SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Ends with Average 6.6% AGB Nationwide Ratings

This weekend’s first drama finale was on SBS with its Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie (Convenience Store Morning Star) ending its 16-episode run on Saturday. The drama got it’s highest rating ever of 9.5% in the second half of the final episode, and the drama averaged 6.6% AGB nationwide. That’s a whole point lower than predecessor The King: Eternal Monarch which averaged 7.7%, but BR probably cost like 1/20th the budget of The King and came with almost no expectations or buzz at the level of The King so I guess it’s a nice niche way to wrap up BR’s run that it also didn’t end up being lecherous or offensive the way the original manhwa source material was. I only watched 4 episodes before losing interest, still love leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook and their acting and chemistry was perfectly fine (they were cute together and the age difference wasn’t jarring), but I didn’t like their characters or the story so got off the viewing train. For those who watched the entire drama, do share if it’s overall worth it and some pluses/minuses. The network will be taking a two week break before the next Fri-Sat drama the sci-fi Alice with Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun premieres on August 28th.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung Ends with Average 6.6% AGB Nationwide Ratings — 105 Comments

  1. It is actually 6.3% AGB Nationwide Ratings. Arrogant fans of JCW and KYJ may be hiding somewhere now after boasting that it will be the biggest drama of 2020 and will hit 20% ratings. Lol. Karma is real.

    To add to that, they barely achieve huge overseas popularity because they are completely overshadowed by IONTBO during its airing. So, stop using iQiYi coz it is nowhere Netflix’s level and reach.

    So, happy that your bias achieve another low-rated drama in their careers and LMH with TKEM proved that he is unbeatable despite of his low in his career.

    • Could not care about the rest you are saying, but saying that iQiYi is nothing compared to Netflix is the “Western-way” of thinking. When “My Love From The Star” was streamed 14.5 billion times in China… Guess what platform it was on? – iQiYi… Calling iQiYi a small dog is almost defamatory…

      • This was spot on.. Iqyi is certainly not a small dog..But yeah during MLFTS there was no Hallyu Ban in China so I don’t know the actual difference between then and now. But I read somewhere that the number of IQYI subscribers at the moment is quite hugeeeeee!!
        I haven’t seen BR yet but was just checking out the reviews..
        However I don’t think I will watch this due to the unfavorable reactions..
        Still it is true that BR was a hit internationally and topped IQYI viewership.

      • Can’t say that it is an international hit. IONTBO is the current it drama of the moment. And we cannot hear any news from other countries talking about BSR. It is all about IONTBO.

        Maybe BSR is only hit among Chinese viewers. But we cannot determine how many of them are watching the drama and if their numbers are comparable to MLFTS.

    • Not as big karma as Kim Soo Hyun fans that like “15% and trending”
      I mean, Kim Soo Hyun is that big star compare to LMH.

      • it’s one thing when Ji chang wook or Kim Yoo Jong fans wish they have a successful drama, they need a high rating drama and the drama ended up fairly good-mediocre. On the other hand, Kim Soo Hyun has Moon Embracing The Sun, Dream High, MLFTS and the boasting 15% hurts more because he is on top of the rating game.

        Kinda funny seeing this because BR is more than expected while it’s okay is fall out from the rating expectation.

        Story expectation: BR has twist regarding old lover and younger girl things but it’s alright, you can watch it just for entertaining purposes and drop it without much thought.
        IO: disappointing, the portrayal mental health is not in an offensive way but the writing is messy and justifies a bad behaviour, it feels cheap way to end a story, they struck gold with encounter PD and the actors, the story alone doesn’t connect, doesn’t hold up. It’s like they just want to touch everything in the surface but presented it as deep, the payoff of the story is so small, the actors are what the payoff feels better.

    • I hate iQiYi’s subtitle. Too much errors. Episode 15 for example, ‘Boon-he’ and ‘Gong-hee’ instead of the right ‘Boon-hee’. And they’re translate every useless things too (like ‘LIFESTYLE PLATFORM, GS25’).

  2. I watched this entire drama for my girl. I’m sad that I waited two years for a new drama from her and it turned out to be low quality. I hope she chooses a better drama next time, maybe a new genre since it has been romantic comedy three dramas in a role. The writing was poor and the story wasn’t that good. I’m upset by no kiss at the end but romance wasn’t develop that well in the first place. I never want to see a drama from this writer ever again. The highlight is my girl gave a beautiful performance and was gorgeous throughout the drama.

    • KYJ is really good with this drama and the no actual kiss is a slap to people who scream “overly sexual young girl with older men” when they see just picture and not watching the drama.

      Despite the “controversy”, this drama actually gets its name out there.

  3. This drama wasn’t the worse this year but man I’m not sure why the PD bothered with it. He did The Fiery Priest which was last year’s best drama IMO along with Punch and Whisper. Even the laughable and godawful Fashion King was sliiiighly better than BSR. What a downgrade in terms of budget, quality and cast.

    Anyway, good luck to him in the future – I do hope he goes back to the genre he does best. As for the cast, JCW is on a roll of picking the worse of the lot. Not sure if this is an upgrade from Melt but I can still see why he picked that – not sure what he was thinking here. Still, all that said, ratings wasn’t as bad as expected. It’s 1% lower than King, but also had no expectations going in unlike King which was extremely hyped. So all in all, not bad.

