Seo In Guk to Join Park Bo Young in Upcoming K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door

This is such a great onscreen casting and the story sounds super interesting as well, very promising. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young are signed on for the upcoming fantasy romance K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door. Park Bo Young plays a woman burdened since childhood while Seo In Guk is the supernatural “destruction” that can destroy people and worlds with one step. He is summoned by her howls of fury and together they have 100 days together where he suddenly develops a wish to keep living. This is a drama about life being like a practical joke and how people find the true meaning of life in despair facing imminent death. The drama is from the screenwriter of The Beauty Inside and the PD of My Unfamiliar Family.


Seo In Guk to Join Park Bo Young in Upcoming K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door — 28 Comments

  1. I was waiting for a new drama with SIG. He always chooses different characters and never disappoints.

    But this pairing is great. She is lovely and a great actress. I can’t wait.

    • I totally agree with you about SIG, he does choose different characters that never stereotypes him and he always does a great job! And the same goes with PBY. Looking forward to this drama and hoping that it will be great as well.

  2. I melted into a puddle of water. My dream pair ever since SIG cameo as Edward the flirtatious new sous chef in Oh My Ghost. His 3-4 minute limited screen time is enough to set me off in a blaze of fire. Wished he could have shared a scene with Park Bo Young just to make Jo Jung Suk stir jealous. After Jurassic years of waiting for a new SIG drama, this one turns up. Guess he turned down Smoking Gun from MBC. Nothing came out of it since early March. This Destruction drama sounds like a Goblin kind of feel. Epic fantasy. Totally onboard since the writer is Im Me-ari, the ex-assistant writer under Kim Eun Sook. Please SIG and drama Gods, please make this dream pairing a reality. Acting, writing and directing all fantastic combo. Slay it.

    • I came here to say just the same thing – my dream pair since Oh My Ghost! After ages, I’m feeling so excited about a new drama. Can’t wait for this to manifest and I hope the directing and writing are up to par as well.

  3. I am going to throw a SIG party and makes lots of kimchi. 2 days ago, I was out for a walk and bumped into another ahjumma (total stranger). Made small talk and told her my fave show is Shopping Wang Louie. Thank you drama gods, please make this a reality (say 1000 times like an old proverb). My hair has turned grey waiting for a new SIG drama. Premise is so very intriguing. Bring it on.

      • I have been playing Be My Baby by The Ronettes and cover by The Barberettes (Korean indie doo-wop trio) on a loop for the past few days. It was featured on episode 8 of SKL. Only diehard SKL fans would know the classic English songs played in each episode. I simply adore them like Born To Love You by Queen, She by Elvis Costello, Memory from Cats, Can’t Smile Without You by Barry Manilow, This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde musical, Moonlight Represent My Heart by Teresa Teng sung in Mandarin, Dreams cover by Faye Wong sung in Cantonese and many other classics. I can’t find another K-drama that can top SKL in terms of the English songs and Chariots of Fire soundtrack playing in the background. Hats off the music director-nim, writer-nim and diector-nim for a beautiful drama. MY SKL DVD is about to get played to death. Lol.

  4. Thanks koala for fastest update on SIG. Looking good for Seo In Guk. His star is rising again. Impressed that Yu Ha casted him in Pipeline. Same director-writer of acclaimed Gangnam Blues, Howling, Frozen Flower, etc.

  5. Yesssss! Love both these two. I kept rewatching I Remember You and Reply because I miss SIG. The casting is daebak. PBY is a cutie and I love her too. I’ve watched just about everything these two have been in. I hope it’s not too heavy but will watch anyway.

    • Please accept the offers Ingukssi and Boyoungssi. Please make this happen!! We can’t wait to see you act together. You’re both amazing actors.

  6. Agree. The DVDs are about to get worn out. I have a gut feeling Gukkie will accept it. He debut his new haircut thru his agency StoryJ Company IG account as a test visual or healing fairy as they put it, lol. Gukkie always transformed his haircut to match his role. He is like aging backwards. His new haircut makes him look very young possibly to match PBY’s cute look too. Can’t wait for more teasers. Like the mysterious character, Gukkie didn’t even bother posting anything in his own IG.

  7. Wow, an awesome pairing that everyone can get onboard for. Can’t wait to watch, with these two, the drama will definitely be good.

  8. Wow I am sure this is going ti be another masterpiece. Great casting. I love them both. Go for it SIG and PBY..

  9. Finally SIG*-*
    Literally love the paring. I dropped abyss despite I like PBY so much. She is delighting to watch.
    Looking forward to this. May best happens for this drama and its lovely couple^^

  10. I’m not sure about the story, fantasy drama become messy pretty fast.

    I really like SIG as an actor, he’s very versatile.

    For PBY, I would like to see her in other register than the cute girl… I didn’t like her last 2 dramas, both with fantastic elements…

  11. I agree on the story and pairing. Hope they give updates shortly. I’ve been itching all over my body from waiting for SIG to come back with anything, really.

  12. Wow! I can hardly wait. This is going to be my motivation to work harder. This is something to look forward to during this pandemic. Thank you very much #SeoInGuk ssi. We miss you so much

  13. I believe they’re both capable of generating chemistry with their onscreen partners so I’m not worried about that. I do have concerns about the plot/script, though. I didn’t finish SIG‘s last drama though I loved him with Jung So Min, and Abyss was a total abyss as far as I’m concerned. The dark lighting and ambiance totally put me off that drama. These days, I find that acting is no longer enough to keep me vested in a drama. The cinematography, editing, directing, plot/script even lighting have to be right to keep a jaded viewer like me invested in a show; and this is something the actors have no control over. I’ve dropped a myriad of C- and K- dramas these days for this issue alone. Anyhow, I digress…I love both SIG and PBY and am wishing the best for them and their careers. Would love to see an onscreen pairing of them. It’s about time.

  14. OMO! This casting is perfection! I think sparks will fly with these two! Please let the writing not suck!

  15. Another fantasy drama PBY?? Really? She can act well but why she always chose this time of genre again and again…

    I even forget that SIG is also a singer. Actor SIG is also great.

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