Summer 2020 Retro Group Ssak3 with Rain, Lee Hyori, and Yoo Jae Suk Debut 90’s Pop with All Kill

This is such a fun project and concept, and very positive and much appreciated at this time. Veteran host Yoo Jae Suk gathered together two of of top idol stars of the early Hallyu days Rain and Lee Hyori and convinced them to star in his show about the three working and training together to launch a new idol group. The group is called Ssak3 and consists of eldest Yoo Dragon, center LindaG, and leader and maknae B Ryung. You can guess who is who lol. The concept is 90’s and more specifically 90’s pop perfect for summer jams. This week Ssak3 released the single “Once Again This Beach” and achieved an all kill which is the coveted #1 rank on each of the 6 tracking platforms. The song is even composed by Hyori’s husband Lee Sang Soon so it’s really a family affair. Even cooler is that Ssak3 will donate ALL the proceeds and profit from its group earnings to charity. The group will disband after the summer so catch Ssak3 while it’s here!

Ssak3 MV:


Summer 2020 Retro Group Ssak3 with Rain, Lee Hyori, and Yoo Jae Suk Debut 90’s Pop with All Kill — 17 Comments

  1. It has amazing uls. Rain career revival is amazing . He was first kpop world star but after army he lost so much fanbase.

  2. Rain and HyoRi already know how to be on stage so they adjust fast to everything.

    I think the instrumental is too overwhelming and kinda buried their voices but I still jam to it.

  3. Lmfao that’s just adorable. I love all three of them and I have a particularly soft spot for Rain because he’s just one of the most hard working celebs out there.

    Also, this song is really good! Hope they do it every summer rather than just this one time.

    • Yoo dragon? He got inspired by??? Lmao.. this group is so cute. But their song isnt my style. Of course i do love them. They are so funny and fun in the show. Ssak3 fighting!!!

      I remember watching Yoo Dragon on the stage with EXO years ago. Lols. He was born to be an idol!!!! Lmao

  4. Best thing ever! Their smiles are so bright – the outfits embarrass me because I remember those times. The fact that they are raising money for charity is just icing. So freaking cute.

    • Thing is 20 years down the line we will find today’s outfits and makeup bad too. Fashion will repeat again from previous generation

      • Oh I know- I’m almost 40 so I’ve seen flares come around a few times. Same with fanny packs and scrunchies.

        You are right though- everything cycles eventually.

    • True atleast we used to go outside and play. Kids these days don’t even leave gadgets. Why to blame them? Even we people dont

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