  4. I actually just watched it today since I don’t really like waiting for each episodes to come every week. I just hate waiting so I decided to wait until the drama was done. I’ve heard so much complain about it due to some sexual nature of the drama but when I watched this drama from first to the end, I did not see any sexual content or gesture so I’m kind of shocked why it was viewed that way. The drama was poorly written but I do like the actors in this drama which made it bearable.

    • People just want to trash the drama from EP 1 and like you said. People who watched till the end will not find it sexual because it has context and actual normal progression.

      The arc for the main character start as finding her love but at the end, she realised what she long for is family and sense of accomplishment since she is a dropout.

      The arc for the main guy is about how to let go, he doesn’t let go of anything and he did, his love, his job and follow his heart.

      It’s a simple drama with everyday people but audience are out with their pitchforks because a young girl kiss a grown man out of impulse without seeing what happen after that.

  5. i watched simply bec of the backlash and out of curiosity because of the hate that it got during airing esp on twitter. One thing i can say, is that the leads have a lot of followers for watching the entire drama? or it’s their cup of tea. i mean there was not much story, was dragging especially episodes 15 and 16. Kim yoo jung acting became repetitive also, cant blame her because there was no story to act. her fake wide eye grin was there every episode.
    JCW, i hope he chooses quality over quantity. as for their chemistry, i find puppy and saet byul chemistry more powerful than Saet byul.and Dae Hyun. there were scenes that Kim.Yoo Jung looked so young. so young next Ki chang wook.
    i respect those who say that this is the best drama for them hahhaha. to each their own.
    For me, it lacks quality, there was no plot, dragging. the leads look beautiful Individually but i cant see them as a couple. acting- given the script- i think they did great.

    • With good plot and storyline even a nwbie can bring rating and become an actor
      But a real and talented actor is the one who accepts a drama with no plotline story low quality but makes it talk of the town
      Best example
      Ppl waiting for Koala to post abt BR so they can give their so called opinions
      Why not use ur energy to talk abt how good ur drama is

      • this is kyj fans saying for making themselves feel better. talk of the town? yes you are right. BR is the best example of talk of the town of how bad the drama is. no story line, poor quality, how controversial the drama is, etc, this is what ppl talking about. just can see it in the comments. in addition to the popular pd, popular actors, yes it become the talk of the town. and you are proud with this?

  6. This drama could have been for newcomers in k-ent, those who are one year into the business and given a break to star in a drama. Not a good project for established names like JCW and KSY

  7. I haven’t watched the final episodes but the two leads are really cute together. I do skip most of the scenes with his webtoon artist friend because he doesn’t really add much to the story. This drama was a bit strange in that the 2nd female lead seemed to have more “story weight” than KYJ did…so although the two leads were cute together and the age difference was a non issue for me, the romance between the leads was sort of an afterthought. And maybe that was deliberate because of the source material and KYJ’s age. I just turn my brain off and Am smiling when I’m watching this show so it’s not the worse thing I’ve watched. JCW’s last drama Melt was unwatchable. Didn’t find anything good about that one.

    Wow, KYJ is just gorgeous in this show. She’s really turning into a stunning young woman. She was always super talented and cute but wowsa – and I’m female! JCW and KYJ visuals are sure pretty. LoL.

  8. finally u post about BR drama. I’ve been waiting to review about this drama. btw it’s not 6.6%. it’s 6.3% if u look it in Wikipedia. i really wondered why the fans want to lie and brainwash theirself saying that the ratings and achievements was superb. I’ve encountered a lot of this saying in ig. 1st of all, 6.3% as average in fri sat sbs slot is pathetic. to date, BR held the lowest rating in the all drama that has been airing in sbs 2020. so please don’t delusional yourself that this drama would get an award.they even unable to attain double digit like their predecessors and all 2020 sbs drama. 2nd, they boasted that BR in international platform is popular. i agree with this. but that’s all caused by JCW hallyu effect. I’m sorry KYJ, u rode on the JCW popularity this time, just like in the litm era. why i dared to say it’s caused by JCW? just go see his rice wreath. that’s the 1st time i saw dozens of rice wreath given by fans from around the world. thanks to JCW. but still the drama performed poorly domestically. 3rd is about the quality of the drama. one if the reason why i very turned off to watch this drama is because of the lightning. i know it’s was done during pandemic. but can’t they did it better? like any other drama which also has been shooting during the the pandemic? when it was daylight, it’s so obvious they used background lighting, make the face and environment turned gray. and the roads is so fake! and the ppl walking around also look so fake. even the buildings looks so fake. no natural sunlight. so this might be lesson for KYJ fans for stop being arrogant boasting that she only look for a ‘quality’ drama. not quantity. boasting that’s why she rejects many drama previously because she looked for the quality one. yeah right. And this is the last one. this is just my opinion. i think the production team and staff has a high ego. despite so many controversial issues and problems, not a single apology was issued by the team. can’t they at least apologise once? even when they were asked to delete the problematic scenes, they chose to ignore it. i can’t help to think that the team has a high ego.

