Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook Turn Convenience Store Drudgery into Romance in New Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie

I’ll say that if upcoming SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie is at least good then it’s already a winner. The expectations are low and this is a low budget drama anyways, at least compared to its time slot predecessor world building fantasy quest The King: Eternal Monarch. BR is a webtoon adaptation, and a crappy original source material if you ask me, but adaptations typically veer far off course and this one could use major revamping and appears to do so. Leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung give off very positive chemistry, he’s bumbling and older while she’s sassy despite being younger. The supporting cast seems both silly and serious, and whether you even are interested in this drama probably comes out to whether as a viewer you like the leads or generally enjoy the fluffy silliness that comes from a manga/manhwa/webtoon adaptation. I’m in both camps so count me in next Friday.


Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook Turn Convenience Store Drudgery into Romance in New Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie — 36 Comments

  1. As a manga reader, this script is crap! Whatever adaptation to normal is a miracle. Good luck to the crew. I am surprised whoever wants to adapt this piece of crap manga, Worst of the bunch! A low budget material.

    • How is it worst of the bunch? Which bunch? What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has a weaker storyline but it did well. Minus the drawings, this one has quite an interesting storyline and if they can adapt that that well, it can turn out very watchable.

      • PSJ is such great actor. but even greatest of actors cant save a bad adapted story. the story was well-adapted that PSJ could amaze us with his acting. also PMY did convincing in that drama and they had good chemistry. it takes two hands to clap.

  2. At least the visuals will be on point so no complaints there even if the story ends going pear shaped. That guy with the dreads better not end up being a complete twit but then again it’s made for Korean TV and they will most likely end up loving his character whilst the rest of us will find him cringy as. He was one of my favourite characters in The Fiery Priest along with Songsak so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Good Luck Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook looking forward to seeing you two together in this drama!!

    Much love to you both, BSR cast and crew. XX

    PS: Thank you Mz Koala for the positive heads up!

    • They have a new trailer out.The dreads guy was pretty funny thou. The whole crew have amazing chemistry. not to worry abour the script of thje manga as they totally changed their content..I can’t wait for running Man tonight with them and next week.

      • Yep it’s nerve wracking to say the least no one knows how the Korean public who watch BSR will receive it so it could go either way – up, down or sideways. I am quietly optimistic that they at least do well for a public channel and are well received domestically first because internationally both leads have mega fans everywhere so that’s just a given that they will be popular. If not then I’m prepared for the thousands of ‘Told you so…’ lol

      • I don’t think KYJ has a big following overseas. It is only JCW. Honestly, the most main reason why international fans will watch BSR is because JCW. He is the bigger hallyu star as compared to KYJ.

    • agree. a strawberry couple can draw audience attention even if the story is..well…pear shaped like you said! >_<

  3. That’s what exactly I want this to be. Something that make audience laugh and distract them from whatever problems they are dealing with for even an hour. a funny and light story with cute couple.
    the visuals are guaranteed, I want leads to attract viewers like what PBY and PHS did in SWDBS with their chemistry. That drama was sweet as marshmallo, a little bit silly but still funny for me, it made me laugh alot. so Im literally pleased if BR has the similar warm and sweet vibes.
    sign me up for Friday.

  4. Count me in on June 19. I am feeling very positive about this drama. I feel that BSR would be one of the highest, if not the highest rated miniseries that will be aired in 2020 as both Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook are mega popular and well loved in & out South Korea, This will definitely be a commercial success. The leads are so perfect (visuals and acting) , their chemistry is oozing and unbelievable ( Ji Chang wook looks 27) and they are under the helm of MyoungWoo Lee, who directed the popular hits like Punch, Whisper and the Fiery Priest. So nothing could go wrong in this project. I feel that the initial broadcast rating is as high as 11% , just like the rating of the Fiery Priest on its pilot episode. Congrats to the Cast and Crew, in advance! All the best #kimJi Couple.

    • Lol. You remind me of Moonlight Yoo and Joane.

      Anyways, please stop setting expectations as it will do no good and we’ll never know if it will succeed or flop despite of the PD behind it. Just enjoy the drama as what it is.

  5. I saw the trailer on Instagram and it’ s so cute and funny. Ji Chang Wook is undeniably the Rom Com King. He’s so good in comedy. His acting is just so flawless. Also, I cant wait to watch the romantic scenes in this drama. They’ re just perfect with one another. I call them “the Beauty Couple” because these two are just extremely gorgeous. Hope they will they date in real life. I agree with the double digits rating on its final episode of BSR. Fighting!!!!

    • Is JCW really good in comedy? Watch Melt It, horrible, he has no comedic timing. I think JCW is much better in action drama. Doing low-budget comedy is a poor choice for his career.

      • watch SP’s comedy scenes. he did well.
        I didnt like MS type of comedy.
        he rocks action/thriller/serious dramas like healer and K2.

      • He’s pretty good as a dorky guy and as for comedic timing…I’m not sure. But MMS is a different level of bad altogether. If you’ve watched those comedic moments eg. he acting as a cowboy, he was quite funny. But yeah, I agree more wanna watch him as a cool kickass dude. But I like that he’s trying out different roles.

      • @mizzy
        the cowboy scene was the best scene of entire that drama for me.
        I support his choices but I hope those choices include more serious roles. he really has the stills.

      • Don’t judge his comedy based solely on MMS, try SP instead 🙂 And then if you don’t like him in comedy, that’s cool.

        Personally I liked his comedy in MMS.

  6. Soooooo excited to watch this drama of JCW and KYJ, be it a blockbuster or not as long as the handsome prince of Korea JCW, it surely is a must to watch. Good luck to BSR and more power to all, God bless!!♥️♥️♥️

  7. Fighting!Eventhough its low budget but both actors are very gorgeoeus!It five balanced!God Bless both of You!

  8. Ive seen the last project of JCW,KYJ and LMW. first two sucked at story-line not lacking actors acting skills and FP was the hit of last year.
    KYJ and JCW are both famous,not at the toppest condition in their acting career at the moment (yet they have a big say in cf with Fila and Ck) but they both can act and with LMW’s expertise in directing, this project has a good potential to succeed.

  9. I read the webtoon till ep 40. The storyline is quite appealing. It’s just the drawings of the girl is crap. Otherwise there are story potential…about underdogs…people whom we deem as failures emerging as victors. Just that I’m nervous about the adaptation. They have made the characters wholesome of course but I hope the humor is really funny and not slapstick. But I look forward to a dorky JCW.

    • “Saet-byul is a friend you can’t leave out when talking about loyalty and she melts everyone’s hearts with her naturally lovable character,” KYJ said.
      I havent read the webtoon but it seems like jung saet byuls character in the drama is different from that. from what I see from photos, her stills looks safe.
      she literally said she took the role because of character, I dont think she would say this or even take the role if the character was crap as webtoon.
      I hope the comedy isnt slapstick as well -_-

      • Check out the latest teaser on SBS drama. Looks really good. Now I’m super excited. A number of scenes look adapted from the webtoon…which means they’re adapting the good parts. I think it’s very watchable!

      • what a relief! It looks good enough. Thank you for letting me know *-*
        the closer we get to Friday the more excited I become ^^ fingers crossed

    • wtf! is this article,atleast changwook is on it,its already ah judge the book by its cover,what if this become ah hit drama.

  10. Its ji Chang wook ??? ,??? am in love with that drama already . Even the female lead id so beautiful ♥️♥️♥️.
    Am gonna love this drama .My wooka is best♥️

  11. Entertainment world is so fickle. Both leads gave bad dramas last time so all their previous work has been pushed aside.

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