respective roles. regardless of who wins, it’ll be nice to see binjin accepting their popularity award together.

      • Yeah and Kim Hee Ae took home both Daesang and Best Actress for Sons and Daughters in 1993

    • I agree with your 3 three predictions. Third Daesang is coming for Kim Hee Ae, the youngest awardee at 26 years old in 1993 ! Best drama : WTCB or CLOY.

      • ohh It is Kim Hee Ae then.I thought HB was the youngest as being told by someone ..Yes she is truly amazing and another Daesang may be coming

    • same! popularity aside, i feel like his acting performance was the most natural and nuanced among the nominees.

      • As far as I have heard Kang Ha Neul really stood out and koreans loved his performance. Even in the Daum poll KHN beat PSJ by a huge margin.k-netizens opted for Kim Hee Ae and Hyun Bin in that poll for best actor/actress. KHN was placed second followed by PSJ in it.
        I was actually thinking PSJ will win this Baeksang popularity poll but never thought he would come third that too trailing with a huge margin behind a rookie actor. Must say Idol fans are very dedicated.
        My bet is on either KHN or HB although PSJ was good too.

      • as far as i know, the daum poll was also based on popularity. i wonder if the Baeksang jury will vote similarly or not.
        for the TikTok popularity vote, PSJ is popular, but very rarely can an actor beat out an idol fandom unless they are established hallyu stars like LMH or coming off a major hallyu hit like HB in CLOY. but i like your predictions too! KHN and HB are deserving as well as all nominees.

  9. I am rooting for Park Seo Joon, he deserves it the most. Popularity aside, he is the best actor and his performance as SRY stood out the most.

  10. After the toxic fanwars of IU fans and SYJ fans… Fortunately, general public voted for SYJ thus winning against an idol with huge fanbase…LMAO

  11. I love Hyun Bin and of course I was rooting for him. He is the best of the bests. Very versatile actor. Can fit to any character perfectly. His expression and body language are marvelous. In this drama it showed the most.

  12. Congratulations my two favorites superstars . CLOY WAS THE BEST AND STILL THE BEST OF ALL KOREAN DRAMA.

  13. Loved these two actors in Crash Landing on You. Their chemistry was so real. Have recommended the drama to many people here in Pakistan.

  14. Don’t judge Lee Ji Eun unless you have watched her dramas. She has been nominated twice for Baeksang best actress. She wasn’t given the role because she’s popular, but the writers themselves wanted her to play the part.

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