    • This drama has one of the best street vendor realistic looking Kdrama out there. Convenience store is always overly bright, because that’s how people see it. The street is always busy, the people are packed because they live in small alley. I guess people are too used to Kdrama scenery and forget that real life doesn’t look like that.

      This is one drama when there are other people doing something else unrelated to the drama in the background like a real life than an empty street or weird standing people. Even at the hospital, there are other patients who reacted slighty or more active.

      Truly a comment that does not watch the drama.

      If anything, the direction, filming and acting is the stand out one.

      • no it’s not realistic at all. they shooted it in a studio. the setup is super unrealistic. stop lying yourself. while IONTBO also was shooting in studio, they managed to produce the hospital scenes realistically even the daylight lighting looks natural. but BR isn’t. the actors’ face turned gray whenever they have daylight scenes at store or any near the store. because there is no natural sunlight. even the sky looks so unnatural. for instance, when saetbyul met dalshik at his place, you really can see the fake building, and fake sky. and saetbyul face become dark because the lighting shone from her back, while dalshik face become so brightly gray because the light shone directly at his face. the quality would be better if they shooting it at the real store with real sunlight and real asphalt road. The unrealistic setup really bring the quality down.

      • Aren’t you the one who said they did this because of corona? The set is because of corona.

        Your comment about lighting didn’t negate the setting and the backdrop. Have you shoot in real life and in convenient store? It’s not pretty or dreamy, real life is grey and an unbalanced, this is a kin to Kdrama with more pop out colour

        Count the number of people on the background and say that it’s empty , look at the people in the hospital and see if it’s bad. Tsk tsk

      • @popcorn

        I’ve never said anything about empty.. where was this coming from? i just said about unrealistic setups. it’s look fake. even the wet road looks fake. yes I’ve mentioned about pandemic. that’s why i criticized, can’t they make it more real? the environment doesn’t feel realistic to me. the interior design of the store is ok, but the exterior is not. so the setups especially the lighting in the studio reduce the quality of the drama. and please, u ask me if i have shoot in a store? it’s sound a stupid question for me. but i can say i have seen a drama shooting in a store during pandemic. and they used a real store, real building, real roads, etc. well, let’s just wait for that drama to be airing. later u will understand what I’m talking about a high quality production. a pandemic isn’t a reason to produce a bad quality setup. i didn’t believe the BR didn’t have budget to produce a better quality drama. afterall, it’s the 1st lifetime drama, airing in sbs, and is bought by several international platforms like iqiyi. so they actually has a lot of budgets to produce a better quality one

      • what you think as normal is “drama normal”, go filming in real life and see how colours work.
        BR has a good setting, clear background and normal looking alley.
        It’s akin to Jdrama and that’s a natural style while KDrama put up the filter and staged to make drama looks “ideal”
        BR setting is a messy alley when the convenience store is like the lighthouse of the neighbourhood. It’s bright and stands out in the messy patch building.

        All your complain was fake sky in dalshik place and forget that one scene is probably worth 1 minutes of the whole drama.
        I am telling you other composition of the drama that makes it look normal, everyday life and great and your only argument is “one building that look fake”

      • @popcorn

        I just know it’s so hard to debate with ignorant ppl like you…suddenly said what i only talk is ALL about the fake sky.. sighh #facepalm. well, if that fake things looks normal to you, there’s nothing I can say. Even IONTBO used fake buildings but still look NORMAL, can’t feel it’s fakeness. Can’t help if you prefer a poor and low quality production like BR. the example i can give is IONTBO. IONTBO is one the production that can produce a high quality drama even in pandemic. nothing looks fake like in BR production.

  9. 6.3% is the lowest ever since SBS started the Fri-Sat slot in 2019. Maybe is time for SBS to rethink their strategy. This is no longer the best time slot compare to when it just started in 2019 or is it the show that’s the problem?

    In fact I don’t mind both leads as long as the story is good. JCW is one of those that I am interested in watching but I skipped his last two dramas. The next one don’t seem promising too. He has much better drama during his pre-MS days.

    As for KYJ, she should choose drama with more depth too. I like her when she was a child actress. In fact she is the only one that I know among her generation of child actresses and I was very impressed by her (especially when she acted in TongYi), but as an adult, I don’t find her acting as impressive anymore. Maybe is the genre she picked. That’s why I would like to see her in a drama with more substance.

    • I don’t think that they should scrap this timeslot because Hot Stove League and Hyena did well this year.
      I think it depends on the drama quality whether it would get high ratings or not.
      6.3 avg maybe low..but I think this is a decent one for BR given all the backlash that the drama faced initially. Most importantly all public channel dramas are struggling right now to reach the double digit mark.
      I just hope the next drama covers up SBS’ losses.

    • In the grand scheme of things, I do not think that the ratings were significantly worse than Nokdu Flower and The King – the dramas that had the second and third lowest ratings during the Friday-Saturday time slot on SBS. The higher average rating of Nokdu and TKEM is mainly driven by the first part of its run, whilst BR has higher ratings for its second part. BR’s finale was also higher than both (much higher in fact).

      Quite honestly, TVN has the same issues right now. The ratings for their Saturday-Sunday is now hoovering between 5-7%, but they have seen better days with CLOY, Mr Sunshine and Memories of the Alhambra.

