J-actor Ikuta Toma Married Rumored Girlfriend Actress Seino Nana

The couple that dresses in cool kids couple wear while on a covert date stays together, lol. It’s not the best week in J-ent to announce a marriage but eh any time is good for one’s own happiness. J-actor Ikuta Toma is done with bachelorhood as the long time popular and critically acclaimed star announced that he and long time rumored girlfriend actress Seino Nana had tied the knot. Even cuter is that they met on the set of J-dorama Ouroboros ~Kono Ai Koso, Seigi which is one of my faves and also reunited Ikuta with Oguri Shun after the two shot to fame as the leads of Hana Kimi. Shun is already the father of three with his wife actress Yamada Yu so really that generation of leading men are all fathers and husbands one after another as they head into becoming veteran actors in their own right. Congrats to Toma and Nana and best wishes!


J-actor Ikuta Toma Married Rumored Girlfriend Actress Seino Nana — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulation toma kun. But is he still under JE??? He hasn’t debuted yet, since he wanted to be an actor, not a singer. He’s still one of my fave J actors

    Aiyooo ouroboros… sigh.

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