J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Reportedly Not Divorcing Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken and Going Back to Work to Support Family After He Loses All His Gigs

Holy *#%& this makes me so so mad, and yes I know it’s her choice but goodness ARGH I WANT THIS BASTARD TO PAY! J-actress Sasaki Nozomi had to deal with dirty laundry being aired this week when news broke that her much older comedian husband Watabe Ken had been cheating on her with multiple women from repeated mistresses to one-night stands, from other actresses/models to random OLs. It’s like a free for all with his penis, and I can’t believe so many women find sex with him enticing, ewwww.

Despite the confirmation from his side of all the tabloid reporting and groveling to apologize to his wife, Nozomi has told her friends she is NOT divorcing his gross ass for sake of their little toddler. Now J-ent is reporting that she’s gone back to work because Watabe has been fired from all his gigs and reportedly on the blacklist so she needs to support the family. Above that she told her friends that he’s very depressed so she needs to spend as much time with him as she can to be emotionally supportive. OMFG, if there was a cheating husband who needs to roast in hell it’s this giant douchebag. RAGE!!!


J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Reportedly Not Divorcing Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken and Going Back to Work to Support Family After He Loses All His Gigs — 21 Comments

  1. And I can say this woman is very stupid. If yoi can work & support yourself&your family why need a bastard, cheating husband? I never understand why she must lower herself&not value herself more.

  2. I have no words to describe this. How is it healthy for her AND her child to remain in such a relationship? Even if she doesn’t divorce him, does she still have faith and trust in him? He might even blame his affairs and his “misfortune” of being caught and subsequently losing all his gigs on her. “You should have been more loving towards me”/”You didn’t fulfill all my crazy, obsessive sexual needs”/”I didn’t get enough attention from you”

    Still, it’s her choice, so I wish her all the best. I really hope this will work out for her.

  3. Not once but multiple times… sigh. Speechless. She must be very strong to live under the same roof with this bastard, to see his face and to breath the same air as him. Duh.

  4. Sometimes I can’t fathom how judgmental and grossly opiniationated humans are? It’s their lives, and you know nothing about them.

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  6. For her and her child’s sake, I wish her all the best. I don’t agree with her decision, but does Japanese culture typically look down upon single mothers and divorcees? I feel like her decision could stem from that mindset, and the idea that she can change him…sigh

    • Yes. Japanese society has a very harsh stigma against women who are divorced or are single mom. However, what people here don’t realize is that she is also a victim here. He is probably very manipulative and convinced her to stay for the baby and ‘family’. I used to work at a crisis center and for ALL cases of domestic abuse, it takes the victim multiple tries to ‘leave’ the abuser because of control, manipulation and fear. It is very sad to read all the comments here bashing her without understanding now powerful abusers can be or that she maybe herself is still struggling to resolve it. Just because to the outsider it is an easy choice re divorce doesn’t mean it is the case for her.

  7. When you heard story like this, is it mean for calling woman like this stupid? This just make women look bad, like we don’t have any self-respect and dignity. How can she still trust him and stand by him? Why is she worry about him and not herself? I’ve no sympathy for her. I’m more RAGE with her than with him.

  8. Why do some women never learn. Personally I couldn’t stay with a man like that. Hope she doesn’t think he’s magically going to stay faithful now. Cheaters don’t change.

  9. Her choice, her life. She has never asked for your understanding. Why do people have to be so emotional on something you have no control over? I praise her courage and loyalty to her family.

  10. I don’t understand why women have to knock the other women. She is doing the best she probably feels she can. Japanese culture towards divorced mom is complicated. Girl, you are doing amazing in your circumstances and i hope you get all the encouragement you can get considering this horrible circumstances is not your fault. Do the best for you and your kid. Ignore the haters.

    Ken deserves all the shit coming to him.

  11. I wonder how many are Japanese commenting here. @Mimi is correct, Japanese culture towards divorce is complicated. I am only a Hafu but I learnt the culture from my Obasan. No child in school wants to be with a single parent in Japan. Mind your own business in your own country!!

  12. Agree with candycane and Mimi. Why women like to offer destructive advice in breaking a family? Think of the young child they have together. I do not share the same culture but she must have her reason.

  13. I can totally understand as my best friend was in same situation, her husband abused my friend and also cheated on her, but she still stays with him, and her reason was : she doesn’t want the kids to grow up with single parents. So you don’t unless you are in their shoes. As a friend, I just support her decisions, sometimes I also wonder why and our friend circle we’re pondering the same question, but it’s hard to understand.

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