      But it is not the timeslot that is the problem, it is the quality of the drama.

      • nokdu flower and tkem at least has several episodes which achieved double digit ratings. so BR is the worst SBS fri sat so far since none of the episodes were able to have double rating per episode as overall.

      • @hjw you are wrong. Nokdu Flower had a double digit rating in the first episode only that too for the 2nd part .Its ratings declined later on. Similar thing with managed to touch double digits in barely 2-3 episodes for a single part.
        But this is a fact that BR is the only one which couldn’t go for a double digit in its entire run..But if you look at the trend, its viewership did increase.

  10. JCW is quite a talented actor but sad that all his projects after the military are a flop.MMS was boring,BR is another boring drama.No chemistry betwen JCW and KYJ.kYJ is hardly expressive.It was that fans of both leads were simply noisy for no reason added to it was the noise marketing.LOL when the fans anticipated 20% rating,sad to say it never even reached double digit?

    • I do not understand why people always say that… People are blinded by emotions, but the facts speak for themselves:

      Highest rating of JCW’s dramas:
      – Healer: 9.4%
      – Suspicious Partner: 8.7%
      – Backstreet Rookie: 9.5%

      Backstreet Rookie is not a good drama, but a flop? – Rating wise, it is pretty much up JCW’s alley

      • Yes agreed in terms of ratings but if you’re comparing quality, both Healer and Suspicious Partner are far better received. Like I said in my comment, ratings isn’t bad necessarily, but heavens the quality is trash vs his pre-military choices.

        Also, you aren’t the real ady. That’s not even a question because you sound not only articulate but someone who can actually speak the language.

      • I am adyjunjihyun. I come from a parallel world where there is no Republic of Korea, but a Kingdom of Corea. Since I live in a different world, I was raised differently. I had more time to meditate, read and study. Hence, I am more timid, have no weird tantrums and can speak English. Also, I am a big anti of LMH and instead I am a sasaeng of KSH. However, our love for Jun Ji-hyun is still fiery

      • This alternate version of @adyjunjihyun from a parallel universe is cracking me up..Seems like you have a love -hate relation with PJE dramas..You love JJH but had to watch LMH of whom you claim to be an anti ,in LOTBS..
        As for me I m neutral towards al l of them..

      • I was not aware that LMH was in LOTBS. In my universe, the male lead was played by Hyun Bin. LOTBS was very good, it won even Daesang in my universe. The scene where his dad died… Wow, Hyun Bin was very convincing. I have not watched your version of LOTBS, but I hope that the male lead did not butcher that scene with overacting, a deer-in-the-headlight look and no sense of urgency. Imagine that he Baywatch-walked to his dying dad as if the supermarket was closing in five minutes time and he still had to get the beer for the family gathering… Imagine that… That would be pure comedy…

      • @ady (blue)
        Kindly check please. Not hating but please check. Im a fan of JCW so im familiar with the VR of his dramas
        SP 2017- AGB Nielsen nationwide highest rating was 10.5 % episode 26/40 -‘ comparing apples to apples

        But no need to compare…..

      • ady blue you are the one blinded

        i didnt want to comment but you got it wrong. you did not compare apples to apples. you used AGB nielsen for BR and TNmS ratings for SP and Healer
        Healer- 10.3% episode 13 (Highest rating)
        SP- 10.5% (highest rating)- ep 26
        B.R- 9.5% (highest rating)-ep 15


      • @Fay and Paco. My apologies… You are right. Normally the tables of Wikipedia put AGB Nielsen first followed by TNMS. But for SP and Healer, they have a different format. Truth of the matter, the difference is still not that big. In fact, if I use TNMS for BR, then BR ended on 8.8%, which is higher than SP. But you are right that Nielsen is more relevant.

        However, my original comment stands. People are too stuck on the quality that they actually forget the facts. Which kinda blurs reality, BR is not a flop if you look at JCW’s repertoire. It is a bit similar to his more critically acclaimed stuff. MMS is however a dissonant, BR not so much…

  11. I think this drama is really what it isn’t shown in the poster, truly don’t judge book by its cover.

    People are angry and hated the main couple because oh minor, adult with young girl but the story explored them as adult and didn’t have kiss beside ep 1 when she was being a troubled teens.
    See, no pervert gaze, no smooching r rated , just a normal simple love story.

    The backlash about ooh romance and stuff when the drama is more about family relationships and how the female lead gains her life after being a dropout.

    The drama actually nice and finds it’s audience, people who watch without much commenting or asking why the drama has low rating.

    It’s drama about poverty , not judge people solely by your 1st encounter and familial love.

    People who stop watching and comments like the actors said some promise about rating is the troubled one. They can’t believe simple drama that actually has great acting has their stable audience and love

  12. It was a nice drama. First, for once, the ML was a simple and average man but very caring for his family, his clients and the FL. The FL is in love with him from her childhood but she really fell in love with him after knowing him better and she’s patient. She always choose what is the best for him and not for her. It’s so rare this kind of relationship in Kdrama.

    Then, there is his family. They were really touching.

    Both JCW and KYJ were really good in these roles. I don’t think BS was a flop. They did well in Korea and on iQIYI too.

