Changmin of DBSK Announces September 2020 Wedding to Non-celeb Girlfriend

There’s happy relationship news to share on the K-ent front this week, Changmin of the idol group DBSK is getting married! The maknae is a youngster no more, being 32 years old now and served his military duty and is back in business of promoting successfully with zero scandal under his belt. It’s sad to see what paths some of his former group members have taken in their lives but for Changmin he’s really shown himself to be a dedicated professional and an exemplar type idol to his fans. He hand wrote a letter explaining his desire to live his life with his girlfriend and it’s been so well received that it does show being upfront and sincere is the way to go. Congrats to Changmin and wishing him and his future wife a lifetime of happiness.


Changmin of DBSK Announces September 2020 Wedding to Non-celeb Girlfriend — 11 Comments

  1. I hated them because i though they betrayed their friends back then. But actually they turned out to be decent ones. Congrats to him. 17 years and no scandals. And also very modest about his earnings unlike jyj( was named among top 1% tax payers ). Have a great life.

    • Why bashing JYJ here?? After split, their paths have been different…and we must nit forget the amount of injustice and illegal ban put upon JYJ by SMent. Though they have done something that they shouldn’t have done in recent times, still we should keep in mind their struggle since 2010 all these years.

      • Omg congrats changminnie ?? I’m so proud of how far you guys came from!! Love you congrats to you & your fiancee ?

  2. Siempre lo mismo. Para hablar de las cualidades de alguien no se necesita mencionar o comparar con otros.

    No soy su fan, pero eso no me impide desearle que sea muy feliz.

  3. Congratulations Changmin you’ve paid your dues entertaining the masses and it’s time to settle down now with your lady. Happy that your Cassie fans are accepting and supportive of your announcement – that’s the best news ever! Hopefully you keep rocking on with TXVQ. It’s always great to read of any idol and marriage plans. X

  4. I have been a cassie for many years now, even though I am too busy to fangirl over my oppas, but I am sooo happy for Changmin ? I wish him the very best ?

  5. I have been a fan of TVXQ since my introduction to Asian Ent and Yunho and Changmin have been part of my journey. I’m so happy that after entertaining so many they’ve found happiness in their personal lives. Congrats to our Maknae Changmin.

  6. Je suis une drama addict mais pas une fan de Kpop . Mais DBSK fait parti du patrimoine de la ” Hallyu” culture donc je les connais . Je suis contente de voir enfin une Kpop idol se marier en toute simplicité sans esclandre . Son attitude a été exemplaire tout au long de sa carrière. Dommage que les JYJ n’aient pas su en faire autant ! Félicitations.

  7. I’m absolutely ecstatic for him! 17 years in the business, more than half his life dedicated to TVXQ, he deserves this! So happy to see Cassie supporting him. I can only hope for the same with the idols I support now.

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