Former AOA Member Mina Recovering After Rushed to Hospital for Suicide Attempt Following Multiple SNS Posts Showing Self Harm and Alarming Statements

Whenever there is a tragedy in K-ent there is also netizens wishing there was a cry for help before making those irrevocable decisions. In this case there is a loud, repeated, and direct cry for help from former AOA member Mina (Kwon Min Ah) and yet we’re still seeing her situation deteriorate. Mina accused AOA leader Jimin of emotional and verbal abuse for the entirety of her time in the group, and that many of her group mates were silent or acceding bystanders to the behavior. There was reportedly an attempt at an apology by Jimin, who has left the group and the entertainment industry, but Mina has shared that the apology was not sincere and she still feels like the agency and people involved do not accept the responsibility for their actions. This week she posted on her SNS two more self-harm pictures, one of her wrist graphically stitched up and one of it bleeding, and please don’t click below as it could be triggering despite the images being blacked out and blurred by the news channels after. Mina was then rushed to the hospital this weekend after a suicide attempt and is being treated and is not in critical condition. Please get her medical help, this isn’t just a case of an apology solving an emotional and mental trauma. And if anyone is thinking dark thoughts, please contact your countries mental health and suicide helplines that are available.


Former AOA Member Mina Recovering After Rushed to Hospital for Suicide Attempt Following Multiple SNS Posts Showing Self Harm and Alarming Statements — 12 Comments

  1. There r some aoa fans who say she is acting victim and wanted sympathy. Worry about jimin.
    She didn’t care about bullying Mina
    I hope Mina gets enough strength

    • They said the same thing when Goo Hara attempted suicide the first time in Korea instead of see it as a cry for help. Some people never learn. I think she should take a hiatus from this toxic industry and her agency and focus on her mental health and counseling. I don’t want to read about anything bad happening to her in the future. God forbid it.

  2. This is so so tragic. I really hope she’s able to get some professional help and that the people who’re close to her realizes she needs more than just a simple apology. At this point, she might not even be getting that apology she really needs.

    I would say something terrible about Ji-min but I guess now isn’t the right time.

  3. Hopefully, the hospital will be able to keep her and provide her with the mental health treatment she needs. However, she is an adult and unless she is committed, no one can make her do this.

    Also, the thing about demanding apologies is you usually don’t believe they are sincere and – no doubt – quite often they are not. So this is a catch 22.

    I wish her the best and think she should stay off social media which is rarely helpful and be able to get treatment and the support of friends and family.

  4. The 3 billion won in debt to FNC might be one of the reasons she hasn’t been recovering from hurting herself. Hopefully it will be settled out soon. Wishing all the best to her.

  5. She is mentally unstable. I hope she gets the help that she needs. She probably needs to rest and remove herself from showbiz for at least a year to heal and be healthy again.

  6. I really hope all these tragedies opens the eyes of these idol managing companies. Idols are stressed enough and it’s be great if managing companies started providing onsite mental health professionals for their employees to talk too. I do realize S.K. is a lot more conservative but poor mental health is nothing to be cover up or be ashamed of.

  7. 3 billion won in debt after being part of a successful girl group for years?!! What kind of ‘creative’ account is this devil agency doing?

    And on top of that they are responsible for allowing the bullying to go on as long as it did and just trying to cover their butts now, no wonder this poor girl suffered so much. FNC is scum and just trying to push this scandal under the rug, and those members Kwon Mina named as bystanders sound like callous human beings whose only response to her pain was ‘make it go away’ and ‘it wasn’t that bad’.

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