  13. I don’t get why The King’s fans seems always angry with other dramas. Despite it hit on Netflix, but the fact that it was flop in Korea ang getting bad review. So why can’t they accept that. Lee Min Ho is not that big in Korea though. I think korean loves Park Seo Jun, Lee Seung Gi or Kim Soo Hyun than him. But I know he is popular in overseas. I wanna say, actors have their ‘authority area. So, just deal with that.

    • When i dislike something i dont even comment on it becoz i feel its wastage of my time and energy but i must say BR must b really something that even after the drama ended ppl have a lot to talk abt it (specially when they dislike it)
      I watched this drama till d end and i found no fault in this drama becoz i watched it to enjoy it but i guess when u watch a drama with a sole purpose of criticising it u will definetely find faults becoz no drama and no actor is perfect always scope for improvement

      Someone mentioned yoo jung riding on chang wook fame we can say the same abt ur current favourite drama actress ye jin ( she did many dramas before even quite good but after working with soo hyun she is being recognised and praised) wondering why double std just becoz u dont like a particular actress
      If u dont like them dont watch them no need to spite hateful words or put them down because u r not the only ones with opinions

      Karma is a bitch wait for ur turn

  14. Here we go again. Yeah, let us admit that BSR ratings can be considered a success for an SBS Fri-Sat timeslot.

    However, if we compare it to ratings of dramas airing on Mon-Tue and Wed-Thur, BSR ratings are considered really high. If my memory serves me right, a 6% rating for a Mon-Tue drama is already considered a success for a public channel.

    So, yes, BSR is a successful drama after all.

  15. Due to toxicity of LMH, KSH, KYJ and JCW fandoms, their faves are suffering the negative consequences. So far, no current dramas of your faves managed to become “both” a domestic and international hits. And also, no one acvhieved a mamoth success ala DOTS and MLFTS.

    So, you better stop the toxicity because your faves are the ones suffering the karma. Hahaha.

  16. Aren’t the highest is 9.3% in 5he finale?

    Averaging 6% with this much publicity, niche hardcore fans and being number 1 on iQiyi isn’t that bad.

    • I guess it is bad because SBS overly hyped that it will be directed by FP director. At the end of the day, seems like the success of FP is just a fluke in his record. It does not benefitted BSR as much as expected. So, it is a FLOP.

  17. BSR for me is a low quality drama. Im a fan of JCW but i did not like his acting in BSR esp. his crying scenes. I dont know, i just did not like him in BSR. I didnt like BSR.
    As for KYJ, im not a fan so wont comment.
    Hope JCW will pick better projects next time. I doesnt need to be action. He needs a drama with a story. A drama with a good plot and script. Well i just wish him the best.

  18. JCW is really bad at picking TV projects. Almost of his dramas are single digit in ratings. His huge salary pay is not justifiable.

    For KYJ, I think the success of MDBC is just a fluke for her. Her follow up dramas are either flop or mediocre in ratings. She should force Sidus to give her that Hong Chun Gi drama coz I feel like it will be a sure success.

  19. Yeah, it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. But it definitely is low quality, and the amount of CA throughout its run was offensive. Weekend ratings for both SBS and tvN are really struggling despite the big names. Goes to show that season does play a factor with majority of the mega hit dramas airing in Winter or Spring.

    • Glad to see someone not being deliberately dumb and glossing over the disgustingly racist CA which was the MAIN REASON for the backlash and ~controversy~. Shows the mindset of the fans of this show that they justify that drivel.

  20. I’m pretty like this drama. It’s simple, it’s not complicated. In fact, as of now, this is the only K-drama I watched.

  21. I watched it but i still can’t understand why JCW choose this project ( the same goes for the previously one) He can’t show through theses projects a more versatil , a more mature side of his acting . I know that he has so much to offer than that . With that said , it’s a drama that fits the hot summer . Simple with 2 charismatic actors.

  22. BR made me laugh, cry and smile. Its a simple drama. No need for high ratings as long as it made a lot of people happy watching it and bashing it. Lol. And it gave people jobs! During uncertain times like now, just look at the bright side of things..peace all!

    • @Cj hahaha you got me on that one “and bashing it”. It may not be the best drama but it’s a comedy more than a romance. It sure got a lot of bad comments but it had a steady viewers.

  23. Well it’s only Kim Yoo Jung’s third drama as a female lead so what’s the problem? She still have a long way to go. She’s only 21 but people here are so fucking critical when it comes to Yoojung’s drama choices, characters, her fame, her ml and even fans! You should know by now that every fandom have fans who really boasts their faves right? But KYJ fans is the only one being noticed for it? I’m always silent but it really hurt me for being fan of Yoojung. Your giving our fandom a bad name.

    Is it really that bad to appreciate those little success made by BR? Even though it’s not what we expect but it was still watched by those avid viewers and fans. It may not big as Netflix but why belittle iQiyi?

    I hope your fave already have billion views from their new drama. I hope your faves already won an acting award like Oscar or Baeksang to justify your so called critical thinking when it comes to Yoojung.

    • people who comment on her project but not looking at her acting is out of touch.

      A series can fall flat on the story but performance last a long time.
      I think JCW shows that he has that next door cute persona and not just action figure acting.

