J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Announces Second Pregnancy After Not Divorcing Her Douchebag Cheating Comedian Husband Watabe Ken Back in 2020

Oh I remember this news story and it’s legit one of the most rage inducing ones I’ve read from J-ent. During the height of COVID-19 in June of 2020, Japanese veteran comedian and MC Watabe Ken was outed by a tabloid as being a habitual cheater on his drop dead gorgeous model-actress wife Sasaki Nozomi, from when they were dating, to after they were married, and even during her first pregnancy. His affair partners ranged from gravure actresses to random OLs he picked up, and one of his favorite hookup stops was a disabled freestanding toilet in ritzy Roppongi district, saying it was larger and nicer than a regular toilet. I think I may still have barf remaining from two years ago writing that article. Anyways, after news broke he actually admitted to it, claimed he was fully in the wrong but that he was NOT a sex addict, and vowed to repent forever and make it up to his wife. Her side released a statement that she was not divorcing him, probably due to having a baby together and also that relentless J-cultural pressure against divorcing. Anyways, this week Nozomi announced that she was pregnant with their second child and asked for well-wishes. She was actually semi-retired after marriage but once the scandal broke Watable was fired from all his gigs and she reportedly went back to work as the breadwinner of the family so she’s done movies and doramas these past two years. Sometimes you want to help someone but they just good with it, which really seems like her situation.

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J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Reportedly Not Divorcing Cheating Bastard Watabe Ken and Going Back to Work to Support Family After He Loses All His Gigs

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J-ent Rocked by Scandal as Comedian Watabe Ken Exposed as Cheating on Multiple Women Despite Married to Top Actress Beauty Sasaki Nozomi

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