Kang Sora Announces August 29th Wedding to Non-celeb Boyfriend

Well this news came totally out of the blue. K-actress Kang Sora is getting married! Her agency released the news this week that the 30 year old actress will be tying the knot at the end of the month, August 29th to be exact. The wedding has been pared down to family and friends in a simple affair due to COVID-19 and the groom is a non-celebrity boyfriend so there won’t be any news or coverage on him. Kang Sora had quite a famous ex-boyfriend that made the headlines a few years back, also quite a surprise, but that relationship ended after a year. She’s very low key and I’m glad she’s found a partner in life and going forward with getting married even without a splashy wedding. Her career hits were top of the charts with K-movie Sunny and K-drama Misaeng, and plenty of other projects in between. My favorite Kang Sora drama remains the daily Ugly Alert, so heartwarming and well made and acted all around. Congrats to her and wishing a lovely life together in marriage.


Kang Sora Announces August 29th Wedding to Non-celeb Boyfriend — 31 Comments

  1. I’m glad for her! I have always feel she is such an underrated actress even though she is so good and fun to watch. I was surprised when she dated hyun bin and now she getting married.

  2. Congratulation. I follow her in ig for some times now and she’s kinda a low profile person

    I used to think that she would marry someone with a humble background, i mean, not a celeb especially an A list.

    She looks nice and friendly, hope she’ll be in a happy marriage ever after. Long last.

  3. Congrats Kang Sora!! And same with Ugly Alert. I gotta admit I watched that drama for Im Joo Hwan but I loved Kang Sora in it

  4. Sorry, but I see it as a common escape route for an actress. She’s not doing drama in the last 3 years, and her latest film is a flop. Good for her anyway.

    • I’m shaking my head at this comment. Many actresses make comebacks after they get married and have children; some even surpass their past acting when they were single as being married gives them more maturity and a better perspective on the characters they play. Could it just be that she’s in love with the guy, wants to settle down, marry and have kids; and act in the future when the opportunity calls for it? These things are not mutually exclusive you know. Lots of married women still act.

      • This! Just look at some of the best k-actresses and they are all married.
        Congrats Kang Sora! Have a happy married life and a stable work life too!

    • @mdyg u make a good point. Most actresses who have a good career rarely marry in their prime. They tend to marry later. Or marry and have kids quite late. KSR has never had a hit film that she solely contributed to anyway. She cant do romcoms, find her acting quite mediocre and hasn’t acted in like.. 3 years? I always found her popularity puzzling. Someone not remotely A list n with no hit dramas etc but gets so many cf deals. She seems to be known for her body n looks only but there are so many other gorgeous actresses in Kent.

      • What about Misaeng??..It was both a commercial and critical hit..KSR was the lead actress there..

    • Seriously she is woman after all that is her life the acting career doesn’t matter as you see the Korean entertainment full of rubbish people who we don’t see their actions but the affect majority of young actresses especially if she doesn’t have big agency ,Kang sora know what is better for herself beside having a family is bigger achievement than drama or a movie .
      Having a kids to call her Mama is bigger and bigger than anything in this life .
      My congratulations ? to kangsora

  5. Congratulations to Kang So Ra..This was really unexpected..I like her a lot!! Doctor Stranger was the first time when I watched her in a project..She is so charming and humble . Hope she remains happy and successful to manage both her personal and professional life in the future..

  6. Ugly Alert was amazing — better than other dailies. It was also my favorite work of hers, but I’ll admit Im Joo Hwan really impressed me in that drama (after Tamna Island).

  7. Congratulations to Kang Sora!
    Best news ever to hear an actress you like found her life partner.
    Have the happiest marriage and hope to see her around in movies/dramas in the future even after marriage.

  8. Korea has a low marriage rate. To increase that number, I recommend the Korean government to oblige every girl to enter a public relationship with Hyun Bin. It is a guaranteed success. All the people who dated publicly with God Hyun Bin managed to get married afterwards. If this pilot works, we can lend him out to other countries with low marriage rates. This will be Hallyu 3.0

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  9. Some people here are butthurt jealousy to bring Song Hye Kyo in. Kang Sora also move on so stop crying nonsense. Lol when people think Hyun Bin is the only it man in the kentertaiment. Joke of the day!

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