      People who watches the drama knows KYJ has a great acting.
      Also people like to look down on normal girl character that cry when she has harship when it’s one of the hardest because when it done wrong, you can look like park shin ye and presumed weak.
      KYJ cry many times in the drama but not once she felt like a weak person.

      • @Ari

        OMG how can you still drag on about me when all I’ve ever done is ‘defend’ KYJ and then you have the gall to say you’re annoyed because I look down on other dramas? Seriously? I even got accused of being this Joanne when I had to say I wasn’t. KYJ had the worst comments thrown at her on this site and if you recall I was sticking up for her and I didn’t drag third parties into the picture. Go back and have a look at my posts because it’s really not on that you’re bringing me into this when your beef is with Joanne and Moonlight. Leave my name out if it please!

      • @ginger

        I don’t buy it. You made a subtle dig at Park So Dam by saying her strengths isn’t in dramas. She was only in two dramas, and it’s not her fault the scripts were awful. How can you be good in movies only and not in dramas? Acting is acting. You try to explain that it wasn’t a dig but it is, too late, you can’t erase what you’re trying to convey. First of all, your idol did not receive the worst comments on this site. That’s not the truth at all. I saw more negative and low comments on other actors and actresses than your precious one. You only say that because you’re trying to build a case to defend yourself and make your actress sound pitiful when there’s more pitiful actors and actresses being dig at all the time. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re accused of other people or not because according to your behavior and your candor, you act like them but more subtly. I can read between the lines.

      • @ Ari – Here we go again. We addressed this back on the post to the point you told me good bye don’t respond. However here you are again planting my name in another unrelated post still dragging the fact that I made a comment which you are highly annoyed at.

        Look around you this is a Koala’s playground where there are hundreds of comments/ opinions – positive, negative, constructive and critical yet you are still hung up on one of my particular comments. Saying that someone is better suited to films and dramas is my opinion and it did in no way slight Park So Dam’s acting. I don’t know how did you arrived at that conclusion.

        You’re reading between the lines for me only is doing you more harm then good because you’re misconstruing statements and my address to you was lumping me in with those 2 buckets Joanne and Moonlight. I’m still bemused at how you unearthed your annoyance at an earlier comment I made yonks ago – right here. Thus you don’t need to buy it just understand it. We can agree to disagree that’s the adage I want to leave with you.

      • @ ginger
        I wasn’t born yesterday. There was a time when moonlightyoo was very active and people were calling her out for it, I read many of the comments and for a good length of time you supported her and says it’s only her opinions and that it’s nice she is aggressive and basically said that your idol needed someone like her in the fandom. You can pretend to forget or lose your memory but I know better.

        Nice try with your explanation but it doesn’t make sense. How can someone be stronger in a certain medium when they both require good acting? They both go behind the camera. If you’re comparing a live play to acting in front of a camera, then that makes sense. How can someone be more suited in a drama or more suited in a movie? The only tangible difference in drama compare to a movie is in the time length.

        Of course you will say agree to disagree, you’re trying to cop out from your mistakes.

      • @Ari ‘Cop out from my mistakes?’ An opinion is not a mistake – it’s an opinion. You playing judge and jury here is a mistake. Taking the high road of calling ‘Me’ out because you’re annoyed is laughable because you’re on an unrelated post going left tangent on matters raised weeks ago. That’s definitely a mistake on your part. Confusing and aligning me with Moonlight because we defended KYJ is what you have to drive your persistence now I know that’s borderline obsessed. Keeping it real you’re totally pissed not at my comments but at me personally – I’m fine with that. Whatever floats your boat.

      • Please, birds of the same feather flock together. You response seriously lack critical thinking. Nice evasion from your mistakes by trying to fan things back at me. Don’t respond back if you don’t have substance.

    • Maybe if your fellow fans would stop dragging and talking negative on other actors and actresses and other dramas in every article, perhaps they would be less critical of her.

      • I don’t know that fellow fan who give a bad name to our fandom but I hope you don’t generalize us as a toxic fandom for Yoojung because people here always see the bad and flop side related to Yoojung, as if your faves didn’t experienced flop in their careers or having problematic fans in the fandom.

        And I really don’t like how KYJ fans are always associated being bad and toxic. I will tell you that most of the good people of our fandom don’t visit this site at all because how people here are so toxic when it comes to Yoojung. I don’t even know if s/he’s really a fan of KYJ at all just faking it maybe. I admit there’s really a part of our fandom who boasts our girl in an excessive way but don’t tell me other fandom don’t have that?

        People even belittle her that even the success of moonlight was not because of her? It’s only a fluke? People here give me the impression that every drama comeback of their faves always achieved an all time high ratings of 20-40% ever since they started their career? Is that why people here is so critical of Yoojung’s career?

        Kim Yoo jung is well respected and well known in Korea and I know that she’s not on par of your Oppa/Unnie’s popularity internationaly for now but that’s fine. She’s only 21 and only have 3 dramas as a full fledge adult actress. She have many years to proved her skills to audiences.

        Ps. If BR is a flop but you should know we are happy as fans that yoojung took it because Saet Byul portray different acting range here. She shows the potential of being in an action genre, good in crying scenes, have great comedic timing and forever great in sageuk genre.

      • I don’t deny her talent although I’m not a fan of hers. You are right, there are negative fans in every fandom. People like Joanne, ginger, and moonlightyoo and a few others are getting on my nerves looking down on other dramas like it’s okay to be okay, and other actors like the leads of upcoming youth records drama. Maybe if your fandom would call out on those negative fans more instead of keeping quiet but only talking when your favorite is mentioned, things would be better.

      • All fandoms have good and bad i dont understand why ppl hate the idol for their fandoms .
        We cant stop some ppl talking bad abt other idols but at least ignore theur comments rather than hating the idol
        Becoz MAJORITY of the time its the anti who purposely create fan war and they succeed

      • @Ari

        Let’s just ignore the hate.
        No need to reply hate with hate.
        Let’s not hate the artist just because of some bad fans. We just need to handle it maturely and kindly.

        Be kind and focused of our own faves success. Let’s not belittle the efforts and hardwork of any artists popular or not. Because at the end of the day they don’t have control of their fans who gets overboard.


      • @ana hayanaThat’s what I mostly do. I only explain why people are being critical of your idol. My observations. I don’t join the dirt crowd. occasionally I call and broadcast people actions out. That’s it.

      • Well if your choice is to notice every negative comments of your idols then good luck with that.

        It’s on you if you want to generalize us and misjudged our whole fandom for the rest of your fangirl life and I don’t have the time and energy to call out every bad fans our fandom.

        I already said what my heart want to share to defend my nice girl.

        I will move forward. Goodbye.

      • Forgive me for generalizing your fandom. I should be more clear and say “negative” fans from your fandom.

        My original response was to let you know why people were critical to her in the first place. I’m not critical to her.

        It’s hypocritical if on the same article, “some” of your fellow fans get upset at people being critical at your idol but on the same article, those fans stay quiet at the “negative” fans being critical at other actors and actresses. Staying quiet in those instances is supporting the “negative” fans… that’s what some of your fellow fans like ginger does all the time. That’s called being hypocritical and two face.

    • there is no problem to boast your faves. but the problem with your fandom is you guys always dragging another actresses/dramas to make comparisons whenever boasting. for instance, I’ve always encountered comments like this: ‘kyj is always choosing different roles, unlike some others bla2..’,’ this drama is has no kissing scenes, but the chemistry is still good, unlike other dramas which full of kissing and felt lustful, bla2..’, ‘kyj only choose a quality drama, unlike this actress bla2..’ and so on. So your fandom should educate yourself to refrain yourself from associating her achievements with others. Actually, your fandom was good before the moonlight success. but after moonlight, your fandom became boastful and arrogant. so the performances of her latest 2 dramas should be a lesson for your fandom to stay low and humbles. i still remembered in 2017, when she rejected the school 2017 and circle, her fans immediately claimed that these two dramas didn’t have quality, arguing that with her level, she only choosed a ‘high’ qualities drama. with her levels, she shouldn’t act with idols, and so on. hopefully the fandom stay humble after this.

      • @lol

        Fandom is still good becoz apart from a few in this blog no yoo jung fan comment on non related yoo jung post

        I personally feel those are not fans becoz they r just trying to collect hate for her doing these things

        And even if they r fans i think ppl should know to ignore this toxic ppl rather than do the same becoz u r not cursing the person commenting but the idol who is not even aware why they r being hated for no reason

        Just my personal opinion

      • @ana

        i beg to differ. actually I’m missing a point in my previous replies. I should have said this instead …’I’ve always encountered comments like this especially in instagram…’. and what you said about ignoring toxic ppl is correct.

  24. Wanting for more episodes.. jcw is cute in his comedy role.. good match…proves only that jcw and kjy are versatile actors . More of their pairing..this time action will be nice.

  25. Just because the female lead is less popular than the ml it doesn’t mean she didn’t contribute to that success and also doesn’t give you the right to belittle her presence.

  26. Ive seen few episodes for JCW. I dropped it because i dont like Kim Yoo Jung. Shes not my favorite, not my cup of tea i will wait for JCW next drama with Kim Ji won. i like this pairing better than JCW and KYJ.

    • Me too. I don’t like her acting too plus her fake wide eye grin which you can see in every episode. I don’t know if it’s just her character in the drama but it’s really off. I barely finish because of JCW.

      • @meh
        U r chang wook fan praise his acting no need to bring down yoo jung
        Chang wook will have other dramas watch those and enjoy
        Rather than torture urself with her acting
        Thanku for barely finishing the drama

      • @Ana yeah right I’m so used to “no need to bring down yoo jung” it’s like I have to always say good words for her. This is what I think about her and I’m gonna say it anyway. And you’re welcome.

  27. 9.5% rating on the finale episode plus increasing Vieweship rating You are just envious of her. Well, who would not be envious of her. She extremely gorgeous, she has a body to die for, shes extremely talented, Stay pressed.
    If it was not for the bad press, this dramas rating would have sky rocketed.
    Kim Soo Hyun and her not so known FL Fandoms are the worst.
    Btw, I hope that KJY and JCW date in real life. stay jealous Oppas fans.

    • @hayana

      this is what are ppl talking about. why ppl calling your fandom as toxic. there are lot of fans in your fandom out there has this type of behaviour

      • I hope you ignore it and just handle it maturely. Right?

        I know I’m getting repetitive but every fandom have bad sides even with your own fandom. As @Ana mentioned you don’t need to hate the artist because of their fans.

        I also want to add that a real fan doesn’t caused unnecessary fan war.

      • @Ana being hurt is a part of being a fan. Your idol won’t get encouraging words all the time. Plus there’s already plenty of bad comments before me. Stop calling me out. And I’m sorry if you’re butthurt.

      • @ meh
        I dint say say good words for yoo jung i just said praise the one u like why bringing down others
        Becoz not only ur idol but others also work equally hard
        And if u dont like someone doesnt mean they are bad at what they do its ur personal choice and it differs from person to person
        When u say discouraging words or hateful words her fans (i m talking abt good fandom) feel hurt
        Why hurt others just talk abt ur oppa and leave it

        Yoo jung fan

    • @Joane The FL is SEO Ye Ji for IOTBNO so stop being ignorant and now that I’ve found you can you pull your head in and consider your comments are getting me in trouble here because I stick up for KYJ I’m getting lumped in with you and accused of even being you/Moonlight too! Not good when we both know you write to dog I write because I have an offering of an opinion. Big hearty difference!

  28. The racist character the drama had for laughs put me off and made me not watch this drama.

    Weird they didn’t have daring kiss scenes.

    JCW is not shy about doing good kiss scenes, and KYJ kissed back on her latest kdrama, and the actor was also 10 yo older.

    But I do remember most viewers disliked her long kissing scenes in that kdrama, saying there was too much.

    Maybe this is why they toned it down

  29. @meh
    Dislike is a small emotion but hate is a strong emotion where ppl tend to spite and trash ppl which is never ending
    U said in ur comment u watched the drama becoz of ur oppa but u had no good words abt his acting but had to say abt the fake grin of the actress
    I know ppl had said many bad things abt her before u but u r the only one who said u watched the drama even though barely and due to ur oppa
    It means u like for ur oppa is more than ur dislike for our girl
    So this is the only reason i decided to comment or say requested u
    I dont have anything against u to pick on you or target u

    If its just becoz u dont like her acting its ok everyone has theur preference i m not telling u to like her acting

    But if its becoz of her bad fandom i dont think she deserves this hate becoz she should not suffer for something she has not done or have no control over as she dint choose her fandom

    I know its impossible to like some one becoz of their bad followers but dont even hate them becoz of the same becoz they all worked hard to reach where they are today
    Deal with toxic ppl maturely and retaliate in kind rather than more hate becoz ultimately everyone idol is suffering the consequences of their fandom hate
    Sorry for d long post and thanku for bearing with it

    • @Ana I don’t really know what’s your point. I said about the fake wide eye grin because that’s what I observe. This will be my last comment because I shouldn’t really be explaining myself. This is a comment section where people are free to comment. If you don’t want to see bad comments then make your own page where people can only say good words. Bye.

      • @meh
        Thats what i m saying u observed her fake grin but why dint u comment on ur oppas good acting dint u observe that and I m not saying i only want to hear good things abt her becoz she is not perfect as is the case with everyone
        No thanks i dont want to open any fanpage where ppl will get one more platform to trash others becoz they cant defend themselves
        It wasnt meant as an offence and yes even i m not going to explain myself further becoz when ppl themselves dont want to understand something than no one can
        Sorry once again if u felt i was targetting u it wasnt my intention

  30. Idiot HAHAHA she said make your own page where people “can only say good words” which means they can’t trash idols. LOL. What are you saying? HAHA I just discover this koala’s playground today and the comments are entertaining af.

    • @ NoName
      If i really wanted only good words for her i wouldnt be here dear i would have done that a long time ago
      I just said critcize her dont trash or insult her or any other idol
      I can definately differentiate between hate and actual criticizm

      Its good u find the comments entertaining stick to the blog ull have many such moments


    • I never said i only want good words for her
      Criticism is good it boost u to work harder
      But der is a difference between hate and criticism which i can easily differentiate
      I dont have a lot of spare time to make my own page neither will i do it becoz someone told me to
      I normally try to ignore hateful comments but this time i couldnt do it so here i m retaliating in kind rather than tit for tat

      • @Ana HAHAHAHAHA. I kinda already have seen your reply from your comments above LMAO. It’s funny how you are not tired of repeating those lines to prove your argument. So say whatever you wanna say and Be on whatever you are fighting for. I’m rooting for you HAHAHAHAHA.

  31. @NoName
    When some ppl are repetitive and never tired of trashing ppl why would i be when i m just trying to prove a pt without bashing
    Oh yeah i m not novice to not know its not going to make any impact whatsoever
    And like everyone even i m free to share my opinions and views right
    See i can do that without insulting anyone

  32. Oh sorry forgot to mention my comments are only for those who hate other idols due to their bad fandom becoz i think u guys will understand my pt as ur hurt which led to hate

    And those who hate other idols due to their bitchiness and jealousy plz ignore my comments becoz i personally feel u guys r incurable

    Sorry for not mentioning the very impt pt

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